When I posted yesterday (Jan 25) I didn’t include a Video Pick of the Week.  Truthfully, there hasn’t been much put out yet this year.  Today, however, I came across a video thanks to Westword that’s a message to Denver mayor Hancock about homelessness and the sweeps that have been taking place in Denver.

I cannot relate to what’s going on.  I can only watch – feeling somewhat helpless and guilty in my senior age white lower middle class homeowner lifestyle.

While I’m not a close personal friend, I’ve known Jeff Campbell for many years through his music, theater and advocacy.  I’ve know Jon Shockness aka Kid Astronaut since his days in Air Dubai.

Please share this video.  It’s an important message, not only to Mayor Hancock, but to city leaders all around Colorado who are struggling with folks forced to live in squalor on our streets.  I pray fervently we can ALL work together for a real solution to this tragedy.

If you’re a working member of our music community and you need help, please reach out.  Rocky Mountain Music Relief was established to help in times such as these.  We can’t solve your financial problems but we can offer a little bit of help.  Here’s the link to the aid application.


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