The Colorado Sound – Vol. 3, EP 38 2011

News & Notes: (music bed, “Progabilly,” courtesy of Adam Stern off of his latest, High Country Gentleman)

The Soul Thieves “Starting Tonight” from Microphone In the Sugarbowl (2000)
Cassie Taylor “Keys” from Blue (2011)
(D) The Aunteaters “If the Tele Took Teardrops” from Marionette (2011)
(D) The Bimarinal “Move Me” from The Bimarinal (2011)
(D) Constitution “Broken Down” from Wrestling with the Daylight (2011)
Bop Skizzum “Beauty Queen” from Beauty Queen (2011)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Everything’s Alright” from Spools of Thread (2010)
Post Paradise “The Ghost in the Airwaves” from New Normal (2011)
(D) Juno What?! “Late Night” from Late Night Live (2011)
(D) Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen “When It Started to Rain” from Tippy’s Barn (2011)
Julie Hoest “Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight” from Where I’m Standing (1996)
Andy Ard “That’s What She Did to Me” from What She Did (2009)
Carmen Sandim Sextet “Feliz” from Brand New (2011)
Mercury Project “Refuge” from Soapbox Jive (2004)
Beats Noir! “Bad Beats” from 13 Tracks From the Dark Side of The Beat (2011)
(NT) SHEL  “Ruby Slippers” from The Dragon Came Down (2011)
(NT) Spring Creek “Evening Turns to Ashes” from Hold On Me (2011)
(NT) Great American Taxi “Poor House” from Paradise Lost (2011)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “My Last Black Scarf” from Unentitled (2011)
(NT) Andy Palmer “I Died Today” from Sometime Around (2011)
(D) INCA “Eye of the Storm” [single] (2011)
(D) Andy Monley “Anything” from Pull (2011)
Jim McTurnan & the Kids That Killed the Man “Don’t Count Me Out” from Joie De Vivre (2011)
Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck “Queen of this Mess” from Queen of This Mess (2009)
Zach Heckendorf “All the Right Places” from The Cool Down (2011)
Jim Stranahan “Hip Street” from Free For All (2011)

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