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Monday Feb 4, 2019 – Wendy Woo has a new album coming out.  Normally, that’s no big deal, right?  Wendy has put out a number of records in her award winning career to date.  But, in this case it’s a solo release – the first one since Angels Laughing in 2005.  It also carries a message.  I debuted the first single in this week’s show and it’s the video pick of the week.  If the single is any indication, this could be among the best of what Wendy has put out in her career.

Also in this week’s MMMM = Foxfeather, Anthony Ruptak, and Lucy Daydream.  Coming soon – new music from Thom Chacon, Ryan Dart, Brothers Keeper and more.

105.5 The Colorado Sound & the Colorado Playlist Present:

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers at Lost Lake (Denver) Friday, Feb 8

Daniel Rodriguez  (of Elephant Revival) With Jay & Mimi of Fruition
at the Fox Theater (Boulder) Wed, Feb 14

Gasoline Lollipops at The Gothic Theater (Denver) Fri, Feb 22

The Widow’s Bane at The Bluebird Theater (Denver) Thr, March 7 2019


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The Immigrant is Westword Music Hall of Fame winner Wendy Woo’s first solo acoustic album since 2005.  While I can only imagine what the album will be about based on the title, The Weather gives us a clue.  It also stands up as among the best things that Wendy has done in her career.


Don’t forget to let me know if there’s something I should be playing on the show.  I scour Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp to find you the freshest new music from around the state – hope you’ll help out by voting to KEEP or DELETE the new music shares in the MMMM each week.

(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist exclusive premier


The Monocles “Psychedellic (That’s Where it’s At)” (1966)
Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids “Good Times, Rock & Roll” from Best of Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids (2010)
(P) Wendy Woo “The Weather” from The Immigrant (2019) 

Dragondeer “When I See You” from If You Got the Blues (2018)
Mama Lenny and the Remedy “Desire” from Rain Fire (2016)
(N) Foxfeather “Clap Hands” (2018)

Mojomama “The Big Easy” from Red White And Blues (2018)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “Children of the Lord” from Cipher (2008)
Musketeer Gripweed “End of the day” from Floods and Fires (2014)
(D) Luna Shade “Ocean Kiss” from Birds of a Feather (2019)
Brent Cowles “Cold Times” from Cold Times (2017)
Megan Burtt “Restless” from The Bargain (2015)
Paul Mullikin “Minor Profits” from Time Is Now (2014)


Poco “C’mon (Live)” from The Essential Poco (2005)
(D) Daniel Rodriquez “Colorado” (2019)
Darren Garvey “Heart Attack Sleeves” from Heart Attack Sleeves – ep (2018)
The Hustle Kings “For What It’s Worth (Again)” from Stand Up (Let Love Be Your Guide) (2017)
(N) Anthony Ruptak “Animal Damages” from A Place That Never Changes (2019)  

Andy Eppler “We Build the Gods” (2018)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Beautiful” from Rocksteady (2010)
Drew Emmitt “Gypsy In My Soul” from Long Road (2008)
(D) Lucy Daydream “Dizzy”(2019)

Oxeye Daisy “Darling Boy” from Oxeye Daisy (2018)
Petals of Spain “Good Life” from Daydream (2017)
Peter Sommer “The fruit” from Crossroads (2008)

The Colorado Sound – S7/EP08 March 2013

grizzly goat adamsHi.  New Instagram shot … shows my “Grizzly Goat Adams” side my wife says … LOL .  Ok…not much time to sit and chat this morning.  The monthly news, notes, and Top 40 is now 2 days past schedule, and I’m only hoping I’ll get it done sometime today (Sunday March 3).  In the meantime I received more new music this past week than I had time to listen to.  But I did manage to get a fair amount into the show again this week.  Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case, not everything you hear this week will be heard again sometime soon.  I’ve already got 342 songs curated for 2013, and I’m not done importing.  I have 538 in catalog from 2012.  I’ll be doing some weeding this week to be sure.

In the meantime … news … Wendy Woo had surgery yesterday.  A late night post from her husband Charles Snyder while I was at the Skylark doing sound for Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams caught my attention… he told me in a follow up “she had to have surgery on her vocal cords to remove polyps. She had to cancel her next twelve shows which she’s really bumbed about, however the surgery went well and she should be back in a couple of months.”  Good luck to Wendy.  She’s been a staple in our scene for over a decade now, and continues to be a crowd favorite.

Speaking of Halden Wofford and the Hi*Beams – they spent the day yesterday, and will be back spending the day today, at Might Fine Productions finishing tracks for their upcoming new release.  The guys are really excited, and based on what I’ve heard of new material done live it will be another fan favorite.  Don’t expect a lengthy song list this time though – this will be a “smaller” batch of songs and there may be <hint fellows> vinyl in the offering (?).    Also finishing up mixing for a new album at Colin Bricker’s place => Lionel Young Band … bassist Kim Stone blasted out Thursday “Mixing the new Lionel Young Band CD at MFP Studio’s.”  Nice 🙂

Bumped into Kerry and Paul from the Informants last night also … could a new EP be in the making???

Birthday wishes this week to:  Jazz vocalist Erienne Romaine (22).  CJ Nicolai (Reckless Red).  Greta Cornet (FoCoMA, Road 34, 3 Twins Broadband, 12 Cents for Marvin, Mama Lenny & the Remedy). Rebecca Folsom (50).  Chris Citrus Sautoff  (Swallow Hill instructor and all around funk-meister guitarist and sitarist). Pianist Jon Wirtz (33).  Bassist Glenn Tapia (44).  And Colorado native and songstress Katie Herzig is celebrating… congrats to all our friends and family in the scene celebrating one great year of life among us.

