FREE Virtual Youth Art Workshops

I believe in the mission of the Future Arts Foundation and what they’re doing for music in schools and more.  Due to the virus, their main fundraiser had to be canceled.  Help however you can – I know how tight things are for all of us.

Thank you,
Chris K.

Launching FREE Virtual Youth Art Workshops and Details Regarding Bluebird Music Festival Ticket Refunds

The Future Arts Foundation has teamed up with Tinker Art Studio in Boulder to offer online art workshops to your kiddos during this time spent at home! This time is going to be tough for us and our kids, trying not to go stir crazy at home while being safe and staying healthy. You may donate whatever you like for the workshops, and the funds will go to keeping Tinker Art Studio and the Future Arts Foundation alive during this time when we will be surviving without income. But, if you don’t have the means to donate, please still take advantage of these online classes, as our commitment is to always keep the arts thriving in our communities…even when we can’t leave the house. Please review info and details in the link below.

Bluebird Music Festival ticket refunds have also begun processing. Please check your inbox beginning today and over the next few weeks. Orders that were placed over 120 days ago may have a slight delay. It is true that the cancelation of this event is costing the Future Arts Foundation tens of thousands of dollars between non-refundable deposits and lost revenue, so any donation to this small nonprofit is appreciated more than you know. You may donate your ticket refund, for virtual workshops, or any amount to assist the Future Arts Foundation at

Love each other, take care of one another, and wash your hands! The Bluebird Music Festival, The Future Arts Foundation and Tinker Art Studio.

Donate Your Ticket Money (Or Any Amount) to Assist FAF
Info Video for Free Virtual Classes

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