TOP 100 Jan-June 2013

chris at ob hmls sunday june 16 2013

I went back and pulled every single bit of data I had on hand from each of the past six months.  Titles released to and added by radio between Jan 2012 and June 2013 were factored.  It’s my extreme hope that you’re one of the hard core who actively seeks out new music from here in Colorado.

You won’t find everything represented here … there’s no metal, no extreme punk, hard core, rap or other out on the edge types of music. Nor is there any classical or New Age represented.  Sorry …. if it were getting played at any of the stations I monitor it would show up.  And that isn’t to say that there are not independent shows around the state that  do feature those styles by national/international acts.

Same with jazz… there are a lot of jazz shows around the state.  Jazz would definitely have a bigger impact on the charts if more of it was making its way to jazz jocks around the state.  There are always six to ten jazz records out, and outside of KUVO and KRFC I’m just not seeing the spins at other stations… occasionally I’ll spot something on KGNU, but aside from that it’s pretty skinny out there when it comes to Colorado jazz being repped.  

(CC) = Colorado Connection = perhaps like Sera Cahoone you were raised here and moved on.  Or the Piedmont Brothers Band that has some of our most classic musicians on their records – even though technically the band is based out of Georgia and Italy.  Tim O’Brien may not live here anymore, but he’s an integral part of our musical history – as is Bob Lind, Javon Jackson, India.Arie, Tia Fuller, Katie Herzig, Judy Collins, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and others.

You may not recognize the names that follow, but  I hope that you’re intrigued enough to search a few out and buy their music.

