Let me start by saying that my girlfriend is a blues junkie and it is because of her that I’m writing about blues in Colorado. We recently went out to catch some local blues bands. I started writing a critique about what I saw on stage. She disapproved. I started over.

Blues is well over a hundred years old. Today, it’s like that old dog-eared novel that you pull out for comfort. You no longer really read it for the detail; instead you put it on for the feels, like a throw blanket on the coach that should have been discarded years ago but is too comfortable to let go.

And, artists keep chasing it – the feels – the groove – the “blues.”

Most of what passes for blues bands in Colorado today are backyard concert party bands playing in small bar and grills and, well, backyard parties and suburban centers and events attended by aging boomers and GenX parents, grandparents and pre-tween kids swingin’ on the grass.

Despite that outlook, there are some stellar blues players capable of capturing broader attention given the right set of circumstances: Some of whom are award winners playing to national and international audiences.

When it comes to blues in Colorado music history, some notable names and organizations come to mind.

Judy Roderick – A University of Colorado student, Judy signed with Columbia and Vanguard Records and released two albums; Ain’t Nothin’ but the Blues (1964) and Woman Blue (1965). She also founded and fronted 60,000,000 Buffalo, a Denver based funky blues-rock band that broke up after one album, Nevada Jukebox, in 1973.

Candy Givens emerged with the band Zephyr in 1969. Powered by the hard rock blues guitar of Tommy Bolin, Zephyr put out two well received blues-rock albums before pivoting stylistically in subsequent albums. Tommy Bolin and Zephyr were inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame in 2019.

Although not strictly speaking a blues artist at the time, award winning finger style guitarist Mary Flower moved to Colorado in 1972 and became an instrumental part of Swallow Hill Music and the Blues Foundation’s Blues In the Schools program.

Mary moved to Oregon in 2004, and was the Blues Music Award nominee for Acoustic Artist of The Year in 2008.

Filling the void left by the demise of Zephyr in the early 80s, Big Head Todd and the Monsters embraced blues-rock beginning in the mid-80s. The band would go all in on the blues for two albums as Big Head Blues Club, “100 Years of Robert Johnson” (2011), and “Way Down Inside, the Songs of Willie Dixon” (2016).

Their version of John Lee Hooker‘s classic Boom Boom (Beautiful World, 1997) remains a staple of the band’s live shows today.

The most heavily awarded blues artist in the Colorado blues pantheon is multi-award winner and Colorado Music Hall of Fame inductee Otis Taylor.

In the seventies Otis performed alongside Candy Givens in Zephyr and in the Legendary 4Nikators, another popular Boulder band. Otis left music in 1977 and wouldn’t return until 1997 when he self-released the stunning blues-trance debut When Negroes Walked the Earth.

Otis’ 2008 album Recapturing the Banjo is remarkable, as much for who appears on it as how he reintroduces the banjo as an historical blues instrument.

Other than Otis Taylor, no other significant blues band or artist emerged during the 1990s. Recording was still too expensive for most locally based bands. Exceptions included the late Creighton Holley, Dan Treanor’s band Arclight, David Booker’s Alleygators and Boa and the Constrictors.

Baby boomers now in their mid-thirties to mid-fifties, who grew up on the blues-rock of the 1960s and wanted to escape the deluge of 80s hair-metal bands and 90s grunge, flocked to area bars to catch acts like the Creighton Holley Band, JD & the Love Bandits featuring the late trombonist JD Kelly, the Alleygators, Arclight and Boa and the Constrictors to name a few.

In 1995, under the leadership of David McIntyre, the Colorado Blues Society was formed and opened the door for national and regional blues bands at the growing list of blues specific venues and festivals.

However, it wouldn’t be until the beginning of the 21st century that the next group of blues artists would truly begin to emerge.

To learn more about blues in Colorado, there are two organizations that serve to preserve not only the legacy of blues in Colorado, but also advance it via educational programs: The Colorado Blues Society and the Mile High Blues Society. Please visit and support.

I’ll be back soon for The Blues in Colorado – Part II – the 21st Century

CP S12 EP42 2018

 Monday Nov 5, 2018 – It’s pretty rare that jazz gets featured in the MMMM (Monday Morning Music Meeting) – but this week there are two cuts – one from Jason Klobnak and one from Keith Oxman, who shockingly in this era has no social media or web presence but whose new album is on Spotify.