I think that’s it … now for our Video Pick of the Week … and the Playlist … the NEWS NOTES & SPINS column should be up tonight … tomorrow morning at the latest, I promise.



Beast “Spaceman” from “Beast” (1969)
The Samples “Close to the Fires” from Samples (1990)
(D) The Centennial “Meantime” from Nervous System (2013) Elephant Revival “Quill Pen Feather” from It’s Alive (2012)
Pete Kartsounes “Believer” from The Only Way I Know (2011)
Katya Chorover “Little Bird” from Big Big Love (2012)
Strange Americans “Roses On Ice” from A Royal Battle (2012)
Arliss Nancy “Should’ve Been There” from Simple Machines (2012)
Lionel Young Band “Drivin’ Wheel” from On Our Way to Memphis (2011)
Fox Street Allstars “Saturday Night” from Tough Talk (2013)
(D) Confluence “Stay” from I Haven’t Really Been Living (2013)
Raincheck “Right There” from Raincheck (2012)
Earth, Wind & Fire “Reasons” from That’s the Way of the World (1975)
Zuba “Planet Of Love” from South of Eden (1999)
(D) Nina Storey “Think Twice” from Think Twice (2013)
You Me and Apollo “Oh My Molly” from You Me and Apollo (2012)
El Toro de la Muerte “God Alone” from Dancer These Days (2011)
(N) Jeremy Dion “Halleluhjah” from Golden Some Day (2013)
(N) Dennis Wanebo “Running on Gravity” from Running On Gravity (2013)
(D) Andy Palmer “The Monk” from Hazard of the Die (2013)(N) WhiteWater Ramble “Standard Deviation” from Roots & Groove (2013)
(D) Paper Bird “As I Am” from Rooms (2013)
Born in The Flood “If This Thing Should Spill” from If this Thing Should Spill (2007)
Esme Patterson “Jessica” from All Princes, I (2012)
Chris Malley and Bob Schlesinger “Illegal Snakes” from Split Shot (2012)

The Colorado Sound S7/EP03 Jan 2013 + AN EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO LINK

What a great b-day weekend … well, in the very least it was very interesting … LOL. Thanks to the many hundreds who visited my FB page and wished me a Happy Birthday – and thank you (not) to my Dr. who has completely freaked the old goat out for at least another two months, while more tests are done to determine if I’m suffering from some “hidden” illness.  Sheesh .. and people wonder why I never go to doctors unless it’s a really bad situation that absolutely requires it.  Anyway… I guess I am starting to show the effects of age, and a oh-so-not-good lifestyle so I guess it’s all good – since I really want to be around another 20 years to do what I most love to do (second only after cuddling my wife, or snuggling with the grand kids).

One of the things I’ve tried to do every week is put together a video playlist for your enjoyment.  Well, instead of doing that this week, I received a very cool offer from Wendy Woo, whose husband Charles presented us with an exclusive that people will only be able to access here at Colorado Music & Radio for the next five days.

I’ve been a fan of Wendy Woo for well over a decade now.  I’ve had the great pleasure of working with her and her various bands over that time in one capacity or another.  So, it really is a tremendous pleasure for me that they invited me to present this video exclusively for those of you who visit this blog every week.  Pls click to enjoy in a new window.  Wendy Woo – Hey Bartender


Eddie Turner “The Wind Cries Mary” from Rise (2005)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Broken Hearted Savior” from Sister Sweetly (1993)
Boa & the Constrictors “I’m Broke” from Married to the Blues (2012)
Mama Lenny and the Remedy “Not A Girl To Keep” from Punches & Hugs (2012)
Darryl Purpose “Dreams of Life” from Next Time Around (2012)
(D) Lindsey Saunders “Take Me Out” from Nothing Normal (2013)
Wendy Woo “Surprise Me” from Gonna Wear Red (2002)
(N) You Me and Apollo “Oh My Molly” from You Me and Apollo (2013)
(D) Carmelita’s Lovers “Nothing” from Ghosts of Our Former Selves (2013)
(D) Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds “Summer Girls” from Round and Round (2013)
a. Tom Collins “Pants Off Dance Off” from Oh NO! (2011)
The Lovely & Talented “Death of The Lover” from The New American Fable (2010)
Andrew Vogt “Phil Woodshed” from Cats Afoot (2010)
Zephyr “Going Back to Colorado” from Going Back to Colorado (1971)
The Delta Sonics “I Gotta Girlfriend” from Never Enough (2009)
(D) Sam Holt Band “Down in Flames” from Southern Angels (2013)
Leftover Salmon “Walkin’ Shoes” from Aquatic Hitchhiker (2012)
I’m With Her “Gonna Be Sad” from I’m With Her (2011)
The Foot. “The Huntress” from Cloud Control EP (2012)
Lion Drome “Curve of the Earth” from Curve of the Earth (2013)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Matter of Time” from Maestro & the Elephant (2013)
Xiren “Everything” from Bullets and Rainbows (2001)
(D) Rob Drabkin “Little Steps” from Little Steps EP (2013)
Lumineers “Big Parade” from The Lumineers (2012)
Raincheck “Right There” from Raincheck (2012)

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