The Colorado Sound S7 EP42 Nov 2013

Chris emcee 2013Friday night was a special event.  As you might know, unless I’m working a show, Miss Pattie and I rarely actually go out.  I traded out a sound gig this weekend to attend the benefit for Love Hope Strength.  Love Hope Strength is a local Colorado / Denver based non-profit, that seeks to provide diagnostics and treatment for cancer worldwide by promoting their work and engaging participants at concerts globally.

From their mission statement:  At Love Hope Strength we turn concerts into lifesaving events. Through our GET ON THE LIST campaign we register marrow donors resulting in matches from concerts around the world. Through unique events, like Everest Rocks and Kilimanjaro Rocks, we build cancer centers, giving people access to early detection and quality cancer care.  More info at

The concert to benefit Love Hope Strength was stimulating, engaging, funny, warm, and musically splendid.  Where, as they mentioned, they might get 50 people signed up at a Red Rocks show, 5o of those among the 300+ who were on hand Friday night got ON THE LIST.

On stage guests included project founder/executive producer Megan Burtt with friends Chris Daniels, John Magnie, Reed Foehl and Tyler Depres (Science Partner) with members of the Congress, SHEL, Bop Skizzum, Chimney Choir, Rachel & the Kings, the Epilogues, and Covenhoven.  Audience “guests” were too numerous to mention – and the room did look to be sold out with standing room only by show time.

A note about this and other shows (the few) I’ve been too at the Soiled Dove Underground — show began promptly at 8, there was an intermission at about 8:50, and the second act ended at 1030, allowing plenty of time to mingle with the band and pony up to the merch table.  My wife and I were out of there before 1130, a real treat for a local show.

In Good Company cd coverRadio stations and print media around the state will have the LOVE HOPE STRENGTH benefit compilation IN GOOD COMPANY within the next week.  Also coming to radio via Rocky Mountain Music Network = Estes Park artist Brad Fitch record Columbine Blue.  Brad looks uncannily like John Denver (he does a John Denver tribute show) – so much so that even a limo driver used to ferrying luminaries got a bit whigged out when he met Brad, and who reportedly remarked, “John Denver is dead, right?”

kvnf_news_blue_square_0Some radio news to report this week.  KVNF Mountain Grown Community Radio seeks a weekday morning host for NPR’s Morning Edition and Regional News from KVNF.  This person will serve as the primary voice for KVNF’s regional news coverage. As such, the ideal candidate has a strong voice and professional news delivery that fits into both NPR and KVNF’s programming and journalistic philosophies.  This position will be part-time, contract labor, 12-20 hours per week. Hours will be 6-8:30 AM weekdays.  More details at


I discover “new” bands every single day of the week, either because they send me cds, or links, or I discover them accidentally.  I don’t know how I discovered Anchorage … but at least the name resonated with me since I lived there as a kid for 7 years.  New music this week:  


Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Resignation Superman” from Beautiful World (1997)
the Subdudes “Papa Dukie & the Mud People” from Behind the Levee (2006)
(D) Blake Brown & American Dust Choir “Rise n’ Fight” from The American Dust Choir (2014)
(D) West Water Outlaws “Caught in the Headlights” [single] (2014)Rose Hill Drive “Pictures of You” from Americana (2011)
(D) Dr. Izzy Band “Dirt Bed” from Blind and Blues Bound (2014)
Boa & the Constrictors “Married to the Blues” from Boa’s Blues (2013)
(D) Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene “Motor Vixen From Hell” from Motor Vixen From Hell (2014)Drew Emmitt “Take the Long Way Home” from Long Road (2008)
(D) Samuel Mouton “Smoke and Chill” from Paradise (2013)
Nathen Maxwell & the Original Bunny Gang “Stick To My Guns” from White Rabbit (2010)
Carmen Sandim Sextet “Sampa” from Brand New (2011)
India.Arie “Slow Down” from Voyage to India (2002)
Sherri Jackson “Simple Pleasures” from Catalyst (2000)
(D) Jon Snodgrass & Dead Peasants “On the Outside” from Songs of Tony Sly: a Tribute (2013)
Beautiful Loser Society “Hank’s Lament” from The Desperate Promenade (2013)
Great American Taxi “One of These Days” from Reckless Habits (2010)
(D) Katie Herzig “Little Bit of Love” from Secret Road – As Heard on TV (2014)Jeff Brinkman “Strange” from Strange (2012)
Devotchka “Along the Way” from A Mad & Faithful Telling (2008)
(N) Tennis “100 Lovers” from Small Sound (2013)
(D) Calders Revolvers “See To Believe” from See To Believe (2014)(N) Whiskey Blanket “Batto Nox” from From the Dead of Dark (2014)
Bop Skizzum “Known It All Along” from Coloradical (2012)
GogoLab “Tumbleweeds” from Border Patrol (2013)

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