There were a few cuts not available for this week’s Spotify playlist – so this one runs 1 hour 19 mins.  Enjoy

COMING SOON!  New Brent Loveday & the Dirty Dollars will show up in EP44 of the show.  If you don’t know who Brent Loveday is – look up Reno Divorce.  The new album took several years for Brent to put together, and is one that dives into his alt-country-rock  voice.

105.5 The Colorado Sound & the Colorado Playlist Present:

Brent Cowles w/ special guests Strange Americans at the Bluebird Theater (Denver) Fri, Dec 14

Covenhoven  at Swallow Hill Music (Denver) Fri, Nov 9

Gasoline Lollipops with The Grant Farm at The Fox Theatre (Boulder) New Years Eve, Monday, Dec 31

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – 3 nights! – Dec 28, 29, 31 – Globe Hall

Trout Steak Revival 2 shows…
Fri, Nov 30 at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (Denver)
Sat, Dec 1 at the Aggie Theatre (Fort Collins)

The Railbenders at The Bluebird Theater (Denver), Friday, Dec 21

Wildermiss with Silver & Gold and Ivory Circle at the Downtown Artery (Fort Collins) Friday, November 9

At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.



What you’ll find below are new songs on the show this week … listen  and let me know which ones you think I should keep in the Colorado Playlist, and which I should delete.

NOTE:  In order to be included in the MMMM poll, the band/artist must have an embeddable file on Soundcloud, BandCamp, Reverbnation, Spotify or YouTube.


(D) = debut of lp, ep or single
(N) = new cut from previously debuted lp or ep


Zephyr “High Flying Bird” from Sunset Ride (1972)
(D) WhiteWater Ramble “Hollow (feat. Chris Pandolfi)” from Hollow (2018)
Brent Cowles “Lift Me Up (Leave Me Here)” from Cold Times (2017)
Jeff Finlin “Jesus Was a Motorcycle Man” from Ballad Of A Plain Man (2008)
Ariana Saraha “Maiden of Midnight” from Maiden of Midnight (2015)
Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats “A Little Honey” from Tearing At The Seams (2018)
Blue Canyon Boys “Heartaches Welcome” from Next Go ‘Round (2012)
Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) “Beehive” from The Great Collapse (2009)
Silver And Smoke “Sting Like A Bee” from 30P (2018)
(D) Dayton Stone & the Undertones “Hypnotist” from Dayton Stone & the Undertones (2018)  

 Edison “open road” from Familiar Spirit (2016)
Gasoline Lollipops “Homesick Remedy” from Resurrection (2017)
(D) Jason Klobnak “Through Her Eyes” from Friends and Family (2018)  


Poco “Crazy Love” from The Essential Poco (2005)
(N) Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams “Little Rig” from Hard Core Broken Heart (2018)

 Retrofette “Skeletons” from Skeletons (2017)
The Apples in Stereo “No One in the World” from Travellers in Space and Time (2010)
(D) Pan Astral “Seaside” (2018)  

Darren Garvey “First of the Year” from Heart Attack Sleeves – ep (2018)
Elephant Revival “Rhythm of the Road” from Break in the Clouds (2010)
John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light “Love Is a Shark” from Beautiful Empty (2011)
Jill Sobule “Where do I Begin” from Nostalgia Kills (2018)
(D) Ethyl & the Regulars “I Didn’t Want to Fall” from Honest Work (2018)
Gabrielle Louise “If the Static Clears” from If The Static Clears (2016)
Devotchka “Exhaustible” from 100 Lovers (2011)
(D) Keith Oxman “Afreaka” from Glimpses (2018)

The Colorado Sound S8 EP21 May/June 2014

Sorry for the delay.  Incredibly stupid busy weekend.  And, I am not getting the News Notes & Spins done on time either.  Friday night was Taarka in Lyons.  Saturday night was Johnny O in Longmont.  Sunday was the Colorado Blues Challenge in Golden.  Tonight (Monday) it’s sitting down with Eddie Turner for an upcoming episode of “Offstage …Beyond the Music.”

Thursday night I’ll be in Fort Collins emceeing the Bohemian Nights Thursday Night Concert Series with Musketeer Gripweed.  FREE SHOW … ALL AGES …7PM downbeat.  Be there … gonna be a blast.

