CP S13 EP11 2019

Monday March 11, 2019

I have news for you, but it’s embargoed until tomorrow – which means I can’t publish it ’til then. 😉

We are well on the way to setting another record for logged new releases .. we’re not even through the first quarter of the year, and I’ve logged over 60 new releases for 2019.  At this pace, we’ll log over 240 for the year.  Here’s the current list.

Anthony Ruptak – A Place That Never Changes Album
Bison Bone – Take Up the Trouble Album
Blue Street Walls – Like A Child Album
Bonnie and The Clydes – Hold On Me Single
Brent Loveday and the Dirty Dollars – Hymns for the Hardened Album
Brianna Straut – La Mano EP EP
Brothers Keeper – Gypsy King Single
Coral Creek – Free Dog Album
Corsicana – Perennial Album
Daniel Rodriquez – Colorado Single
Daniel Rodriquez – Johnny Single
DBUK – Songs Nine Through Sixteen Album
Don Chicharron – Don Chicharron Album
E.M.K. – To the Room (feat. Coco Bean) Single
Eminence Ensemble – Real News Album
Float Like A Buffalo – Back From Nowhere Album
Foxfeather – Come and Get Me Single
Gasoline Lollipops – Broken Single
Goodnight Freeman – Yugen Album
The Haunted Windchimes – Sleepy Baby Album
Hello Mountain – Transcend Album
Hunter James & the Titantic – The Z-Axis Album
Instant Empire – Don’t Worry Emily Album
Jeff Jenkins Organization – In Blue Album
Jeremy Dion – More Lately Album
John Bunzli – IV Album
Kaitlyn Williams – Sunset Album
Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene – I Make My Own Luck EP
Lola Rising – Gravity Single
Lucas Wolf – Falling Into Place Album
Lucy Daydream – Awake & Dreaming Album
Luna Shade – Birds of a Feather Album
Mama Magnolia – Mama Magnolia Pt. 1 Album
Mawule – What Love Doesn’t Look Like Single
Michal Menert & the Pretty Fantastics – From the Sea Album
Motet – Death or Devotion Album
Nelsen – The Wind Album
Nikki Giron – Heart Behind Bars EP
Oxeye Daisy – Wicked Game Single
Plutinos – Plutinos Album
Reed Foehl – American Miles Single
Ryan Dart – Drifter’s Heart Album
Silver & Gold – Color Album
Slow Caves – Falling Album
Steve Skinner Band with Erica Brown – Self-Made Woman Single
String Cheese Incident – SCI Sound Lab Radio EP
Sugar Britches – Don’t Make Her A Mixtape Yet You Idiot Album
The Symbols – Catching Fire Album
Taylor Scott – All We Have Album
Thom Chacon – Blood In the USA Album
Thom Sumbler & the Exceptions – There’s One In Every Crowd Album
Veronique Van Pelt – Nonesuch EP
Various artists – Color Red Sampler Comp
Wendy Woo – The Immigrant Album
White Rose Motor Oil – Suburban Horses Album
The Yawpers – Human Question Album

105.5 The Colorado Sound & the Colorado Playlist Present:

Covenhoven with Kid Reverie – Friday, April 19 at E-Town Hall (Boulder)

The Gasoline Lollipops Fri, April 12 Aggie Theater (Fort Collins)

Kyle Emerson Fri, April 5 Lost Lake Lounge (Denver)

SLOW CAVES (Album Release) / One Flew West / Gestalt – Saturday March 23 at Globe Hall (Denver)

The Subdudes for 2 shows Washington’s FoCo – Friday, April 5 and Boulder Theater – Saturday, April 6


At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.


Another of the outstanding pop singer-songwriters from our region, Andy Hackbarth spends most of his year playing cruise ships for a living.  According to his website, his upcoming new album, “Sex Robots, out May 24th, is perhaps Hackbarth’s most diverse effort yet, from the tranquil ache of an electro-pop-inspired opening track (U Don’t Have 2 Wait) to the EP’s epic finale (Sex Robots— a Bohemian Rhapsody-esque song complete with an extended orchestral section, robot noises, and a bass clarinet solo). The EP is rounded out by jazz whiz-kid Peter Sommer and Megan Burtt, Denver’s darling of the singer/songwriter scene.”


Let me know if there’s something you think I should play.  Email coloradoplaylist@gmail.com

(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist exclusive premier


Acoustic Junction “Think About It” from Acoustic Junction (1996)
(D) Taylor Scott Band “Curiosity” from All We Have (2019)

Lonesome Days “Chasin’ Down the Whiskey” from The Lonesome Days (2017)
Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats “Look It Here” from Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats (2015)
(N) Wendy Woo “The Immigrant” from The Immigrant (2019)

Lucy Daydream “Red” from Awake & Dreaming (2019)
Chris Daniels & the Kings “All For the Love of Lill” from Louie, Louie (1993)
Churchill “Made a List” from Change EP (2012)
Silver And Smoke “Sting Like a Bee” from 30P (2018)
(D) Head for The Hills “Darkness Meets the Day” from Say Your Mind EP (2019)

