CP S13 EP17 2019

Monday April 22, 2019

Got pretty lucky this past week, being able to premier a new Drunken Hearts single, that will not be on their upcoming album due out this fall and is also NOT available online as of today to share.  I also debuted new tracks from Avifauna and Izcalli that are, as of today, not available online.  So, there are three new tracks to vote to either KEEP or DELETE in this week’s MMMM.

If you have no set plans for this weekend, I hope you’ll head into Fort Collins for the 11th annual FoCOMX – the Fort Collins Music Experiment.  This year there will be over 350 acts performing in more than 30 “venues.”  Expect anything and everything.  My band, GOATZ!, will be at Tap and Handle on Friday at 6:45PM.

Coming next week on the Colorado Playlist and available NOW on Spotify – a new single, Morning Train, from Grant Farm; the new video drops this Wednesday April 24 in Relix.  Disclosure = Grant Farm is a Rocky Mountain Music Network client band.

105.5 The Colorado Sound & the Colorado Playlist Present:

The Grant Farm with Drew Emmitt (of Leftover Salmon) – Fox Theater Friday, May 31
Ivory Circle + a string quartet – 
Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox Friday, June 7
Trout Steak Revival – Sat, Jul 6 @ The Mishawaka Amphitheatre


April 26 – FoCOMX – Tap and Handle 6:45PM
May 3 – Tasty Weasel – Longmont 5PM
May 12 – Washington’s FoCO opening for Blackhawk
May 26 – Mile High Flea Market 12pm-3pm

At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.


Nikki Giron is one of Denver’s many fine up and coming young artists, and she’s a student in my music business entrepreneurship class at UCD this semester.  A cool jazz voice, a sax player, keyboardist and composer, “Heart Behind Bars” dropped last month and I am just now getting around to featuring it here.


Let me know if there’s something you think I should play.  Email coloradoplaylist@gmail.com

(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist exclusive premier


Rare Silk “American Eyes” from American Eyes (1985)
(D) Erica Papillion-Posey “My Heart My Ache” from Better Angels (2019)

Scott Martin “Do-re-mi” from Alone At Sunset (2018)
(D) Shovels & Rope “Carry Me Home” from My Blood (2019)

Hunter James & the Titantic “Church” from The Z-Axis (2019)
Five Iron Frenzy “Boomerang” from Between Pavement and Stars (2015)
Rob Drabkin “Hope in a Hopeless World” from Little Steps EP (2013)
Lucy Daydream “Dizzy” from Awake & Dreaming (2019)
(D) Nancy Just “Catch and Release” from Alchemized (2019)

Andy Eppler “We Build the Gods” (2018)
Still Tide “Signal Fade” from Run Out (2017)
Jason Klobnak Quartet “My August Auburn” from FRIENDS & FAMILY (2018)


Chris Daniels & the Kings “Is My Love Enough” from Is My Love Enough (1993)
(P) The Drunken Hearts “Last Shot” (2019)
Andy Sydow “Reasons for Departure” from Reasons for Departure (2018)
Patti Fiasco “Saved by Rock and Roll” from Saved By Rock and Roll (2016)
(D) Avifauna “Safety” (2019)
Kaitlyn Williams “Rain” from Sunset (2019)
The Samples “Tom Joad” from Return to Earth (2001)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Spanish Highway” from All the Love You Need (2008)
Trash Cat “Robot Girlfriend” from Welcome to Trash City (2019)
(D) iZCALLI “Silverspoon” (2019)
The SIR Band “Wading” from So Cold (2018)
Blue Rider “Lightning” from Year Of The Horse (2016)
Peter Sommer “Looks Like This” from Tremolo Canteen (2010)


CP S13 EP10 2019

Monday March 4, 2019

If you missed it, I put the interview with Eddie Roberts in the Offstage …Beyond the Music page along with the interview with the folks from Sustain Music & Nature.  There are more interviews coming, including one with the legendary singer-songwriter and author Rick Roberts (Firefall, Flying Burrito Brothers).  Each episode will be be about 20 minutes long.

It was a great year for Colorado’s blues artists and venues in 2018.  These are the Colorado Blues Society Member Choice Award winners.  Congratulations to everyone.