Congratulations to Eef & the Blues Express … winners of the 2014 Colorado Blues Challenge (band) and to Cary Morin for winning a 2nd year in a row.  Enjoy the video of Eef winning the prize.  I need to go get the Charts done.  CYA!


(D) Zephyr “Sail On” from Zephyr Deluxe Edition (2014)
Zephyr “Mad Dog” from Heartbeat (1982)
Dusty Drapes & the Dusters “Cielto Lindo” from The Red Album (1981)
String Cheese Incident “Can’t Wait Another Day” from Song In My Head (2014)
(D) Roo & the Howl “Give Me Time” from Me/We (2014)
Flobots “The Circle in the Square” from The Circle in the Square (2012)
Jeff Finlin “Walking On Air” from My Moby Dick (2013)
Ryan D White “We Are The Dreamers” from Something Brilliant Is About to Happen (2014)
Euforquestra “Solutions” from Fire (2014)
Musketeer Gripweed “Nine Pound Hammer” from Floods and Fires (2014)
Aakash Mittal Quartet “Density” from Thumbs Up (2013)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Smokestack Lighnin’” from Rocksteady (2010)
(N) Big Head Todd & The Monsters “I Get Smooth” from Black Beehive (2014)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “Viceroy Filter King” from Always Say Please and Thank You (2000)
(D) Gipsy Moon “Seven Seas” from Eventide (2013)
John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light “Same Scar” from Beautiful Empty (2011)
(N) OneRepublic “Love Runs Out” from Native (2013)
Big Gigantic “The Night Is Young (feat. Cherub)” from The Night Is Young (2014)
Churchill “The War Within” from War Within EP (2013)
The Swayback “Lost Lake Woods Club” from Double Four Time (2012)
Head for The Hills “Never Does” from Blue Ruin (2013)
Justin Roth “Rise” from Rise (2013)
Cassie Taylor “No Ring Blues” from Out Of My Mind (2013)
Jim Stranahan “Loco” from Free For All (2010)

News Notes and Spins – Nov. 1, 2012

Tia Fuller, Katie Herzig, Sera Cahoone, Corey Harris, Jill Sobule, Phillip Bailey, and India.Arie, among others, all have one thing in common… they are all original Colorado natives who moved to other places… Sera to Seattle.  Tia to NYC.  Katie to Nashville.  India.Arie to Atlanta, Philip and Jill to Los Angeles… Corey first to Maine and then to Virginia.  They’re not the only ones — artists move to or move from here all the time.  Dan Fogelberg, Joe Cocker, John Denver, Glenn Frey, John Oates, Richie Furay, Stephen Stills, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Tommy Bolin, and countless others have lived here… some for a couple of years, others longer; some are still here.

No one has told the story better than legendary former local rock critic, radio dj, local music historian and author, and current Colorado Music Hall of fame director G. Brown, whose book “Colorado Rocks!: A Half-Century of Music in Colorado” is a must have for anyone even casually interested in what’s gone on here musically much of the past 60 years now.  Expect to pay a few times what it originally sold for however.  The book has been out of print for at least a few years now and very good to excellent condition editions can run you $50-75 +/- …I’ve seen wrapped editions listed for upwards of $125.

Occasionally, an album from one of these artists shows up on our monthly charts.  Most recently it’s been Tia Fuller’s wonderful new album “Angelic Warrior,” which features resident and native jazz great Dianne Reeves on one vocal track, “Body and Soul.”  Katie Herzig’s latest has shown up here and there as well the past year, as has the O’Brien Party of Seven release that features former Colorado resident Tim O’Brien with sister and current Colorado residents Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore and their kids.

Columbine High School (Littleton) graduate Sera Cahoone is an accomplished singer-songwriter on the Sub Pop label out of Seattle, where she moved when she was 21.   Her latest, “Deer Creek Canyonhas been picking up some spins at KUNC and KRCC and I have no doubt will continue to pick up spins throughout the state in the coming couple of months.