TOP 100 Jan-June 2013

1. DeVotchKaLive with the Colorado Symphony (Cicero Recordings) Indie/New Alternative [Nov-12]
2. The LumineersThe Lumineers (Dualtone) Americana [Apr-12]
3. Otis TaylorMy World Is Gone (Telarc) Blues [Jan-13]
4. Fierce Bad RabbitMaestro and the Elephant (self) Rock [Jan-13]
5. Cassie TaylorOut of My Mind (Yellow Dog) Blues [May 13]
6. Thom ChaconThom Chacon (Pie Records) Folk [Mar-13]
7. Jeff Brinkman BandStrange (self) Rock [Dec-12]
8. Elephant RevivalIt’s Alive EP (Ruff Shod/Nettwork) Folk [Nov-12]
9. Joe SampsonKill Our Friends (Fellow Creature Recordings) Folk [May-12]
10. WhiteWater RambleRoots & Groove (WWR) Americana [Feb-13]
11. Sera Cahoone (CC) – Deer Creek Canyon (Sub-Pop) Americana [Nov-12]
12. Leftover SalmonAquatic Hitchhiker (LoS Records) Americana [Apr-12]
13. Beautiful Loser SocietyThe Desperate Promenade (self) Americana [Jan-13]
14. Paper BirdRooms (self) Indie/New Alternative [Feb-13]
15. Blue Canyon BoysNext Go Round (self) Bluegrass [Jan-13]
16. ChurchillThe War Within EP (A&M/Octone) Rock [Apr-13]
17. The CongressThe Loft Tapes EP (self) Rock [Mar-13]
18. Danielle Ate The Sandwich{like a king} (Youngest Daughter Records) Folk [May-12]
19. a. Tom CollinsStick & Poke (Greater Than Collective) Indie/New Alternative [Apr-13]
20. Andy HackbarthTreadmill Horses EP (January Records) Pop [Apr-13]
21. Head for the HillsBlue Ruin (self) Bluegrass [Jun-13]
22. The YawpersCapon Crusade (self) Rock [Sep-12]
23. Esme PattersonAll Princes, I (Greater Than Collective) Indie/New Alternative [Sep-12]
24. SHELSHEL (Moraine Records / Mad King Records) Folk [Aug-12]
25. Jeff Scroggins & ColoradoWestern Branches (self) Bluegrass [Jun-13]
26. Bad Brad & the Fat CatsEyes on the Prize (self) Blues [Feb-13]
27. Jon Wirtz Tourist (self) Jazz [Jan-13]
28. FlobotsThe Circle In the Square (Shanachie Records) Urban Contemporary [Aug-12]
29. The Haunted WindchimesOut with the Crow (Blank Tape) Folk [Apr-12]
30. Bonnie & The ClydesWrong Side Up (self) Americana [Jul-12]
31. Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds Round and Round (Blank Tape) Indie/New Alternative [Jan-13]
32. A Boy and His KiteA Boy and His Kite (self) Indie/New Alternative [Jan-13]
33. Wire FacesKing Cataract (Hot Congress Records) Rock [Jan-13]
34. Gregory Alan IsakovThe Weatherman (Suitcase Town Music) Folk [Jun-13]
35. Chris DanielsBetter Days (self) Americana [Jul-12]
36. You, Me and ApolloS/T [EP] (self) Indie/New Alternative [Dec-12]
37. Brad Goode Chicago Red (Origin Records) Jazz [Feb-13]
38. Euforquestra Let Us In (self) Rock [Apr-12]
39. Trout Steak RevivalFlight (self) Americana [Nov-12]
40. Hezekiah GoodeTwo Billion Acres of Salt (self) Americana [Jun-13]
41. Catch BeesNarratives from a Factory Town (On Joyful Wings) Indie/New Alternative 6-Feb-13
42. Josh DillardThe Bright Light of Shipwreck (self) Folk [Jun-13]
43. Manuel Lopez TrioSearching Out (Dazzle Recordings) Jazz [Jan-13]
44. Beats Noir!Where the Sun Goes Down (self) Urban Contemporary [Oct-12]
44. Grant SabinAnthromusicology (Blank Tape) Rock [Jan-13]
45. Joshua NovakEphemeron (self) Rock [Jan-13]
46. ChurchillThe Change EP (A&M/Octone) Rock [Mar-12]
47. Grant Farm The Grant Farm (self) Americana [Mar-12]
48. Land LinesLand Lines (self) Indie/New Alternative [Nov-12]
48. Lisa BellThe Italian Project (self) Pop [Feb-13]
49. O’Brien Party of 7 (CC) – Reincarnation, The Songs of Roger Miller (Howdy Skies Music) Folk [Jun-12]
50. The GrometBarren (self) Rock [Nov-12]
51. Strange Americans A Royal Battle (self) Rock [Jun-12]
52. Farmington HillBridge to Nowhere (self) Americana [Mar-13]
53. Dan Treanor’s Afrosippi Band f/Erica BrownTangled Road (self) Blues [Jan-13]
54. Wendy Woo BandLive (Woo Music) Pop [Jun-13]
55. The SwaybackDouble Four Time (self) Rock [Mar-12]
56. Ryan ChrysA Lick & A Promise (self) Americana [Feb-13]
57. Danny ShaferWherever You Are (Tolstar Records) Folk [Apr-13]
58. Beki Hemingway I Have Big Plans For The World (Salt Lady Records) Rock [Apr-13]
59. gogoLabBorder Patrol (self) Jazz [Feb-13]
60. Patrick DethlefsFall & Rise (self) Folk [Jun-12]
61. RaincheckRaincheck (Dazzle Recordings) Jazz [May-12]
62. Mosey West Merica (self) Rock [Apr-12]
63. Kristi SticeUnder the Willow (self) Indie/New Alternative [Jan-13]
64. Poet’s RowPoet’s Row (self) Indie/New Alternative [Jan-13]
65. Dennis WaneboRunning On Gravity (self) Pop [Feb-13]
66. 3 TwinsDe Nada (Sleeping Elephant Music) Americana [Jun-13]
67. Tyler WardHello. Love. Heartache. (self) Pop [Mar-13]
68. Darryl PurposeNext Time Around (Blue Rock Artists) Folk [Oct-12]
69. Mama Lenny & the Remedy Punches and Hugs (self) Blues [Apr-12]
70. The JekyllsThe Sweet Factory (self) Americana [Mar-12]
71. A Shoreline Dream “333” (self) Rock [Sep-12]
72. The Changing ColorsJoan & the King (Blank Tape) Folk [Apr-13]
73. The EpiloguesCinematics (Greater Than Collective) Rock [Oct-12]
74. Rob DrabkinLittle Steps EP (self) [Feb-13]
75. Abi RobinsSuch A Mess (Morning Bird Records) Indie/New Alternative [Jan-13]
75. Andy Palmer Hazard of the Die (self) Rock [Apr-13]
76. FaceManTalkTalkTalk (self) Rock [Feb-13]
77. Achille Lauro Flight or Flight (Hot Congress Records) Indie/New Alternative [Mar-12]
77. Chimney Choircompass (self) Indie/New Alternativew [Jun-13]
78. Austin Young & No Difference Blue As Can Be (Vizztone) Blues [Mar-13]
79. Cary MorinSteamline (self) Blues [Apr-13]
80. Rachel & the KingsTonic (Rmitchell Records) Rock [Jan-13]
81. Pretty LightsAround the Block [single] (self) EDM [Apr-13]
82. I’m With Her Songs We Said Goodbye To (Boss Koala Records) Americana [Oct-12]
83. 4H RoyaltyWhere UFOs Go To Die (self) Rock [Jun-12]
84. Fox Steet AllstarsTough Talk (self) Rock [Feb-13]
85. Bad Weather CaliforniaSunkissed (Family Tree) Indie/New Alternative [Feb-12]
86. Carmelita’s LoversGhosts of Our Former Selves (Nething Music) Rock [Jan-13]
87. The CentennialNervous System (self) Indie/New Alternative [Feb-13]
88. Instant EmpireKeep UP! (Hot Congress Records) Indie/New Alternative [Jan-13]
89. Boa & the ConstrictorsMarried to the Blues (self) Blues [Oct-12]
90. OneRepublicNative (Mosely/Interscope) Pop [Apr-13]
91. Katie GlassmanSnapshot (self) Americana [Jun-12]
92. Sam LeeRaise Your Flag (self) Pop [May-13]
93. Sofie ReedSimplicity Chased Trouble Away (self) Blues [Aug-12]
93. Science PartnerRocky Mountain News (Hot Congress Records) Indie/New Alternative [Sep-12]
94. Zach HeckendorfThe Cool Down (self) Pop [Jun-12]
94. PolarityKing of Hearts (Tapestry) Jazz [Nov-12]

