The Colorado Sound – S8 EP32

chris k new look aug 2014Now where was I?  Sunday night.  9PM.  End of the weekend.  A blur.  Grandson moved in.  Redecorated guest room for teenage boy.  Listened to lots of music.  Include:  Trial and Error by SuCH.

I’m a sucker for soul.  Growing up as a teenager in and around Philly and New York I couldn’t escape it.  The first concert my mother took me to was the Temptations with the Fifth Dimension.  I spent from 1973-1986 spinning records at parties and in clubs in North Dakota, New York, Connecticut, and Colorado.  Soul was and is a vital part of my regular listening diet to this day.

SuCH (Su Charles) intrigued me last year, both by the underground soul hit “Sugar Maple”, which spent 2 weeks in August 2013 at #1 on the UK Soul Charts … and which swept our fan poll last December … AND … by the fact …  that she won the Henry Award for Best Actress for her role as Celie in the Color Purple.  SuCH is a Boston born, New York raised, Chicago groomed Soul singer, living, working, and performing locally in Denver – on music and theater stages.

Old skool soul fans have lots to love about this record.  It immediately raised feelings of nostalgia for the great soul hits of the 70s and early 80s … with enough modernism that I’m not left feeling like the arrangements are stuck in the past.  Guests include local actor Mathenee Treco (P’s and Q’s (Playing Games))who will be appearing in the role of Bobby in the musical MEMPHIS at the Arvada Center for the Arts next month.  

Lovin’ “Open Book” … seriously want to do the hustle to this one LOL.  …  “P’s and Q’s (Playing Games) … “Where You Left Me” … and the title track.  SuCH’s fan base is sure to vote this one to the top of the Best of 2014 fan favorite poll again, this coming December.

PS: my grandson listens to different music than I do LOL.  Go figure.  He likes metalcore (?).  Part alt.rock part screamo (?)  I’ve got some catching up to do I see.  Metal never was my thing.


The Samples “Close to the Fires” from Samples (1990)
Subdudes “Help Is On the Way” from The Subdudes (1989)
(D) Blake Brown & American Dust Choir “Get Out” [single] (2014)  Ark Life “Proud of Me Out There Mama” from The Dream of You and Me (2014)
My Body Sings Electric “Outside” from Changing Color (2011)
Soul School “Touch My Body” from Chapter One (2014)
The Fray “The Fighter” from Scars and Stories (2012)
Calder’s Revolvers “See To Believe” from Sunday Morning (2014)
Blue Canyon Boys “Up On The Hill” from Next Go ‘Round (2012)
(D) Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene “The Other Side” from The Other Side (2014)  Cowboy Dave “Cowboy Dave Theme Song” from Saddle Up, Pal (2009)
(D) The Outfit “Station Wagon Apocalypse” from Station Wagon Apocalypse (2014)  Ben Haugland “Lift” from The Point Of No Return (2012)
Soul Survivors “Have It All Your Way” [single] (1969)
Boenzee Cryque “I’ve Never Known A Girl” from Psychedelic States: Colorado in the Sixties (2007)
Poco “Regret” from All Fired Up (2013)
Richie Furay “Hand in Hand” from Hand In Hand (2014)
John Oates “Stone Cold Love” from Good Road to Follow (2014)
(D) SuCH (Su Charles) “Trial and Error” from Trial and Error (2014)
AdrienneO “Take It In” from Lines EP (2014)
Felonius Smith “Whiskey and Gin” from Before the Rooster Crows (2014)
Silent Bear “The Green Lion” from The Green Lion (2014)
Strange Americans “The Scene” from That Kind of Luster (2014)
El Toro de la Muerte “Things In My Head” from Dancer These Days (2011)
Brad Goode “St. Louis Blues” from Chicago Red (2013)

OH YEAH … WAIT … BEFORE YOU GO.  Here’s the grandson’s bedroom I spent all weekend doing 🙂  

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