Still Tide “Give Me Time” from Run Out (2019)
piKziL “Can’t Get Started” from Songs from My 3rd Life (2016)
Dana Landry Quartet “Pure imagination” from Standard Elevation (2015)


Beast“Ev’ry Man Hears Different Music” from “Beast” (1969)
(D) Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Come On” (2019)

Ghost Tapes “The Lock” from Ghost Tapes (2017)
Patti Fiasco “Saved by Rock and Roll” from Saved By Rock and Roll (2016)
(N) Float Like A Buffalo “The Day” from Back From Nowhere (2019)

Don Chicharron “Sabado Gigante” from Don Chicharron (2019)
Apples in Stereo “Can You Feel It?” from New Magnetic Wonder (2007)
Achille Lauro “Lighting” from Flight or Flight (2012)
(D) Inaiah Lujan “I’m Away” (2019)

Yonder Mountain String Band “How ’bout You?” from Yonder Mountain String Band (2006)
Trout Steak Revival “i am” from Spirit to the Sea (2017)
Scott Martin “Pam” from Alone At Sunset (2018)

Goat’s Thanksgiving

Goat_Logo_color_on_whiteAre we thankful for the music that has fueled our lives?  Are we thankful for those who possess the gift that illuminates the love we feel, the pains we struggle with, the memories that bind us to our pasts and keep us moving towards our unknown future?  Are we?  If we’re thankful, how do we honor those whose gifts bless us?

There are those for whom music is a hobby – something to do with family and friends in thousands of garages and basements across our country, around the world.  There are those for whom making music is a part-time job, something to do on weekends in any public space imaginable – for tips or for guarantees that help sustain the love of making music, or to feed families.  And for others it is an occupation, a full time job, a career that pays the bills and allows for a secure future in retirement.

Music is as natural and essential as the air we breath or the water we drink.  Music is part of our spiritual lives as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Voodoo, Native American Indian, and countless other faiths employ music in praise and worship ceremonies.  We have sung to the gods of our lives, and raised the specter of desire and sexuality in the humpity-hump rhythms that permeate dance clubs internationally.  It tells us stories that become part of the history and heritage of our land.  It speaks in languages unique to the diverse culture of cities and towns, bayous, deserts, and mountains across the land.

We, two generations now, have bemoaned the loss of art in our schools, the loss of music programs.  We spend billions on music instruments and private lessons so that our children and grandchildren might appreciate the innate joy that comes from discovering that they possess the ability to sing or play a melody.  We attend school concerts and recitals and cheer on our kids, praising them for the talent they display – regardless of any demonstrated skill; every child’s performance the right of passage to a future filled with stardom, fame, and monetary riches.

In eras past, from our first job in high school through graduation from college, we built and maintained large collections of albums worth of music – some that would become insanely popular globally – and some that only we and a few close friends would ever really know about.  We attended bars where cover bands played the hits of the day, to concert venues of every size to enjoy our favorite bands play their biggest hits, and newest songs.  And then time changed.

MP3.com promised the adventure of as yet broadly unknown songs from around the world – both great and abysmally bad – from gloriously magnificent works of pure art to gloriously bad dog farts and noise …all for free, with the promise that those who owned the work would get paid based on the number of plays – at a penny a pop.  And from there, the gaming was on.

MP3.com died and Napster emerged – another promise of free music to be had and another disaster that couldn’t be sustained, both financially and legally. File sharing became a major criminal offense, as everyone from grandmothers to college kids and even universities struggled with the emergence of new tech. Congress stepped in and established a minimum standard of pay for those who owned the recording as well as the performers on the recording, but only for music “broadcast” on the Internet, not for music aired on terrestrial airwaves.  The minimum far less than a penny per listen.

And then, Steve Jobs and Apple introduced us to iPods and iTunes, and physical cd sales began to decline precipitously.  Pandora introduced us to free Internet radio without commercial interruption … and record sales imploded, in a relentless dive.  Lastly, streaming arrived full blown via Spotify and other sources, and even download sales have felt the impact as people are inclined to stream their favorite records at far less than a penny a listen as it is no longer necessary to actually possess either a physical copy of a recording or a digital version.

The MP3 format and the Internet changed the world – and today the question has to be asked – how do we honor those whose music is so invaluable to our everyday lives?

Today anyone can play.  Here in Colorado alone there are a few thousand acts – from baby bands to solo singer songwriters to hitmakers and award winners. There are several hundred recordings released a year, from singles to eps and lps – in digital, cd, and vinyl.  We have hundreds of rooms for us to see live music, from DIY spaces to coffee shops, from small cap rooms to Mile High Stadium, from the world renown to the barely known about.

Music is not free.  It is not free to learn.  It is not free to perform.  It is not free to present.  It is not free to record.  It is not free to distribute.   Teachers need to earn a living.  Instrument makers need to earn a living.  Stage owners and those who own and run p.a. equipment need to earn a living.  Recording studio owners, and the engineers at the studios need to earn a living.  And countless thousands of our friends and family, who have spent years to perfect their talents, buy the equipment, record the songs, and present themselves on stages need to earn a living.  Music is not free.