The question is always, do we include those who grew up here as kids, went to our local schools, and maybe our colleges and universities, and then moved on to other places?  KUNC’s music director, Benji McPhail, made it a point – when he emailed me that they had put Sera’s new album in rotation as a Colorado artist release.   Sera’s new album, “Deer Creek Canyon” is all about the place she grew up, and where her mom still lives.  Sera may have moved to Seattle years ago, as a young woman seeking her own life and stories, but has remained a much loved native Coloradoan with a great musical story of her own to tell – largely influenced by her life and experiences here.

Still, some folks contend that unless an artist is actually living here and contributing to the live music scene they cannot justifiably be considered a “local” artist.  IF that’s the case there are a lot of acts we would have to consider as long gone and no longer local… including the likes of the Apples in Stereo (Kentucky) or Slim Cessna (Rhode Island) or Todd Park Mohr (Chicago) … hmmmm … yeah, no.  😉

Speaking of Coloradoans who were not born here, but were raised here, went to school here, and are as much as part of who we are as anyone – legendary jazz guitarist, Denver East High School grad, and University of Northern Colorado alum Bill Frisell (born in Baltimore) has teamed up with local jazz trumpeter and Denver University alum Ron Miles (born in Indianapolis) for an exquisite album called “Quiver.”  As adventurous as it is, I expect it will do well with jazz djs around the state in November and December – watch for it.


OpenAir 1340 on air personality and web director Brandee Castle has left her post at Colorado Public Radio.  CPR will be listing her open position on their employment page within the next couple weeks.  However, she will still be involved with OpenAir in some capacity in the future so it’s not a true goodbye.

OpenAir’s First Birthday Bash will take place at the Hi-Dive in Denver on November 9th at 9pm.  Meet the OpenAir hosts and catch live performances from A. Tom Collins, Flashbulb Fires, and Bonnie and the Beard.  Since OpenAir launched on Oct. 31, 2011, more than 80 bands, most of which have Colorado ties, have visited CPR’s Performance Studio to record their music and talk with OpenAir hosts, making them a leader in promoting music from here in Colorado on broadcast radio.

KBUT (Crested Butte) has hired a new general manager/executive director.

Okay — Time for an experiment.  I got served notice recently that it would be nice if I linked each entry to a website where folks could check out the music … that’d be a bit more time consuming than I’d prefer, so here’s a link to a playlist I have up on Spotify that features a lot of this month’s Top 40 most spun titles.  You will need a Spotify account for this to work.

VIDEO PLAYLIST This month’s video playlist begins with a classic from Victoria Woodworth, recorded at Caribou Ranch in 1980.  It also includes a new video and song from Jeff Finlin, a new video from Chris Daniels, along with Flobots, The Yawpers, The Epilogues, Churchill, SHEL, Sofie Reed, a live performance video from Leftover Salmon, Achille Lauro, and Petals of Spain.


(278 titles tracked / 159 titles reported as played)
(LM) TM Genre/format [added]
(D) = debut, first time on chart
(R) = re-entered chart

