The Colorado Sound S7/EP03 Jan 2013 + AN EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO LINK

What a great b-day weekend … well, in the very least it was very interesting … LOL. Thanks to the many hundreds who visited my FB page and wished me a Happy Birthday – and thank you (not) to my Dr. who has completely freaked the old goat out for at least another two months, while more tests are done to determine if I’m suffering from some “hidden” illness.  Sheesh .. and people wonder why I never go to doctors unless it’s a really bad situation that absolutely requires it.  Anyway… I guess I am starting to show the effects of age, and a oh-so-not-good lifestyle so I guess it’s all good – since I really want to be around another 20 years to do what I most love to do (second only after cuddling my wife, or snuggling with the grand kids).

One of the things I’ve tried to do every week is put together a video playlist for your enjoyment.  Well, instead of doing that this week, I received a very cool offer from Wendy Woo, whose husband Charles presented us with an exclusive that people will only be able to access here at Colorado Music & Radio for the next five days.

I’ve been a fan of Wendy Woo for well over a decade now.  I’ve had the great pleasure of working with her and her various bands over that time in one capacity or another.  So, it really is a tremendous pleasure for me that they invited me to present this video exclusively for those of you who visit this blog every week.  Pls click to enjoy in a new window.  Wendy Woo – Hey Bartender


Eddie Turner “The Wind Cries Mary” from Rise (2005)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Broken Hearted Savior” from Sister Sweetly (1993)
Boa & the Constrictors “I’m Broke” from Married to the Blues (2012)
Mama Lenny and the Remedy “Not A Girl To Keep” from Punches & Hugs (2012)
Darryl Purpose “Dreams of Life” from Next Time Around (2012)
(D) Lindsey Saunders “Take Me Out” from Nothing Normal (2013)
Wendy Woo “Surprise Me” from Gonna Wear Red (2002)
(N) You Me and Apollo “Oh My Molly” from You Me and Apollo (2013)
(D) Carmelita’s Lovers “Nothing” from Ghosts of Our Former Selves (2013)
(D) Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds “Summer Girls” from Round and Round (2013)
a. Tom Collins “Pants Off Dance Off” from Oh NO! (2011)
The Lovely & Talented “Death of The Lover” from The New American Fable (2010)
Andrew Vogt “Phil Woodshed” from Cats Afoot (2010)
Zephyr “Going Back to Colorado” from Going Back to Colorado (1971)
The Delta Sonics “I Gotta Girlfriend” from Never Enough (2009)
(D) Sam Holt Band “Down in Flames” from Southern Angels (2013)
Leftover Salmon “Walkin’ Shoes” from Aquatic Hitchhiker (2012)
I’m With Her “Gonna Be Sad” from I’m With Her (2011)
The Foot. “The Huntress” from Cloud Control EP (2012)
Lion Drome “Curve of the Earth” from Curve of the Earth (2013)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Matter of Time” from Maestro & the Elephant (2013)
Xiren “Everything” from Bullets and Rainbows (2001)
(D) Rob Drabkin “Little Steps” from Little Steps EP (2013)
Lumineers “Big Parade” from The Lumineers (2012)
Raincheck “Right There” from Raincheck (2012)

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