Are we thankful for the music that has fueled our lives?  Are we thankful for those who possess the gift that illuminates the love we feel, the pains we struggle with, the memories that bind us to our pasts and keep us moving towards our unknown future?  Are we?  If we’re thankful, how do we honor those whose gifts bless us?

This season I’d like to ask a favor.  Please support the local music scene, the local music industry, the local music teachers, and sound engineers, and stage owners, the instrument makers, and record makers, and the musicians without whom none of this would be possible.

Set aside a little to see a couple of shows and take a few friends with you.   It doesn’t matter if you know the band – just go. Go to Albums on the Hill (Boulder) or Twist and Shout (Denver) or any other location where you can find Colorado music on sale.  Don’t buy one – buy ten and spread the love.

If you need help deciding on what show to see, or what record to buy, read and support our local publications like Westword (Denver), Colorado Music Buzz (Denver), the Marquee Magazine (Boulder), Scene Magazine (Fort Collins), or Bandwagon (Greeley).

Music isn’t free.  We shouldn’t treat it as if it is.

Happy Thanksgiving,

How Do You Define… PT II

I'm picky AND I'm grumpy.
I’m picky AND I’m grumpy.

So, apparently I over generalized the nature of events (festivals) and event (festival) talent buyers in my previous post How Do You Define …and why does it matter?”  A couple of folks have taken me to task for it, so let me clarify some of my points.

My major point is that labels such as singer-songwriter are inherently vague, overly broad, and should not be used as a means of describing the style of music that an artist does.  The connotation of a “singer-songwriter” is as a SOLO (or duo) performer, often accompanied by a single instrument, and is not indicative of the STYLE of music the artist is performing.

I attempted to defeat that bias by my choice of the videos I ended my past post with.  I specifically selected singers who also write their own material, and are largely known as singer-songwriters – yet they display a diversity of style and lyrical content – and aesthetic quality.  There are (currently) 12 videos …from across Colorado’s history of great music.

The major point I was trying to establish was how differently we define a genre of music, and how those perceptions are applied by those who are listening, and therefore “buying” music – whether a fan, or those who book talent for SOME festival and/or civic events regionally .


There are numerous types of events (festivals) in Colorado.  By some estimates there are as many as 1250 event days a year, statewide.  Many book a broad diversity of talent – from solo acts to large bands and orchestras – while others are more genre/style specific.

Those who are responsible for putting on many of our regional civic events are (generally) not in the business of music – they typically fill other (more important) roles at their municipal agencies.  In other words, their “business” may be city planning, and they may not be able to articulate genres and styles as those of us “in the business” can and (too often?) do.

Many of these folks only know about music as the average person (also not in the business of music) knows about music – from what they see on tv, remember from their youth (pre-24/25), or hear on their favorite local radio station.  They can tell you what they like, and they can typically paint broad outlines of “style” or “genre.”

More likely than not, they describe what they like or don’t like by referencing what they already know.  It seems to me at least that most people are more likely to say “I like ______________, and I think ____________ “sucks” than to try to describe music with “industry” terminology.

I know one person who works for a city, and is part of the summer downtown festival committee, who can’t name the artist behind a single song she hears on the radio, nor can she name the song.  Yet this person knows what she likes and doesn’t like, and can attribute a fundamental nomenclature to the style she listens to — however broad.  She can name something as country or pop/rock or metal or rap .. but fails to be able to describe music in much more specific terminology.  She calls those who sing solo with a guitar a “folk” artist.

I know another person at a civic agency that puts on a music event, who was unaware of one of the region’s top music publications, and is largely unaware of many of the regions’ top acts, including some our Grammy nominated and/or award winning talents. Still others have a knowledge set limited by other factors.

blue-stick-man-knowledge-mdThere are obviously exceptions, and many music buyers I know are incredibly knowledgeable about the scene and what kinds of music our artists perform.  As a radio dj over the past 35+ years in Colorado, however, I may call something one thing based on my knowledge of radio formats, and yet describe it using different terms if I’m talking to an artist, or someone booking talent for a civic event/festival.

I used the example of singer-songwriter because of an artist consultation, in which the artist asked me how to overcome the apparent bias inherent in the term singer-songwriter.  My point was DO NOT USE THE TERM SINGER-SONGWRITER.  It has no specific meaning – it’s too broad and diluted to use as a descriptive term of the TYPE (style) of music you perform.

confused1Confused?  You’re not alone.  It really is all about the words you use and how you use them – and boy is there a lot of confusion.

Descriptive terminology can be very different from generation to generation, as it is among those involved in the business (or art) of presenting music.  New terms (and the understanding thereof) are introduced with each new generation of musicians, fans, the general public, and those who present music to the public.

Who knew there would be HUNDREDS of styles of “rock” when we were introduced to “rock and roll” in 1955.  Alan Freed, aka Moondog. would be impressed, I’m sure. (or not)

EDIT:  Who knew there would be HUNDRED of styles of “rock” when we were introduced to “rock and roll in 1955 – regardless of who was given credit for coining the term.  


