Zephyr – Heartbeat – A Lost Classic

One of the greatest bands in Colorado music history was Zephyr.  By the time lead singer Candy Givens died in 1982, the band was a trio that featured Candy (vox, harmonica), David Givens (bass, guitars), and Eddie Turner (guitar, backup vocals) with a rotating cast of drummers and other sidemen that included Ken Lark, Gordon Ray Pryor Jr, and others.

Along the way from 68-82, the band also featured the likes of Tommy Bolin on guitar, Jock Bartley (Firefall, Gram Parsons) on guitar, Otis Taylor on bass, Eddie Turner on guitar, Bobby Berge on drums and other local heroes.

wpid-img_20140415_084004_674.jpgIn 1982, the band released their final record – “Heartbeat.”  In 1982, Candy died – and with her death, so too the album.  Until now.


eddie turner, chris k, heartbeat recordMonday – April 14, 2014 – Eddie Turner and me at Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids with a sealed original copy of “Heartbeat.”  I’d been waiting for 20 years to get a copy.  As far as I know, I’ll be the first radio dj in CO to play cuts from this album since 1982 – if ever.

Interestingly, the band also recorded a couple of videos, as that was the early years of MTV – and Zephyr was prepared to move into the 80s with Heartbeat …

So, here’s what to expect.  Over the next couple of months “Heartbeat” will be the featured “New Album” of the month selection … for us history types, of course 😉

More to follow so stay tuned.



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A Bit of Colorado Music History in a new album.

Rick Roberts, Richie Furay, and Jock Bartley are three of our most legendary musicians still living, in Colorado today.  They all seem to be staying fairly active.  I’ve been enjoying a new album that each of the three of them appear on – along with drummer Patrick Shanahan.  Thanks to bassist Mike Gallivan for hipping me to this info:  Patrick was in the Soul Survivors, part of the Denver Big 3 with the Moonrakers and Boenzee Cryque.  He also played with Rusty Young in a Country Trio when they were in Jr High. After the Soul Survivors, he went to LA with Randy Meisner and Allen Kemp and became Rick Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band.

I know that Richie is finishing up a new solo album as we speak, and there’s been rumors floating around the scene that Rick has been encouraged to step back in behind the mic and give us some new music.  I have no doubt Jock will be a part of whatever Rick does next.

The album I’ve been enjoying is The Piedbmont Brothers Band – III.  It’s an unusual project in that it’s essentially one guy out of N. Carolina and another from Italy who have teamed up with several notable players to continue the country-rock traditions originated in the 60s by guys like Gram Parsons, Gene Clark, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Poco and others.

Check ’em out … with 5 current or former Coloradoans on board it gets an official Colorado Connection (CC) designation and will get some love on The Colorado Sound…



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