    • Favorite Female Vocalist—Erica Brown
    • Favorite Male Vocalist—Rex Peoples
    • Favorite Guitarist—Jasco Duende
    • Favorite Slide Guitarist—AJ Fullerton
    • Favorite Harmonica—Nic Clark
    • Favorite Bassist—Todd Edmunds
    • JD Kelly Favorite Horns—The Chris Daniels Horns-Jim Waddell and Darryl “Doody” Abrahamson
    • Favorite Keyboardist—Scott Hackler
    • Favorite Drummer—Kyle Borthick
    • Favorite (Other)—Lionel Young (Violin)
    • Favorite Songwriter—Tie–Cary Morin, Eef
    • Favorite Blues Band—Mojomama
    • Favorite Acoustic Act—AJ Fullerton
    • Favorite Solo/Duo—Tie–Scott Hackler, AJ Fullerton
    • John Catt Young Performer Award—Grace Kuch
    • Favorite Blues Jam—Rusty Bucket
    • Favorite Festival—Greeley Blues Jam
    • Favorite Blues Club—Rusty Bucket
    • Favorite Club for Dancing—Nissi’s,
    • Favorite Local Recording—Cass Clayton Band, “Cass Clayton Band”

A reminder – the new email address is coloradoplaylist@gmail.com.  I post reminders and other tidbits of information via social media.  Like the Colorado Playlist on Facebook and Twitter.

105.5 The Colorado Sound & the Colorado Playlist Present:

Covenhoven with Kid Reverie – Friday, April 19 at E-Town Hall (Boulder)

SLOW CAVES (Album Release) / One Flew West / Gestalt – Saturday March 23 at Globe Hall (Denver)

The Subdudes for 2 shows Washington’s FoCo – Friday, April 5 and Boulder Theater – Saturday, April 6

The Widow’s Bane at The Bluebird Theater (Denver) Thr, March 7 2019


At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.



Let me know if there’s something you think I should play.  Email coloradoplaylist@gmail.com

(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist exclusive premier


Firefall “Strange Way” from Elan (1978)
(D) Bison Bone “Cryin’ Shame” from Take Up the Trouble (2019)

A J Fullerton “Highway 285” from Kalamath (2017)
SHEL “You Could Be My Baby” from Just Crazy Enough (2016)
(N) Blue Street Walls “Screenplay” from Like A Child (2019)

Jeremy Dion “Evangeline” from More Lately (2019)
Kan’nal “Walk With Me” from Myth Magic (2008)
Subdudes “Poor Man’s Paradise” from Street Symphony (2007)
(D) Silver & Gold “Feel A Little Closer” from Color (2019)
Brent Cowles “Lift Me Up (Leave Me Here)” from Cold Times (2017)
Greensky Bluegrass “Do It Alone” from All For Money (2019)
Ben Haugland “A Weaver of Dreams” from A Million Dreams (2015)


The Moonrakers “I Don’t Believe” from Anthology (2007)
The Astronauts “Movin’” from Surf Series: With the Astronauts (1964)
(D) Veronique Van Pelt “So Reached My Heart” from Nonesuch EP (2019)
Wildermiss “Carry Your Heart” from Lost With You (2017)
The Yawpers “Child of Mercy” from Human Question (2019)
(N) Hunter James & the Titantic “The Game” from The Z-Axis (2019)

Coral Creek “I Gotta Move” from Free Dog (2019)
String Cheese Incident “Up the Canyon” from Outside Inside (2001)
Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams “Hippie in My House” from Midnight Rodeo (2006)
Edison “Take Me Home” from Lion’s Heart EP (2018)
(D) Mama Magnolia “White Flag” from Mama Magnolia Pt. 1 (2019)

Analog Son “Ain’t Lyin (feat. Jonathan “Skippy” Huvard)” from Black Diamond (2017)
Plum “Light Years, Dark Years” from Light Years, Dark Years (2016)
Jeff Jenkins Organization Heavy Eddie from The Arrival (2015)

Colorado Playlist – S11 EP21

SUMMER is officially in full swing, which of course means I’m busier than all get out.  And so are you LOL.  Last Thursday I hosted the first Bohemian Nights Thursday Night Live Series in Old Town Square Fort Collins, with SHEL.  It’s one of the most ideal settings in Northern Colorado, and over 1000 enthusiastic fans were out in force to support the girls.

This week I get the pleasure of hosting my friends in the Blue Canyon Boys on the Old Town Square stage.

Saturday I hosted the Poudre River Fest for the second time in a row – the lineup was great with the Patti Fiasco and Gasoline Lollipops anchoring the top of the bill.