Support for the Colorado Sound Courtesy of

CCCLogoPMS300ConvertedColorado Case Company:  Colorado made insulated soft cases, gig bags, case covers and rigid cases for most instruments.  This premium, professional grade, brand is designed, engineered and tested to provide incredible thermal protection for your valuable musical instrument.  We specialize in unusual and hard to fit instruments.  Info at www.coloradocase.comSpokesBuzz Fort Collins logo

SpokesBUZZ, a  Colorado 501C3 with a mission to DEVELOP THE PROFESSIONALISM OF ARTISTS, PROMOTE AND CONNECT PROGRESSIVE CULTURAL DESTINATIONS, AMPLIFY MUSIC SCENES and GROW LOCAL ECONOMIES.  Please visit the website for information on bands that SpokesBUZZ supports, as well as shows and more.  www.spokesbuzz.org.

Mish Logo JPG

The Colorado Sound Presents Head for the Hills with guests Grant Farm & Gipsy Moon, at the Mishawaka on May 17.  Tickets at www.themishawaka.com Check out this performance from H4TH at the Mish in 2012 ….

MMMM – Monday Morning Music Meeting – April 14 2014

boninwf back stage nite 1 2012Monday morning.  MMMM .. Monday morning music meeting … traditionally, that’s the day we music directors used to sit down with the program director to discuss what new music we wanted to add to the playlist.  That also meant discussing what we wanted to drop from the currents – that just weren’t “working.”  There are sure some myths about radio programming floating around the populace, including among many of my musician friends.

We’re in a new era now – pads, tablets, streaming, smartphones, cloud services, and increasingly a fractured listener base.   Yet in all of this, traditional broadcast radio listenership remains strong.  Want the Facts & Figures?

Radio Facts and Figures
Here are the Facts:

  • Radio today reaches more than 90 percent of people in the U.S. on a weekly basis; 
  • Radio reaches more than 68% of U.S. consumers ages 12 and older on an average day;
  • 242 million people listen to the radio each week;
  • There are more than 16,000 radio stations across the United States, covering 50 different formats;
  • Audio consumers are listening for more than 2 ½ hours every day; and
  • More than two-thirds of the weekly radio audience works full-time, tuning in during the working day, away from home.

One of the most interesting debates taking place today is the one concerning non-physical / non-owned music, and how it’s distributed and monetized.  Many of my peers over 50 think of anything internet related, other than iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby direct downloads, as piracy intended to steal whatever direct commission revenue the band/artist/songwriter may be entitled to.  So let me set the record straight.

No, streaming is not piracy.  No, streaming is NOT a one-to-one sale.  Sales of single units (or eps, or albums) are fast becoming something we boomers are holding onto.  Streaming via your smartphone is the future.  AT&T signed onto Beats.  Spotify signed on with Sprint.  Rumors abound that Verizon will sign on with iTunes.  Rumors also abound that iTunes will be offering 24bit hi-res audio.

 Following a report that Apple is considering a major overhaul of iTunes, an overlooked rumor from March suggests the company may also be planning an entry into the high-definition music industry with 24-bit tracks.”


bonnie and the clydes - Music for the People Pt 1

Bonnie & the ClydesMusic for the People Part I EP
 … a marked improvement from the band’s debut, in songwriting, arranging, and vocal performances shared by husband/wife team Bonnie & Taylor Sims, with Taylor displaying an eerie similarity to Gordon Lightfoot’s vocal performance on the wonderful classic The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on Evening Turns to Ashes.  Bonnie sounds perfectly and splendidly classic in her lower-mid range tones on Open Road.  Colorado country is different than country music in most parts of the US – with touches of West Texas permeating our own unique flavors and textures, which makes sense considering that Bonnie & Taylor are both from that region, along with other transplants like Andy & Jessica Eppler, aka Prairie Scholars .. or Austin transplants like Matt Skinner or Beth Williams — we sure do share a lot with our sisterly state to the south.   Music for the People indeed – this one scores an OTB ADD (out of the box add) – straight to The Colorado Sound Live365 mornings and afternoons (until it breaks TOP 40 statewide).



CCCLogoPMS300ConvertedColorado Case Company:  Colorado made insulated soft cases, gig bags, case covers and rigid cases for most instruments.  This premium, professional grade, brand is designed, engineered and tested to provide incredible thermal protection for your valuable musical instrument.  We specialize in unusual and hard to fit instruments.  Info at www.coloradocase.com

SSpokesBuzz Fort Collins logopokesBUZZ, a  Colorado 501C3 with a mission to AMPLIFY THE COLORADO MUSIC SCENE, DEVELOP OUR PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS, PROMOTE COLORADO AS A PROGRESSIVE CULTURAL DESTINATION, and GROW LOCAL ECONOMIES.  Please visit the website for information on bands that SpokesBUZZ supports, as well as shows and more.  www.spokesbuzz.org.



chrisk w new hat

April 1 2013.  This site hit a record number of unique visitors and page views for the month of March, year to year.  March was officially the 1st month of the 4th year of this blog.  So far it’s been a pretty cool ride all the way around, with the blog averaging some 1500 unique views a month and the show heard six days a week on five stations, across numerous broadcast radio frequencies throughout the state.

