The Colorado Sound S9|EP7 FEB 2015

valentine dayI am unabashedly in love.  Happy Valentine’s Day (after).  Today (Sunday) is a video day.  There’s no football, and I need to find something non-sports to fill the void.  I picked The Colorado Sound TV.  A nice 60″ tv through a Technics receiver w/ KLH speakers (yeah, old school shit for sure) and a wifi hookup from my laptop … and as I hit the new Medic video “If I Could Stay,” and reminisce on last night’s show at Herman’s Hideaway (Chris Daniels & the Kings cd release show, and a date night with Mrs Goat), I feel an intense rush of what I can only describe as love for the brilliance I see and hear around me every single day.

Crime Scene albumCongrats to Lance Bakemeyer (bass) for getting back up on stage last night with Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene at Herman’s after sustaining serious back and wrist damage from a fall this past November.  Mrs Goat and I bumped into Kerry and Paul from the Crime Scene at a late night breakfast joint…both very excited about the energy that the revamped rhythm section brought to the show.  Could be a new record on the way.  The band straddles a real fine line on “the Other Side” of rockabilly and blues, and during the course of their opening set also featured a driving calypso infused arrangement of the Informants hit, “Salvation.”  This is a hot rod car show band that doesn’t pander to our sanitized perceptions of the past.  In a different era these guys would have been thought of as criminals, hence the perfect application of the name.


Happy Valentine’s Day release from Medic.  Sometimes a hit is just what it is to begin with, a hit.  Added immediately to video rotation, and as soon as I get the song file from the band it will immediately be added to both the radio show rotation and The Colorado Sound Live365.


(D) = debut of new lp, ep, or single
(N) = new cut from previously debuted lp or ep


Beast “Communication” from Higher…&…Higher! (1970)
Sugarloaf “Tongue in Cheek” from Spaceship Earth (1971)
(D) Chemistry Club “Like Lions” from Copia 1 – The Electric Hush (2015)Magician In the Machine “Resurrection” from Resurrection (2014)
Calder’s Revolvers “See To Believe” from Sunday Morning (2014)
H*Wood “One Love” from One Love (2013)
OneRepublic “Love Runs Out” from Native (2013)
(N) Land Lines “Limb from Limb” from Natural World (2015)
Tennis “High Road” from Young and Old (2012)
Drag the River “Wichita Skyline” from Drag The River (2013)
Todd Adelman “Right Before You Said Hello” from Highways & Lowways (2015)
Ben Markley~Clint Ashlock Quintet “For What It’s Worth” from The Return (2014)


(N) Dianne Reeves “I Want You (feat. Sean Jones)” from Beautiful Life (2014)
(D) Gerald Albright “Slam Dunk” from Slam Dunk (2014)
Chris Daniels & the Kings “Cool Breeze” from Funky To the Bone (2015)
Cassie Taylor “New Orleans” from Out Of My Mind (2013)
The Samples “Boulder” from America (2014)
Wendy Woo “Sundrops” from Wide Awake and Dreaming (1999)
(D) Gipsy Moon “Surrender” from Autumn’s Retreat (2015)Leftover Salmon “Kentucky Skies” from Aquatic Hitchhiker (2012)
Yonder Mountain String Band “Complicated” from The Show (2009)
Jim Stranahan Little BIG BAND “Straight from the Source” from MIGRATION TO HIGHER GROUND (2014)

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Much appreciated.

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