The Colorado Sound S8 EP21 May/June 2014

Sorry for the delay.  Incredibly stupid busy weekend.  And, I am not getting the News Notes & Spins done on time either.  Friday night was Taarka in Lyons.  Saturday night was Johnny O in Longmont.  Sunday was the Colorado Blues Challenge in Golden.  Tonight (Monday) it’s sitting down with Eddie Turner for an upcoming episode of “Offstage …Beyond the Music.”

Thursday night I’ll be in Fort Collins emceeing the Bohemian Nights Thursday Night Concert Series with Musketeer Gripweed.  FREE SHOW … ALL AGES …7PM downbeat.  Be there … gonna be a blast.

Congratulations to Eef & the Blues Express … winners of the 2014 Colorado Blues Challenge (band) and to Cary Morin for winning a 2nd year in a row.  Enjoy the video of Eef winning the prize.  I need to go get the Charts done.  CYA!


(D) Zephyr “Sail On” from Zephyr Deluxe Edition (2014)
Zephyr “Mad Dog” from Heartbeat (1982)
Dusty Drapes & the Dusters “Cielto Lindo” from The Red Album (1981)
String Cheese Incident “Can’t Wait Another Day” from Song In My Head (2014)
(D) Roo & the Howl “Give Me Time” from Me/We (2014)
Flobots “The Circle in the Square” from The Circle in the Square (2012)
Jeff Finlin “Walking On Air” from My Moby Dick (2013)
Ryan D White “We Are The Dreamers” from Something Brilliant Is About to Happen (2014)
Euforquestra “Solutions” from Fire (2014)
Musketeer Gripweed “Nine Pound Hammer” from Floods and Fires (2014)
Aakash Mittal Quartet “Density” from Thumbs Up (2013)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Smokestack Lighnin’” from Rocksteady (2010)
(N) Big Head Todd & The Monsters “I Get Smooth” from Black Beehive (2014)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “Viceroy Filter King” from Always Say Please and Thank You (2000)
(D) Gipsy Moon “Seven Seas” from Eventide (2013)
John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light “Same Scar” from Beautiful Empty (2011)
(N) OneRepublic “Love Runs Out” from Native (2013)
Big Gigantic “The Night Is Young (feat. Cherub)” from The Night Is Young (2014)
Churchill “The War Within” from War Within EP (2013)
The Swayback “Lost Lake Woods Club” from Double Four Time (2012)
Head for The Hills “Never Does” from Blue Ruin (2013)
Justin Roth “Rise” from Rise (2013)
Cassie Taylor “No Ring Blues” from Out Of My Mind (2013)
Jim Stranahan “Loco” from Free For All (2010)

The Colorado Sound – S7/EP04 Feb 2013

therealpickygrumpyoldgoatThank you for all the support that I really needed in my absence last week.  As is sometimes the case in life, baby alligators (rattlers if you prefer) jump up and grab ya by the balls and make you lay down for a few days.  LOL.  That said – it was a great week to kick back, reflect and listen to some new albums, which I’m actually doing right this moment in preparation for next week’s show.  If you’re not hip yet do check out The Whale & the Sea by Josh Dillard, and A Boy & His Kite by, well, A Boy & His Kite aka Dave Wilton.  Absolutely gorgeous albums, both.

In news this week:  Congratulations to all of the winners of the Colorado Blues Society’s 1st Annual Members Choice Awards, who were awarded the first ever Holley awards named after the late Creighton Holley a good friend to many of us locally and a blues guitarist and singer who graced local stages for a few decades before his passing last year … congratulations to

Erica Brown – Blues Singer Female
Austin Young and No Difference – Blues Band
Austin Young – Guitar
Austin Young and No Difference – Best Young Performer
Austin Young – Slide Guitar
Al Chesis – Blues Harp
Lionel Young – Blues Singer Male
Lionel Young – Violin
Lionel Young – Arranger
Otis Taylor – Best Songwriter
Jodie Woodward – Bass
Dan Treanor – Best Educator
Scotty Rivera – Drums
Kai Turner won Lifetime Membership in the Colorado Blues Society in honor of his involvement in the Colorado Blues scene for his  Strictly Blues radio show, as well as for all the MC’ing he’s done over the years at Festivals such as Blues From the Top, Mile High Blues Festival, and Blue Star Festival, and in honor of receiving his own Keeping Blues Alive award for radio in 2009.

Congratulations are again in order for the girls of SHEL – whose new video “The Man Who Was The Circus” – debuted on CMT.COM Jan 29.  And happy 25th birthday to Hannah Holbrook.  Are these the four most eligible bachelorettes in CO right now?  Hmmmm…..


Rick Roberts “In My Own Small Way” from Windmills / She is a Song (2010)
The Samples “Tom Joad” from Return to Earth (2001)
(D) Abi Robins “Let Me Explain” from Such A Mess (2013)

Tyler Ward “The Way We Are” from Hello. Love. Heartbreak (2012)
John McVey “The Gentleman Thief” from Unpredictable (2010)
(D) Kristi Stice “Forgiving The Road” from Forgiving The Road (2013)

Elephant Revival “Quill Pen Feather” from It’s Alive (2012)
Gromet “Empty Space” from Barren (2013)
Instant Empire “Keep Up!” from Keep Up! (2013)
Rob Drabkin “Little Steps” from Little Steps EP (2013)
(D) Joshua Novak “Informaniac” from Ephemeron (2013)

John Common “Moonlight” from Why Birds Fly (2007)
Jon Wirtz “Politico” from Tourist (2013)
Tommy Bolin “Wild Dogs” from Teaser (1975)
The Rainy Daze “That Acapulco Gold” from That Acapulco Gold (1967)
(D) P-Nuckle “The System” from The System (2013)
Flobots “The Rose and the Thistle” from The Circle in the Square (2012)
(D) Rachel & the Kings “I Know What You’re Made Of…” from Tonic (2013)
(D) Otis Taylor “Blue Rain in Africa” from My World Is Gone (2013)

Great American Taxi “One of These Days” from Reckless Habits (2010)
Palmer Divide “Whiskey Row” from Shenandoah Train (2009)
Churchill “Change” from Change EP (2012)
SHEL “On My Way” from SHEL (2012)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Matter of Time” from Maestro & the Elephant (2013)
Zach Heckendorf “Traffic” from The Cool Down (2012)
Jeff Brinkman “Ordinary Day” from Strange (2012)
Keith Oxman “All Dudes” from Doing All Right (2009)