Thanks to the wise council of a very good friend in the broadcast world, the time has come for a change.  A build-out is happening as I write this.  I’ve decided to add another dimension in getting some of the best music in our state to you 24/7/365… on your pc, pad, or smartphone.  That said, I just moved into the realm of needing to raise revenue to support this build-out.

Beginning this month I’ll be doing outreach to fund this endeavor.  I will be accepting a limited number of for-profit and non-profit underwriting sponsorships, and will be researching grants and other forms of revenue.  Watch for a funding and sponsorship page to launch, as well as an updated station page in the next week or so.  In the meantime, here’s a taste of what’s to come…  check out cuts from this month’s TOP 40.

Thank you for the dozens of well wishes and kind thoughts I’ve received this past month.  I’ve received several invitations to do marathons and bike-athons and more when I hit 60 in two years LOL.  I totally intend to make it happen.

Speaking of well wishes and kind thoughts …it’s been kinda funny to have folks from NoCo call or text me that they heard my voice on a commercial for the Fort Collins’ Downtown Business Association.  I’ve been doing their voice-over work since February.  The spots air on several commercial stations in NoCo.

Have a green April 🙂


KUNC LOGOYou been listening at all to what KUNC has been up to?  I hope so. (click to open music page)

I was visiting my therapist (yes, goats do well under some therapy LOL) recently and mentioned KUNC.  Her reaction surprised me a bit actually — she said she didn’t like classical music, so didn’t listen to KUNC.  Not only has the station changed the sound of the daytime mix, with music director Benji McPhail and long-timer Wendy Wham rockin the desk from 9-2, they’ve also added an additional 3 hours of music programming Mon-Fri from 9-midnight.  This is some of the most adventurous adult format music programming we’ve had in this area for a very long time.  I think it best reflects what many of us old-timers recall as the best and more progressive years at stations like KBCO, KTCL (when they were still in Fort Collins), KYOU turned KDEN (about 1990), KFML and KCUV among maybe one or two more.  Add to that a statewide reach on multiple frequencies and popular NPR programming.

KVNF logoAward winning rural service network, KVNF Community Radio, seeks a forward thinking and creative General Manager to lead our mission driven broadcast organization into the future.  We are looking for a well-organized leader who combines strong communication and managerial skills with a vision for making community radio essential.  KVNF offers the General Manager an excellent opportunity to work with a committed Board of Directors and enthusiastic staff, while leading an outstanding community broadcast organization into the future.

 Established in 1979, KVNF provides eclectic music, news, public affairs, arts and entertainment programming 24/7 for a multi-aged audience that is culturally and economically diverse. Headquartered in the town of Paonia, KVNF offers a professional work environment in a 6,000 square foot, inspiring state-of-the art broadcast facility.  From spectacular alpine vistas to sandstone canyons and world class river rafting KVNF’s listening area offers high quality living.

For a complete description visit our website www.kvnf.org. No Phone calls please. KVNF is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to a fair and diverse workplace.

KBUT-Colorado-public-radioKBUT Community Radio is seeking a year-round, part-time Underwriting Director. Primary job duty is to sell underwriting sponsorships of KBUT programs to Gunnison Valley businesses and organizations. Check www.kbut.org for a complete job description and more information.  Music and Web Director Grant McFarren is set to go full-time by adding Membership Director to his list of responsibilities. Grant has been a part-time KBUT employee since 2010, DJ since 2007, and was a Board Member 2008-2010.

KBUT has also announced that it will participate in the second annual Public Radio Music Month, a month‐long initiative in April 2013 that celebrates public radio stations’ invaluable role in America’s music culture.

cropped-prmm_webheaderPublic Radio Music Month is a nationwide initiative that connects local public radio stations, artists and audiences in communities across the United States.  Throughout the month of April, public radio stations around the state will emphasize special music programming in support of Public Radio Music Month.

Please call, email, text, or message your local community radio station and thank them for supporting Colorado music as part of their programming.  It means a hellova lot when YOU make the call.  Not everyone contributes monetarily; we all know that – doesn’t mean you’re not supporting.  Thank you for listening.

cprLogoApril marks the 10-year anniversary of “Colorado Spotlight,” Colorado Public Radio (CPR) Classical’s flagship program that features the state’s major classical organizations through performances, interviews and live broadcasts. “Colorado Spotlight” is hosted by Charley Samson and airs Monday – Friday and Sunday at 7 p.m.

“When we first started ‘Colorado Spotlight’ in 2003, the classical community was much smaller, and we weren’t sure if we’d have enough local content to produce a daily show,” said Samson. “Now, we have literally hundreds of live and recorded performances to choose from, a true testament to the strength of the classical community here in Colorado and of the music enthusiasts who continue to support it.”

“Colorado Spotlight’s” long-lasting partnerships with the state’s leading classical organizations like the Colorado Symphony, Opera Colorado, Central City Opera, Colorado Music Festival, Bravo! Vail Valley and Aspen Music Festivals provide a prominent statewide stage presence through recordings, in-depth interviews and live broadcasts.

Over 400 classical artists have visited the CPR Performance Studio, sharing intimate live and recorded performances and interviews that reveal personal insight and their own interpretation of the music. CPR’s Performance Studio features state-of-the-art recording capabilities, along with a nine-foot Steinway concert grand piano that was funded by the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation. Artists that have visited the space include Joshua Bell, Sir James Galway and Eugenia Zukerman.