(2) 1. The Lumineers – The Lumineers (Dualtone) Indie/New Alternative [Mar-12]
(13) 2. Bop Skizzum – Coloradical (self) Urban Contemporary / Modern Rock [Sep-12]
(D) 3. Esme Patterson – All Princes, I (Greater Than Collective) Indie/New Alternative [Sep-12]
(4) 4. Chris Daniels – Better Days (self) Americana / AAA  [Jul-12] *
(12) 5. Chris Thompson & Coral Creek String Band – Forty Years (self) Americana / bluegrass [Sep-12] *
(14) 6. The Knew – Man Monster (self) Alternative Rock / AOR [Jun-12]
(3) 7. Leftover Salmon – Aquatic Hitchhiker (LoS Records) Americana/AAA [Apr-12]
(R) 8. Strange Americans – A Royal Battle (self) AOR / AAA [Jun-12]
(1) 9. The Yawpers – Capon Crusade (self) AOR / AAA / Alternative Rock [Sep-12]
(D) 10. The Epilogues – Cinematics (Greater Than Collective) Indie/New Alternative [Oct-12]
(22) 11. Achille Lauro – Flight or Flight (Hot Congress Records) Indie/New Alternative [Mar-12]
(16) 12. Churchill – The Change EP (A&M/Octone) AAA/adult alternative  [Mar-12]
(5) 13. Grant Farm – The Grant Farm (self) Americana/alt-country-rock [Mar-12]
(18) 13. Katie Glassman – Snapshot (self) Americana /country-swing [Jan-12] *
(15) 14. The Haunted Windchimes – Out with the Crow (Blank Tape) Folk/Americana [Apr-12]
(8) 15. The Swayback – Double Four Time (self) Alternative/Modern Rock [Mar-12]
(7) 16. Danielle Ate The Sandwich – {like a king} ( Youngest Daughter Records) Folk/Americana [May-12]
(27) 17. Tennis – Young & Old (Fat Possum) Indie/New Alternative [Feb-12]
(D) 18. Wovenhand – The Laughing Stalk (Sound Familyre) Indie/New Alternative [Sep-12]
(D) 19. I’m With Her – Songs We Said Goodbye To (Boss Koala Records) Americana/AAA [Oct-12]
(D) 20. Beats Noir! – Where the Sun Goes Down (self) Urban Contemporary / Modern Rock [Oct-12]
(25) 21. Flobots – The Circle In the Square (self) Urban Contemporary / Modern Rock [Aug-12]
(9) 22. Sofie Reed – Simplicity Chased Trouble Away (self) Blues [Aug-12] *
(D) 23. Tia Fuller – Angelic Warrior (Mack Avenue) Jazz [Sep-12]
(10) 24. Ending People – Fill Your Lungs (Cash Cow Productions) Indie/New Alternative [Aug-12]
(R) 25. Robert Cline, Jr. – All the Right Reasons (Mockingbird Records) Americana/country-folk [May-12] *
(R) 26. Longest Day of the Year – Turn Into the Ground (self) Americana/alt-country-rock [Nov-11]
(R) 27. The Congress – Whatever You Want (self) AAA/AOR [Apr-12]
(D) 28. Chris Malley and Bob Schlesinger – Split Shot (self) Jazz [Oct-12]
(21) 28. Jeff Brinkman – Strange (self) AAA/AOR [Aug-12]
(20) 29. Chimney Choir – (ladder) (self) AAA/Adult Alternative [Mar-12]
(6) 29. O’Brien Party of 7 – Reincarnation, The Songs of Roger Miller (Howdy Skies Music) AAA/Americana [Jun-12]
(22) 29. Raincheck – Raincheck (Dazzle Recordings) Jazz [May-12]
(31) 30. Petals of Spain – Late Night Visitor (self) AAA [Sep-11]
(R) 31. Flashbulb Fires – Gasconader (self) Indie/New Alternative [May-12]
(11) 31. Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams – Live at Hodi’s (self) Americana/alt-country [Jan-12]
(23) 31. SHEL – SHEL (Moraine Records / Mad King Records) Folk/AAA [Aug-12]
(R) 32. Mama Lenny & the Remedy – Punches and Hugs (self) Rhythm and Blues (Apr-12)
(D) 33. Science Partner – Rocky Mountain News (Hot Congress Records) Indie/New Alternative [Sep-12]
(R) 34. Head for the Hills – Live (self) Americana/bluegrass [May-12]

Beats Noir! – Where the Sun Goes Down
Boa & the Constrictors – Married to the Blues
Bonnie and the Beard – Cascavel
Bronze – Snake Oil
Calder’s Revolvers – Steady By Your Side
Chris Malley and Bob Schlesinger – Split Shot
Elephant Revival – It’s Alive
Gasoline Lollipops – Dawn
Greyweather – Greyweather
I’m With Her – Songs We Said Goodbye To
Jill Brzezicki – The Horizon
Jonny Barber & the Rhythm Razors – Golden Plates
Leslie Brown – Tenderly
Meet the Giant – The Polymer EP
Polarity – King of Hearts
Prettymouth – Satan in Clothes
Rich With Friends – One Step Closer
School Knights – FRE​(​EP)
Shawn Waggoner – Goodbye Raven
Stray Grass – Written in the Stars
String Cheese Incident – Can’t Wait Another Day [single]
Ten Pound Elephant – Ten Pound Elephant EP
The Babysitters – Have A Seat
The Epilogues – Cinematics
Trichome – Trichome EP

