The Colorado Sound S7 EP14 April 2013

grizzly goat adamsI’ve been busy the past couple of weeks tweaking THE COLORADO SOUND RADIO and addressing some housecleaning here.  In the process I took a good look at the metrics and was surprised to find that over 2700 fans now subscribe to this blog.  THANK YOU! 🙂

Brand new music this week on the share list from Andy Hackbarth.  His new album, Treadmill Horses, is on its way to radio as we speak… release date mid-May 2013.  Also sharing this week, Bad Brad & the Fat Cats, Kristi Stice, and Thom Chacon, who’s new album is picking up some notable praise… “…surprisingly strong coming from a heretofore unfamiliar voice.  I’ll make this my Local Genre Captain Pick.” – Scott Foley/KRFC (Fort Collins)

An interesting and exciting story came across my screen as I was working on this post … “Boulder Box Set,” a concert series featuring local musicians, is being considered for an Emmy nomination after its premiere episode aired.” – from … you can also check out the main website, .

The program is envisioned akin to Austin City Limits.  Our VIDEO PICK OF THE WEEK is a sample of a recorded performance by Ian Cooke.  

PLAYLIST S7 EP14 April 2013

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “Children of the Lord” from Cipher (2008)
Otis Taylor “The Devil’s Gonna Lie” from Otis Taylor’s Contraband (2012)
(N) Bad Brad & the Fat Cats “I’d Like to Stay” from Eyes on the Prize (2013)Fox Street Allstars “Baby Don’t Fight It” from Welcome to the Mighty Pleasin’ (2011)
Sam Holt Band “Down in Flames” from Southern Angels (2013)
Musketeer Gripweed “Thief” from Straight Razor Revival (2012)
Reckless Red “Dirty Water” from Reckless Red (2011)
Hickman-Dalton Gang “Mr. Wrong” from Hickman-Dalton Gang Vol. II (2011)
(D) Andy Hackbarth “By Baby Don’t Run” from Treadmill Horses (2013)
(N) Dennis Wanebo “Rock My Tear Drops” from Running On Gravity (2013)
Raincheck “Right There” from Raincheck (2012)
GogoLab “Moon Valley” from Border Patrol (2013)
(D) Ben Makinen “La Femme Nikita” from The Goliath Beetle & The Ladybug (2013)
Devotchka “Transliterator” from A Mad & Faithful Telling (2008)
Sixteen Horsepower “Black Soul Choir” from Sackcloth ‘n’ Ashes (1996)
Beats Noir! “Bad Beats” from 13 Tracks From the Dark Side of The Beat (2011)
(N) Kristi Stice “Where Did My Love Go” from Forgiving The Road (2013)(N) The Congress “What’s Going On” from Loft Tapes (2013)
Future Jazz Project “Faded Memories” from True By Design (2007)
OneRepublic “What You Wanted” from Native (2013)
(N) Thom Chacon “Ain’t Gonna Take Us Alive” from Thom Chacon (2013)I’m With Her “Gonna Be Sad” from Songs We Said Goodbye To (2013)
Erik Applegate “123” from Red Skies (2009)

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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

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