To commemorate 10 years in the community, Samson will air a weeklong showcase of some of the program’s most memorable interviews and performances, beginning Monday, April 1 through Friday, April 5. The celebration will culminate on Sunday, April 7 with a two-hour live broadcast from the CPR Performance Studio featuring the Ivy Street Trio, the Colorado Chamber Players and others.

“Colorado Spotlight” 10-Year Anniversary Celebration Schedule, April 1-5, 7 at 7 p.m.
For more information, visit www.cpr.org and follow CPR Classical on Facebook and Twitter.


Thom Chacon, Paper Bird, Esme Patterson, WhiteWater Ramble, Rachel and the Kings, Glowing House


254 titles tracked in March
160 titles were reported as played at least once.
(CC) = Colorado Connection
(D) = album/ep debut on chart
(R) = reenter
[date] = Date added to reporting list

(4) 1. The Lumineers – The Lumineers (Dualtone) Americana [1-Mar-12]
(3) 2. Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone (Telarc) Blues [20-Jan-13]
(1) 3. DeVotchKa – Live with the Colorado Symphony (Cicero Recordings) Indie/New Alternative [1-Nov-12]
(6) 4. Elephant Revival – It’s Alive EP (Ruff Shod/Nettwork) Folk [1-Nov-12]
(D) 5. Paper Bird – Rooms (self) Indie/New Alternative [16-Feb-13](2) 6. Fierce Bad Rabbit – Maestro and the Elephant (self) Rock/Pop [5-Jan-13]
(9) 7. Beautiful Loser Society – The Desperate Promenade (self) Americana [5-Jan-13]
(R) 8. O’Brien Party of 7 (CC) – Reincarnation, The Songs of Roger Miller (Howdy Skies Music) Folk [1-Jun-12]
(18) 9. Esme Patterson – All Princes, I (Greater Than Collective) Indie/New Alternative [1-Sep-12]
(D) 10. Poet’s Row – Poet’s Row (self) Indie/New Alternative [28-Jan-13](11) 11. Blue Canyon Boys – Next Go Round (self) Bluegrass [16-Jan-13]
(D) 12. Brad Goode – Chicago Red (Origin Records) Jazz [15-Feb-13]
(23) 13. SHEL – SHEL (Moraine Records / Mad King Records) Folk [1-Aug-12]
(R) 13. Trout Steak Revival – Flight (self) Bluegrass [22-Nov-12]
(D) 14. WhiteWater Ramble – Roots & Groove (self) Bluegrass/jamgrass [16-Feb-13]
(27) 15. Chris Daniels – Better Days     (self) Americana [1-Jul-12]
(22) 15. The Haunted Windchimes – Out with the Crow (Blank Tape) Folk [1-Apr-12]
(17) 16. The Yawpers – Capon Crusade (self) Rock [1-Sep-12]
(R) 16. Wire Faces – King Cataract (Hot Congress Records) Rock [10-Jan-13]
(19) 17. Danielle Ate The Sandwich – {like a king} (Youngest Daughter Records) Folk [1-May-12]
(13) 18. Grant Farm – The Grant Farm (self) Americana [1-Mar-12]
(21) 18. Sera Cahoone (CC) – Deer Creek Canyon (Sub Pop) Folk [1-Nov-12]
(R) 18. Strange Americans – A Royal Battle (self) Rock/alt-country-rock [1-Jun-12]
(R) 18. Euforquestra – Let Us In (self) World [1-Apr-12]
(R) 19. Mosey West – Merica (self) Rock/roots rock [1-Apr-12]
(13) 20. Bonnie & The Clydes – Wrong Side Up (self) Americana [1-Jul-12]
(12) 21. Churchill – The Change EP (A&M) Rock/folk-rock [1-Mar-12]
(R) 22. Leftover Salmon – Aquatic Hitchhiker (LoS Records) Americana [1-Apr-12]
(R) 23. Mama Lenny & the Remedy – Punches and Hugs (self) Blues/rhythm & blues [1-Apr-12]
(D) 24. Thom Chacon – Thom Chacon (Pie Records) Americana [6-Mar-13]
(R) 25. Flashbulb Fires – Gasconader (self) Indie/New Alternative [1-May-12]
(25) 26. Catch Bees – Narratives from a Factory Town (On Joyful Wings) Indie/New Alternative [6-Feb-13]
(R) 27. Patrick Dethlefs – Fall & Rise (self) Folk [1-Jun-12]
(D) 28. Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds – Round and Round (Blank Tape) Indie/New Alternative [19-Jan-13]
(R) 29. The Knew – Man Monster (self) Rock    [1-Jun-12]
(D) 30. Confluence – I Haven’t Really Been Living (self) Indie/New Alternative [28-Feb-13]
(5) 30. Jeff Brinkman Band – Strange (self) Rock/adult alternative [1-Dec-12]
(D) 30. The Congress – The Loft Tapes EP (self) Rock/soul [21-Mar-13]
(R) 30. Tia Fuller (CC) – Angelic Warrior (Mack Avenue) Jazz [1-Sep-12]
(33) 31. Grant Sabin – Anthromusicology (Blank Tape) Rock [10-Jan-13]
(D) 31. Kristi Stice – Under the Willow (self) Indie/New Alternative [9-Jan-13]