7. Bad Weather California – Sunkissed
13. Coles Whalen – I Wrote this for You
17. El Toro De La Muerte – Dancer These Days
19. Otis Taylor – Otis Taylor’s Contraband
20. The Moetones – Lowbrow
24. The Royal – Forever
26. Mosey West – Merica
28. John Oates Band – The Bluesville Sessions
29. Bonnie & The Clydes – Wrong Side Up
30. Katie Herzig – The Waking Sleep
30. Susannah Thompson – Watch Me Fly
31. Great American Taxi – Paradise Lost
32. Carbon Choir – Sakhalin
32. Fred Hess Big Band – Speak
32. Lindsay & the Lost Caravan – You Don’t Know Me


KAFM (Grand Junction)
1. Leftover Salmon – Aquatic Hitchhiker
1. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
2. Grant Farm – The Grant Farm
3. Chris Thompson & Coral Creek String Band – Forty Years *
4. 4H Royalty – Where UFOs Go To Die

KBUT (Crested Butte)
1. Chris Daniels – Better Days *
2. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
3. Halden Wofford & the HI Beams – Live at Hodi’s
4. Katie Glassman – Snapshot *
5. Grant Farm – The Grant Farm

KDNK (Carbondale) HOT SPINS
Grant Farm – The Grant Farm
Leftover Salmon – Aquatic Hitchhiker
O’Brien Party of 7 – Reincarnation, The Songs of Roger Miller
The Haunted Windchimes – Out with the Crow
The Lumineers – The Lumineers

A Shoreline Dream – “333”
Air Dubai – Be Calm
Euforquestra – Let Us In
Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams – Live at Hodi’s
The Moetones – Lowbrow

KGNU (Boulder)
1. O’Brien Party of 7 – Reincarnation, The Songs of Roger Miller
1. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
2. Grant Farm – The Grant Farm
3. Chris Daniels – Better Days *
3. Danielle Ate The Sandwich – {like a king}

KRCC (Colorado Springs)
1. Leftover Salmon – Aquatic Hitchhiker
2. Mango fan Django – Indigo Dreams
2. The Haunted Windchimes – Out with the Crow
2. The Yawpers – Capon Crusade
3. Chris Daniels – Better Days *

KRFC (Fort Collins)
1. Esme Patterson – All Princes, I
2. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
3. The Yawpers – Capon Crusade
4. Bonnie & The Clydes – Wrong Side Up
4. Robert Cline, Jr. – All the Right Reasons *

KUNC (Greeley)
1. The Lumineers –    The Lumineers
2. Danielle Ate The Sandwich – {like a king}
2. Zach Heckendorf – The Cool Down
3. Catch Bees – Newman’s Open Choir
3. Churchill – The Change EP

KUVO (Denver)
1. Tia Fuller – Angelic Warrior
2. Fred Hess Big Band – Speak
3. Eric Gunnison – Trios
3. Polarity – King of Hearts
4. Raincheck – Raincheck

KVNF (Paonia)
1. The Haunted Windchimes – Out with the Crow
2. Grant Farm – The Grant Farm
2. The Swayback – Double Four Time
3. Andy Thorn – Fire In The Sky
3. The Lumineers – The Lumineers

OPEN AIR 1340 (Denver)
1. Esme Patterson – All Princes, I
2. Wovenhand – The Laughing Stalk
3. Flobots – The Circle In the Square
4. The Yawpers – Capon Crusade
5. The Lumineers – The Lumineers

The Colorado Sound
1. Bop Skizzum – Coloradical
2. Strange Americans – A Royal Battle
3. Chris Thompson & Coral Creek String Band – Forty Years *
3. I’m With Her – Songs We Said Goodbye To
4. Beats Noir! – Where the Sun Goes Down


1. Chris Daniels – Better Days *
2. Chris Thompson & Coral Creek String Band – Forty Years *
3. Leftover Salmon – Aquatic Hitchhiker
4. Grant Farm – The Grant Farm
4. Katie Glassman – Snapshot *

Blues/Rhythm & Blues
1. Sofie Reed – Simplicity Chased Trouble Away *
2. Mama Lenny & the Remedy – Punches and Hugs
3. Eef – Bluesalicious
4. Otis Taylor – Otis Taylor’s Contraband
5. John Oates Band – The Bluesville Sessions

Dance/Funk/Hip-Hop/Urban Contemporary
1. Bop Skizzum – Coloradical
2. Flobots – The Circle In the Square
3. Rebel Tongue – Movin’ On
3. Ten Pound Elephant – Ten Pound Elephant EP
4. Air Dubai – Be Calm