Americana / Alt-country / Bluegrass
1. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
2. Thom Chacon – Thom Chacon
3. WhiteWater Ramble – Roots & Groove
4. Sera Cahoone (CC) – Deer Creek Canyon
5. Leftover Salmon – Aquatic Hitchhiker

1. Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone
2. Cassie Taylor – Out of My Mind
3. Bad Brad & the Fat Cats – Eyes on the Prize
4. Dan Treanor’s Afrosippi Band f/Erica Brown – Tangled Road
5. Mama Lenny & the Remedy – Punches and Hugs

Folk / folk-rock / singer-songwriter
1. Elephant Revival – It’s Alive EP
2. Joe Sampson – Kill Our Friends
3. Danielle Ate The Sandwich – {like a king}
5. The Haunted Windchimes – Out with the Crow

Indie/New Alternative
1. DeVotchKa – Live with the Colorado Symphony
2. Paper Bird – Rooms
3. a. Tom Collins – Stick & Poke
4. Esme Patterson – All Princes, I
5. Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds – Round and Round

1. Jon Wirtz – Tourist
2. Brad Goode – Chicago Red
3. Manuel Lopez Trio – Searching Out
4. gogoLab – Border Patrol
5. Raincheck – Raincheck

Pop / Adult Contemporary / Crossover
1. Andy Hackbarth – Treadmill Horses EP
2. Lisa Bell – The Italian Project
3. Wendy Woo Band – Live
4. Dennis Wanebo – Running On Gravity
5. OneRepublic – Native

Rock / AAA / ALT / AOR
1. Fierce Bad Rabbit – Maestro and the Elephant
2. Jeff Brinkman Band – Strange
3. Churchill – The War Within EP
4. The Congress – The Loft Tapes EP
5. The Yawpers – Capon Crusade

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