May 04, 2021 – Hope you don’t mind me being a few days late with this. I have been taking some time to visit some of the wonderful cities and towns around our state, including Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Durango and Alamosa, with Westcliff still to come next week.

We have an abundance of local non-commercial not-for-profit radio stations around the state, nearly all of which at one time or another in any given week air Colorado-based music; many along with the Colorado Playlist.

I track thirteen of the state’s twenty plus public, community and college radio stations, eleven via Spinitron. Tracking is not an exact science. Not every dj at every station publishes a playlist, and not every station utilizes the automatic playlist generator provided by Spinitron.

Of the over 200 titles dating back to April 2020 that I currently track, eighty titles received at least one verifiable spin in April.

To find out how you can get your music in the hands of djs at stations around the state, email

Spinitron Designed to benefit non-commercial public and college radio stations. Record promoters and artists are among those most likely to benefit from the detailed search function. Currently 11 Colorado radio stations utilize Spinitron.


  • (xx) = MARCH 2021 position
  • 210 titles / 13 stations tracked

(2) 1. A.J. FULLERTON – The Forgiver and the Runaway LP (Mar-21)
(12) 2. VALDEZ Wishbones LP (Sep-20)
(D) 3. JOHN GRANTBoy From Michigan LP (Mar-21)
(D) 4. EOLIAN Division LP (Mar-21)
(-) 5. DEL SHAMENDel Shamen LP (Oct-20)
(D) 6. FAIR ELLEI’m Sorry You Feel That Way SINGLE(Mar-21)
(D) 7. AMERICAN CULTUREFor My Animals LP (Feb-21)
(D) 8. ZOE BERMAN Lilac Hour SINGLE (Feb-21)
(14) 9. LAWN CHAIR KINGS – Before It All LP (Jan-21)
(D) 10. WEST SIDE JOE & THE MEN OF SOULKeep On Climbin’ LP (Apr-21)
(1) 11. NATHANIEL RATELIFF – Redemption SINGLE (Dec-20)
(D) 12. MONALICIOUS A Moment In Time EP (Mar-21)
(12) 13. ANDY FRASCO & THE U.N. – Keep On Keepin’ On LP (Apr-20)
(7) 13. GASOLINE LOLLIPOPS – All the Misery Money Can BuyLP (Sep-20)
(-) 13. MUSKETEER GRIPWEEDMore Than Ever LP (Oct-20)
(D) 14. LEFTOVER SALMONBrand New Good Old Days LP (Mar-21)
(9) 15. CARY MORIN – Dockside Saints LP (Jul-20)
(D) 16. PANDAS & PEOPLEBad Honey SINGLE (Jan-21)
(D) 17. MANY MOUNTAINSEndless Time LP (Jan-21)
(-) 17. SOUTH OF FRANCEHideaway SINGLE (Dec-20)
(3) 18. LADY GANG  Full Throttle LP (Feb-21)
(-) 19. AUGUSTUSColor Tv and Tall Tales LP (May-20)
(4) 20. ELLSWORTH – Ellsworth LP (Jan-21)
(15) 20. NICENESS – Realize LP (Feb-21)
(D) 21. REVEREND FREAKCHILDSupramundane Blues LP (Apr-21)
(17) 22. CARY MORIN & GHOST DOG – Trust (Mar-21)
(6) 22. FIVE IRON FRENZY – Until This Shakes Apart LP (Jan-21)
(13) 22. SARAH SLATON – Get Up SINGLE (Nov-20)
(10) 22. YASI – Guilty SINGLE (Feb-21)
(11) 23. STOP MOTION – Mandy SINGLE (Mar-21)

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

5 thoughts on “COLORADO TOP 30 APRIL 2021”

  1. Dear Chris,

    First of all, I love your show, you present a bright, professional, entertaining, informational show.

    If while you are visitng around the state, we would be open to a visit at your covenience at KHEN.

    I think you have visited before, always feel welcome to stop by, we treasure your syndicated show at KHEN.

    Rick White Volunteer, board member,DJ “Bacon Lubbock Tomato Sandwich”

    408 761 3511


    1. I fully intend to do that Rick 🙂 I have friends in Salida and I intend to get some fishing in on the Arkansas soon.

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