SHEL at Bohemian Nights Thursday Night Live

SUNDAY was a somewhat special day … I attended my first CHUN People’s Fair in 4 years, when I retired as main stage manager, official emcee and as a member of the PF steering committee.

CHUN no longer produces the event.  It’s also considerably scaled down from years past.  When I first became involved with PF at the turn of the century, over 120 acts performed on five stages.  Today, only a couple dozen acts appear on two stages – and for the first time, national level acts made their way onto the main stage.  All things considered the smaller event came off extremely well – and the weather for once was not an impediment for folks to come out for the weekend.


What you’ll find below are new songs on the show this week … listen  and let me know which ones you think I should keep in the Colorado Playlist, and which I should delete.

NOTE:  In order to be included in the MMMM poll, the band/artist must have an embeddable file available on SoundCloud, BandCampReverbnation or YouTube.


(D) = debut of lp, ep or single
(N) = new cut from previously debuted lp or ep


Gary Stites “Lonely for You” (1960)
Dean Reed “Our Summer Romance” (1960)
(D) Zach Heckendorf “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” from Artifacts (2017)
Chimney Choir “Union Station” from Boomtown (2015)
Danielle Ate the Sandwich “Just Human” from The Terrible Dinner Guest (2016)
(D) Maya Bennett “No Eyes” from More of Less (2016) 

The Fray “Singing Low” from Through the Years: The Best of the Fray (2016)
Philip Bailey “Won’t Waste Time” from Love Is Real (2010)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Rocksteady” from Rocksteady (2010)
(N) Head for The Hills “Potions and Poisons” from Potions and Poisons (2017)
Von Stomper “New Orleans” from Americado (2015)
Toad In the Hole “Firegirl” from APT 203 (2013)
Jeff Jenkins Organization “Heavy Eddie” from The Arrival (2015)


Soul Survivors (Denver) “Can’t Stand to Be In Love With You” (1965)
The Doppler Effect “Memphis Woman” (1966)
(N) Andy Palmer “All Named Mary” from The Switch (2017) 

Grim & Darling “Congratulations World” from Beauty Through Pain (2015)
12 Cents for Marvin “Define Your Love” from It’s Not Over (2016)
(N) Dearling “Blood and Water” from Inheritance (2017) 
Blue Rider “Sungazer” from Year Of The Horse (2016)
Otis Taylor “Ten Million Slaves” from Recapturing the Banjo (2008)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “Children of the Lord” from Cipher (2008)
(N) The Coteries “Santa Fe” from Reason In The Road (2016) 

The Rifters “Architecture of a Fire” from Architecture of A Fire (2015)
Brothers Keeper “Why Do You Fall” from Todd Meadows (2014)
Dana Landry Quartet “Almost Like Being in Love” from Standard Elevation (2015)

Goatz-Vintage-Logo-FinalGOATZ! News and Shows

Bumper Stickers are available.  Message me if you want one.  Available for donation + $1.00 postage.

T-Shirts are Available – Message me if you want one.  $15 includes shipping.  Please specify size.  I only accept PayPal and personal checks at this time.


Goat, Where Do I Submit?

4 emails and/or phone conversations and/or personal conversations this week all involving the same thing:  Goat, where do I submit?  In a Facebook conversation recently, I broke down the primary types of performance events regionally.

1. Bars/restaurants (think Oskar Blues, Baker Street Pub, Bar SS, Road 34, Ziggies, Eck’s Saloon, etc)
2. Theaters/concert venues (think Herman’s Hideaway, Fox, Aggie, Ogden, Fillmore, Pepsi Center, Red Rocks, Taste of Denver)
3. Private Events (weddings, parties, etc)
4. Municipal Events (Arvada Harvest Festival, Broomfest, Carbon Valley Music & Spirits Festival, Bohemian Nights @ New West Fest, Colorado State Fair, Boulder County Fair, etc)
5. Festivals (ticketed …Rocky Grass, Telluride Bluegrass, Warped Tour, etc)

Most of us who have played locally know how to reach out to the local bars, and smaller theaters/concert venues.  That’s the bread and butter stuff… But, too often I hear confusion beyond that, hence the “goat, where do I submit?”   Beyond that question is “how do I submit, and to whom?”

There is no single best way to approach this challenge.  A large number of the folks who buy talent statewide do not have the level of technical sophistication at their finger tips to find out who’s who and what do they do, so they rely on their sphere of influence in their communities.  That sphere of influence includes local community radio and members of other local media who might be familiar with bands in the region.

