The Colorado Sound S9 EP26

RDP_1271BWCrushed.  Absolutely crushed.  I’ve never been so busy.  Truth: some days I feel it would be easier to have a “real job” with an expected number of hours, and time off to just do leisurely things.  I enjoy no such luxury as I attempt in my final decades to tell as much of the story as I am able about music and musicians in Colorado.  Well, that and doing sound and/or emceeing and/or producing shows and/or rehearsing with the new lineup of Goatz!, back after a nearly six year hiatus (new recordings and/or videos coming  in August).

Hmmm … seems I slipped into the “Chris abyss” (coined by Morris Beegle from Hapi Skratch Entertainment) on that first paragraph.

I completely and utterly screwed up this month’s edition of Offstage …Beyond the Music with Freddi Gowdy.  I got new equipment last month to solve a long standing production quality issue, and didn’t get it right.  So for July, as we celebrate the one year anniversary of the podcast series, I’ve decided to pull out segments from some of my favorites of the past year .. starting off with one from the very first episode with Chris Daniels last July … 

jill-sobuleJill Sobule is one of our native artists who has long gone unnoticed as such among local music fans.  She grew up in Denver, went to St. Mary’s, and to CU before heading off to Spain and other parts on her musical journey. So to lead things off this week I did an artist two-fer with one of her biggest hits, and something from her most recent album “Dottie’s Charms” from 2014 – that was largely influenced by a charm bracelet she found at the bottom of a drawer, “…hung with about 20 pewter charms, including an airplane, the Statue of Liberty and a disc bearing the name Dorothy.”   See playlist below to listen to the song via YouTube.



The Colorado Sound Presents:  the Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Brothers Keeper, the Burroughs, Dr Izzy Band, Our Generation at the 8th Annual  Carbon Valley Music & Spirits Festival – Sat Aug 1, 12PM-10PM .. ALL AGES & FREE with fireworks and more.  This is the only spirits tasting and competition event I know of regionally.  Sure would be great to see you .. hit the site.

Mish Logo JPGThe Colorado Sound Presents:  Hazel Miller Band, Chris Daniels & the Kings with Freddie Gowdy, William’s Reserve, and Goatz! at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre – Sunday August 9 – 4PM-9PM – $20 – ALL AGES.

This is my band’s first show back since 2009 .. my son’s band William’s Reserve is making their debut — AND so are Chris Daniels & the Kings and the Hazel Miller Band … WHAT!!?? you say?  Seriously?  Hazel and Chris & the Kings have never played the Mish???  Really?  Yep.  fo’reals … be there .. my band kicks it off at 4PM .. doors at 3:30PM.  Hope to see you.

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Jill Sobule “Supermodel” from Jill Sobule (1995)
(D) Jill Sobule “I Swear I Saw Christopher Reeve (Mackinac Island Charm)” from Dottie’s Charms (2014)

Mojomama “Tell It Like It Is” from Mojomama (2015)
Fox St. “Somethin About You” from Authentic Western Dress (2015)
Matthew Moon “It’s Alright” from I Thought U Should Know (2002)
Analog Son “What It Is?!” from Stomp and Shout (2015)
String Cheese Incident “Let’s Go Outside” from Song In My Head (2014)
Jeff Finlin “East by West” from The Tao of Motor Oil (2010)
Selina Albright “Brighter” from Brighter (2013)
OneRepublic “I Lived” from Native (2013)
Pandas & People “Still Young” from Pandas & People (2014)
Gerald Albright “Slam Dunk” from Slam Dunk (2014)

Hour 2

The Astronauts “Money” from Everything Is A-ok (1964)
Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids “Summer Means Fun” from Best of Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids (2010)
(D) The Symbols “Alone” from Smile (2015)
You Me and Apollo “Don’t Sleep for Free” from Sweet Honey (2014)
Leftover Salmon “High Country” from High Country (2015)
Liz Barnez “Laughin’ Yellow” from Liz Barnez Band (1993)
Chris Daniels “Better Days” from Better Days (2012)
Chemistry Club “Miranda” from Miranda (2014)
Acoustic Junction “Oh Me Oh My” from Strange Days (2000)
Ben Haugland “Birds of A Feather” from A Million Dreams (2015)

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