1. The Haunted Windchimes – Out with the Crow
2. Danielle Ate The Sandwich – {like a king}
3. I’m With Her – Songs We Said Goodbye To
4. Chimney Choir – (ladder)
5. O’Brien Party of 7 – Reincarnation, The Songs of Roger Miller

Indie/New Alternative
1. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
2. Esme Patterson – All Princes, I
3. Achille Lauro – Flight or Flight
4. Tennis – Young & Old
5. Ending People – Fill Your Lungs

1. Tia Fuller – Angelic Warrior
2. Chris Malley and Bob Schlesinger – Split Shot
3. Raincheck – Raincheck
4. After Midnight – Hit the Jive Jack
5. Fred Hess Big Band – Speak

Pop/Adult Contemporary
1. Petals of Spain – Late Night Visitor
2. Coles Whalen – I Wrote this for You
3. Places – No More Wasted Days
4. Petals of Spain – Lady Luck [single]
5. The Royal – Forever

Rock/AAA/AOR/Modern Rock
1. The Knew – Man Monster
2. Strange Americans – A Royal Battle
3. The Yawpers – Capon Crusade
4. The Epilogues – Cinematics
5. Churchill – The Change EP

* = serviced to radio by Rocky Mountain Music Network

The Colorado Sound – V4 EP40 Oct 2012

LOL … I almost forgot to post this week’s playlist… only thing made me remember was a post or two on my facebook page thanking me for playing some of this week’s new music from Boa & the Constrictors and Eef .. two of the new blues records this month.  This time of year is one of the most exciting for new releases, and this week was no exception.  The Boa & the Constrictors record was an advance, so I can’t share anything from that with you, sorry to say… as is the new Beats Noir! record, “Where the Sun Goes Down,” and I’m With Her‘s “Songs We Said Goodbye To,” which is due to drop officially on Nov 2.

On another note, I’m always looking for great recordings from the past and happen to have come across one I’m hoping to add to the library soon — from an old friend Victoria Woodworth .. check out this video from a recording done at Caribou Ranch in 1980.


Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “Viceroy Filter King” from Always Say Please and Thank You (2000)
Sixteen Horsepower “Black Soul Choir” from Sackcloth ‘n’ Ashes (1996)
Ending People “Beat of My Heart” from Fill Your Lungs (2012)
Flashbulb Fires “Dark Ghost (I’ve Got Arms)” from Gasconader (2012)
Rebel Tongue “Lose Hope” from Movin’ On (2012)
(D) Boa & the Constrictors “Married to the Blues” from Married to the Blues (2012)
(D) Eef “I Ain’t Gonna Wait Forever” from Bluesalicious (2012)
Arliss Nancy “Should’ve Been There” from Simple Machines (2012)
Jon Snodgrass “Remember My Name” from Visitor’s Band (2009)
(D) Shawn Waggoner “Placebo” from Goodbye Raven (2012)

(N) I’m With Her “Lost My Way” from Songs We Said Goodbye To (2012)
Words In Flight “Only A Dream” from Music Is… (2012)
Leftover Salmon “Ain’t Gonna Work” from Euphoria (1997)
Andrew Vogt “Phil Woodshed” from Cats Afoot (2010)
(D) The String Cheese Incident “Can’t Wait Another Day[single] (2012)
Kyle Hollingsworth “She” from Then There’s Now (2009)
Katie Glassman “Bye Bye Boise” from Snapshot (2012)
Robert Cline Jr. “Mockingbird” from All The Right Reasons (2012)
(N) Jeff Brinkman “Halo” from Strange (2012)
Devotchka “The Enemy Guns” from How It Ends (2004)
Achille Lauro “Lightning” from Flight or Flight (2012)
(D) The Babysitters “Gigantic Sunglasses” from Have A Seat (2012)
(D) Beats Noir! “Where the Sun Goes Down” from Where the Sun Goes Down (2013)
Petals of Spain “I Gotta Know” from I Gotta Know (2012)
The Apples in Stereo “Same Old Drag” from New Magnetic Wonder (2007)
Mama Lenny and the Remedy “Dangerous To Touch” from Punches & Hugs (2012)
(N) Chris Malley and Bob Schlesinger “Illegal Snakes” from Split Shot (2012)

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