Ambassador Wolf – Tracks In The Woods
Austin Young & No Difference – Blue As Can Be
Ben Hanna – We Were Like Whatever
Blue Grama – Dust Bowl Blues
Chauncey Crandall – Every Song Is About You
Confluence – I Haven’t Really Been Living
Farmington Hill – Bridge to Nowhere
Glowing House – The Down and Out [single]
KING – Need A Woman By Friday [single]
Michael Kirkpatrick – Key to My Cage
Nina Storey (CC) – Think Twice [single]
OneRepublic – What You Wanted [single]
Smythe & Taylor – These Rosita Hills
Take to the Oars – The Bow & the Stern
The Centennial – Nervous System
The Congress – The Loft Tapes EP
Thom Chacon – Thom Chacon
Willie Houston – Live at Ziggies


[X] = number of “current” titles reported as played in reporting period.  This is so you’ll not only see what the top five records getting the most spins are at any station, but also how many “current year” releases are getting played.

Elephant Revival It's AliveKAFM (Grand Junction) [19]
1. Elephant Revival – It’s Alive
1. Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone
2. Thom Chacon – Thom Chacon
3. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
4. Beautiful Loser Society – The Desperate Promenade

WWRKBUT (Crested Butte) [15]
1. WhiteWater Ramble – Roots & Groove
2. Blue Canyon Boys – Next Go Round
2. Bonnie & The Clydes – Wrong Side Up
2. Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone
2. Trout Steak Revival – Flight

Euforquestra_Let Us InKDNK (Carbondale) [18]
1. Euforquestra – Let Us In
1. Paper Bird – Rooms
2. Elephant Revival – It’s Alive EP
2. Leftover Salmon – Aquatic Hitchhiker
2. O’Brien Party of 7 (CC) – Reincarnation, The Songs of Roger Miller

Farmington Hill KDUR (Durango) [17]
1. Farmington Hill – Bridge to Nowhere
2. Beautiful Loser Society – The Desperate Promenade
3. Thom Chacon – Thom Chacon
4. Fierce Bad Rabbit – Maestro and the Elephant
5. Bad Weather California – Sunkissed

devotchka_live with CO symKGNU (Boulder) [18]
1. DeVotchKa – Live with the Colorado Symphony
1. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
2. Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone
3. Blue Canyon Boys – Next Go Round
3. Esme Patterson – All Princes, I

lumineersKOTO (Telluride) [6]
1. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
2. Brad Goode – Chicago Red
3. Beautiful Loser Society – The Desperate Promenade
3. Chris Daniels – Better Days
3. Churchill – The Change

Mike Clark_Round and RoundKRCC (Colorado Springs) [11]
1. Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds – Round and Round
2. DeVotchKa – Live with the Colorado Symphony
3. Grant Sabin – Anthromusicology
4. The Haunted Windchimes – Out with the Crow
4. The Lumineers – The Lumineers

WWRKRFC (Fort Collins) [>100]
1.  WhiteWater Ramble – Roots & Groove
2.  Michael Kirkpatrick – Keys To My Cage
3.  Paper Bird – Rooms
4.  You Me & Apollo – You Me & Apollo
5.  Fierce Bad Rabbit – Maestro & the Elephant

otis taylor_my world is goneKUNC (Greeley) [13]
1. Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone
2. DeVotchKa – Live with the Colorado Symphony
3. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
4. Sera Cahoone (CC) – Deer Creek Canyon
5. Churchill – The Change EP

brad goode chicago redKUVO (Denver) [8]
1. Brad Goode – Chicago Red
2. Polarity – King of Hearts
3. Tom Gershwin – Sweet Pastimes
4. Jon Wirtz – Tourist
5. Tia Fuller (CC) – Angelic Warrior

otis taylor_my world is goneKVNF (Paonia) [6]
1. Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone
2. Flobots – The Circle In the Square
2. Glowing House – Days Run Out
2. O’Brien Party of 7 (CC) – Reincarnation, The Songs of Roger Miller

poets rowOpen Air 1340 (Denver) [73]
1. Poet’s Row – Poet’s Row
2. Paper Bird – Rooms
3. Wire Faces – King Cataract
4. Esme Patterson – All Princes, I
5. DeVotchKa – Live with the Colorado Symphony

Gromet_BarrenThe Colorado Sound [57]
1. The Gromet – Barren
2. WhiteWater Ramble – Roots & Groove
2. You Me & Apollo – You Me & Apollo
3. Dennis Wanebo – Running On Gravity
3. Strange Americans – A Royal Battle


1. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
2. Beautiful Loser Society – The Desperate Promenade
3. Blue Canyon Boys – Next Go Round
4. Trout Steak Revival – Flight
5. WhiteWater Ramble – Roots & Groove

otis taylor_my world is goneBlues/Rhythm & Blues
1. Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone
2. Mama Lenny & the Remedy – Punches and Hugs
3. Sofie Reed – Simplicity Chased Trouble Away
4. John Oates Band (CC) – The Bluesville Sessions
5. Austin Young & No Difference – Blue As Can Be

