It’s Monday.  I’m supposed to write about …… …. …. new music this week below in the MMMM (Monday Morning Music Meeting) with more new music coming in this week for next weekend’s show … with the VIDEO PICK of the WEEK going to Wheelchair Sports Camp for what could be the video pick of 2016 …

A thought … I’ve noticed that I can identify my core fanbase here at the Colorado Playlist blogsite and on Twitter and Facebook.  I cannot as easily identify my listener base, outside of ratings in any given city or town, and some of them do not get ratings information.

I’ve noticed that while my listenership is strong, the number of folks who participate on this site, and are engaged in keeping up on Colorado music is pretty low … If my fans don’t engage, how do we do a better job of getting the music out there?

I recently read a compelling article by a long time radio program director who essentially posited that music discovery takes a nose-dive after age 25. After age 25, listeners tend to become more passive in their music demands and that by the time listeners reach their mid-30s, their ability to absorb new music has decreased significantly. They need approximately 60% of the songs in their music mix to be familiar.

That doesn’t spell well when it comes to trying to share new music with adults over age 30 …. what do you think?  Comments accepted below or on FB or Twitter.

News broke over the weekend that Conor O’Neills in Boulder is closing at the end of this week after 17 years.  According to reports being published on social media and elsewhere, the reason is loss of sales due to construction next door to the restaurant/music venue, and a too slow pace of recovery once the construction was finished.




Wheelchair Sports Camp delivers what can only be among the top picks for Colorado Video of the Year, and may be considered among the top picks for Colorado Album of the Year.  From the YouTube channel = “Mary Had A Little Band” is the first video from NO BIG DEAL, the 1st official studio album from Denver’s WHEELCHAIR SPORTS CAMP, produced by the late, great IKEY OWENS (Jack White, The Mars Volta, Free Moral Agents). “No Big Deal” drops September 30, 2016!


I conceived of this idea as a way for you to discover some of the new music I played on the show, and to give you the chance to let me know which of the tracks you like, and think I should keep in rotation.  I get a lot of feedback from fans about what’s liked .. and what isn’t.

In order to be included in the MMMM poll, the band/artist must have an embeddable file available on SoundCloud, BandCamp (my favorite), Reverbnation or YouTube.

It’s not a competition.  It’s just a gauge of how well you like the songs I added this week.  You can select as many as you think I should keep in the “playlist.”


(D) = debut of lp, ep or single
(N) = new cut from previously debuted lp or ep
(R) = request


Sugarloaf “Green Eyed Lady” from Green Eyed Lady` (1970)
Sugarloaf “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” from Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You (1975)
(D) Danielle Ate the Sandwich “Just Human” from The Terrible Dinner Guest (2016) 
Paul Kimbiris “Dark Side of Pearl” from Dark Side of Pearl (2014)
(D) Big Head Blues Club: Featuring Big Head Todd & the Monsters “The Seventh Son” from Way Down Inside (2016)
Patti Fiasco “The Graveyard Shift” from Saved By Rock And Roll (2016)
Blue Canyon Boys “Heartaches Welcome” from Next Go ‘Round (2012)
Eldren “Everybody Went Crazy” from Welcome to Deathville (2015)
Bad Weather California “I’ll Reach Out My Hand” from Sunkissed (2012)
(D) OneRepublic “Kids” from Oh My My (2016)

Places “The fire” from No More Wasted Days (2012)
Safe Boating is No Accident “Dye My Love” from Bonus Features (2014)
Jim Stranahan “Blues and a Half” from MIGRATION TO A HIGHER GROUND (2014)


Acoustic Junction “Broken mirrors” from Acoustic Junction (1996)
(D) Other Worlds “You’re Only Worth What You Love” from Weather Patterns (2016)

Katya Chorover “Movin on” from Big Big Love (2012)
Chimney Choir “In the Underworld” from Boomtown (2015)
(D) Miscomunicado “Love Hz” from Fun-Land Express (2016) 
Whiskey Blanket “Rule the Roost” from No Object (2010)
The Samples “My Town” from Samples (1990)
Nathen Maxwell & the Original Bunny Gang “working for the man” from White Rabbit (2010)
(D) Becky Heart “Little Bird” [single] (2016) 
Edison “The Good Fight” from Familiar Spirit (2016)
Post Paradise “Digging Secrets” from Digging Secrets (2013)
Ben Markley ~ Clint Ashlock Quintet “the return” from The Return (2014)

A HUGE THANK YOU to Oskar Blues Fooderies!  They are the new sponsor of “IN COLORADO MUSIC HISTORY,” the segment that runs at the top of each hour of the show.  Oskar Blues Fooderies includes the Original Brew and Pub in Lyons, and Homemade Liquids and Solids,CHUBurger, and Cyclehops Bike Cantina in Longmont, Hotbox Roasters coffee, and coming soon to Denver (under construction in RiNo and LoDo).

mishawakaThe Mishawaka Amphitheatre is celebrating its 100th Anniversary.  Check out there website for specials, shows and more.



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