Six years ago the question had to do with getting Colorado music on radio, and out to media in general.  I think we’ve done a good job of working on that puzzle with the media service package.  This past year, right at about 30 titles were sent out to radio, tv, and print media statewide.  Many of those albums received some airplay in some markets around the state.  Beginning this month, I’m adding a new service, sending packages to municipal event buyers around the state.

Buyers will be making all their buying decisions between now and April.  If you’d like to be in the game, now’s the time to do it.  For more information, please email me at chriskmusic@gmail.com.

PS:  no metal, hardcore, loud rock, or rap.  Thank you.

The Colorado Sound S7 EP35 SPT/OCT 2013

chris boni vip 2013Sunday Sept 29, 2013:  In two days from now I’m supposed to be publishing my monthly News Notes and Spins column.  I haven’t even begun to put it together.  So, given that I have to leave to do sound today at 4:30PM (Oskar Blues Longmont), and it’s 10:20 as I type this I think I’d better get my ass to work and pull some data. OH — and the Broncos play at 2:25PM … yeah .. it’s gonna be a tough slog to get the column done on time LOL.

support_this_station_125x125Real quick …. if you have not checked it out yet I do hope you will … The Colorado Sound Live365 is where you can listen to Colorado music 24/7 … it’s music based, not information based like the weekly show heard on KRFC (Fort Collins), Radio 94.9 (Loveland/Fort Collins), KWMW (Westcliffe), KOTO (Telluride), or KDNK (Carbondale/Glenwood Springs/Aspen).  The station has been on the air since April 1.  In September we’ve averaged less than 8 streams a day, unlike this blog that averages 52 unique page views a day.. and unlike the terrestrial station based show that averages well over a thousand listeners a week.  I could sure use some help keeping the station on the air, and growing the online listenership.  Please?  Share the stations with friends … put a link on your website so folks know where to hear CO music daily … anything you can do to help. And if you’re a business – yes, I accept advertising.    

Please consider making a donation to the cause – every dollar matters – seriously. This one has been coming out of my pocket.    

VIDEO PICK OF THE WEEK:  Dennis Wanebo is one of our region’s most enigmatic and disturbingly unknown singer songwriters.  A nearly fatal disease several years ago prompted Dennis to retire from his lucrative law career and focus on his music.  Dude’s music blows me away – but then we’re both a couple of old guys with a penchant for nostalgic themes in our music. 😉 j/s 


Manassas “Colorado” from Manassas (1972)
Dan Fogelberg “Part of the Plan” from Souvenirs (1974)
(D) The Belle Jar “Union Station” from Union Station (2013)(N) Varlet “American Hymns” from American Hymns (2013)
Bad Brad & the Fat Cats “Thunder On the Mountain” from Eyes on the Prize (2013)
Cary Morin “Here and Now” from Streamline (2013)
The Patti Fiasco “Elvis” from Small Town Lights (2013)
(N) Foxfield Four “Money” from Weatherman EP (2013)The Gromet “Sink or Sail” from Colorado Captain (2010)
Taarka “Wandering” from Adventures in Vagabondia (2013)
Zach Heckendorf “The Cool Down” from The Cool Down (2012)
Flobots “The Rose and the Thistle” from The Circle in the Square (2012)
Adam Bodine Trio “Blue Mud” from Blue Mud (2010)
Tommy Bolin “Shake the Devil” from Private Eyes (1976)
Poco “A Good Feelinn’ to Know” from A Good Feeling to Know (1972)
Sherri Jackson “Maple Tree” from Sherri Jackson (1997)
Josh Dillard “Let Em Fall” from The Bright Light of Shipwreck (2013)
(N) Sam Lee “Leaving Home for the Good Life” from Raise Your Flag (2013)(N) Bobby Walker “Ouy Cucuy” from Feelin’ Good (2013)
Grant Sabin “Devil of Mercy” from Anthromusicology (2013)
The Whiskey Bottles “Baby, Your Bad Luck” from Grandville (2013)
The Autumn Film “Always the Same” from The Ship and the Sea (2010)
Dan Craig “Alchemy (What Is This Alchemy)” from Alchemy (2010)
The ReMinders “Africa On My Mind” from Born Champions (2012)
Beats Noir! “Bad Beats” from 13 Tracks From the Dark Side of The Beat (2011)
Instant Empire “Keep UP!” from Keep Up! (2013)
The Motet “Nachez” from Breathe (1999)

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