Flobots_circleDance/Funk/Hip-Hop/Urban Contemporary
1. Flobots – The Circle In the Square
2. Bop Skizzum – Coloradical
3. Beats Noir! – Where the Sun Goes Down
3. Rebel Tongue – Movin’ On
3. Wheelchair Sports Camp – Where We All Live

Elephant Revival It's AliveFolk/folk-rock/singer-songwriter
1. Elephant Revival – It’s Alive EP
2. O’Brien Party of 7 (CC) – Reincarnation, The Songs of Roger Miller
4. The Haunted Windchimes – Out with the Crow
5. Danielle Ate The Sandwich – {like a king}

devotchka_live with CO symIndie/New Alternative
1. DeVotchKa – Live with the Colorado Symphony
2. Paper Bird – Rooms
3. Esme Patterson – All Princes, I
4. Poet’s Row – Poet’s Row
5. Flashbulb Fires – Gasconader

brad goode chicago redJazz/Instrumental
1. Brad Goode – Chicago Red
2. Tia Fuller (CC) – Angelic Warrior
3. Polarity – King of Hearts
4. Tom Gershwin – Sweet Pastimes
5. Fred Hess Big Band – Speak

dennis wanebo running on gravityPOP / Contemporary Adult / Crossover
1. Dennis Wanebo – Running On Gravity
1. Rebecca Folsom – Reunion
2. Nina Storey (CC) – Think Twice [single]
3. KING – Need A Woman By Friday [single]
3. OneRepublic – What You Wanted [single]

fierce bad rabbit_the maestroROCK / AAA / ALT / AOR
1. Fierce Bad Rabbit – Maestro and the Elephant
2. The Yawpers – Capon Crusade
2. Wire Faces – King Cataract
3. Strange Americans – A Royal Battle
4. Mosey West – Merica

DISCLAIMER:  The following records were sent to radio/press by Chris Kresge, aka Chris K, dba Rocky Mountain Music Network
Chris Daniels – Better Days
Dennis Wanebo – Running On Gravity
WhiteWater Ramble – Roots & Groove

The Colorado Sound – V4 EP24 2012

Another hot weekend … though I see our friends higher up in the mountains are enjoying more spring like weather 😉

Gotta tip the ole goat’s hat to our friends out fighting fires around the state.

This week’s featured video is about Harry Tuft, one of our most legendary musicians and educators.  Any chance I get to highlight something he’s involved with the better … this video more or less details his store and what he’s about today.

The Tenor of the Times: Harry Tuft and the Denver Folklore Center

Find the rest of this week’s featured videos at Colorado Sound Video Picks on YouTube.

This week’s pick videos by:
Johnny Hickman
Talisker Skye
Megan Redmond
Ballistic (feat. Xiren)
Danielle Ate the Sandwich
The Epilogues

Playlist – V4 EP24 2012

Leftover Salmon “Sing Up To The Moon” from Aquatic Hitchhiker (2012)
Bobby Walker “Barefootin’” from Way Back When (2010)
(D) Russ Hopkins “Different Girl” from Space Junk Motel (2012)
Megan Redmond “Falling” from Dreamland (2012)
Sherri Jackson “Tell Me” from Catalyst (2000)
(D) New Ben Franklins “Detroit Party Jesus” from [peter gabriel] (2012)
Overcasters “Storm of Crows” from Curses/Prayers (2012)
The Apples in Stereo “Ruby” from Her Wallpaper Reverie (1999)
(D) Fingers of the Sun “Send Yourself to Sleep” from Sleepy (2012)
60,000,000 Buffalo “Cocaine Shuffle” from Nevada Jukebox (1972)
(N) The Say So “American Girl” from The Romantic (2012)
(N) Arliss Nancy “Saint Forgot” from Simple Machines (2012)
Convergence “Bee Cee Beat” from I Can Be There (2008)
Zephyr “I Am Not Surprised” from Sunset Ride (2000)
(D) Johnny Hickman “Another Road” from Tilting (2012)

Robert Cline Jr. “Another Day, Another Dollar” from All The Right Reasons (2012)
Ethyl & the Regulars “Long Gone, Long Forgotten” from Fill ‘Er Up With … Ethyl & the Regulars (2009)
Haunted Windchimes “Out With the Crow” from Out With The Crow (2012)
(D) Bonnie and The Clydes “Baby You’re Gone” from Wrong Side Up (2012)
Dan Craig “Alchemy (What Is This Alchemy)” from Alchemy (2010)
The Swayback “Lost Lake Woods Club” from Double Four Time (2012)
(D) The Knew “Major Nights” from Man Monster(2012)
Gary Stites “Shine That Ring” from Shine That Ring (1960)
The Jekylls “Think I Thought” from The Sweet Factory (2012)
(N) Strange Americans “Alamosa” from A Royal Battle (2012)
J. Shogren “Hand Grenade” from American Holly (2009)
Chie Imaizumi “The More the Merrier” from Unfailing Kindness (2006)