Colorado Playlist – S11 EP40

ROCKY MOUNTAIN MUSIC RELIEF mobilizes the Colorado music and media communities to raise funds to assist musicians throughout the U.S. affected by natural disasters.

Rocky Mountain Music Relief


Feat. Richie Furay w/Tori Pater and Friends, Bobby Messano, and Perpetual Motion

7:30-8:30 = Richie Furay
8:45-9:15 = Perpetual Motion
9:30-10PM = Bobby Messano
10:15-11PM = Tori Pater

Friday, October 27, 2017 – 7:30 PM – doors open at 6:30 pm

Swallow Hill – Daniels Hall – 71 E. Yale Ave., Denver, CO 80210



There are 10 episodes of the show left this year, including the BEST OF – which will air the last weekend of the year, and the first weekend of January as I take my final vacation of the year.

It was a hellova week for new music and video adds.  That’s sure to carryover into the first week of November as bands and artists get their end of year releases out.

Not only did I receive the new releases I broke in this week’s show but others I couldn’t get to, and I’m still expecting the new album from Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats (Live at Red Rocks) and others due out in early November.

Every week I get exposed to some new Colorado music I’ve never heard before.  This week it came by way a couple of friends on FB.

One band is Sunsquabi, out of Boulder.  They’re headlining the region’s largest non-arena venue, and no doubt one of the most prestigious, the Fillmore Auditorium on Nov 11.  Here’s their latest .. it’ll show up in the Playlist this coming week.

I don’t get to play much from the loud rock styles on my program, or rap or most of what’s considered modern hip-hop.  That doesn’t mean there are not some incredible acts in those genres.

A friend turned me onto modern metal band Random Hero this weekend.  Their single “”Impossible” hit #33 this week! Up three spots on Billboard’s Main Stream Rock Chart.  That’s one hell of an accomplishment, so can’t help but share it with you.  


The Burroughs have been considered one of the region’s most explosive live music shows since they debute on the scene about four years ago now.  Their newest single amplifies the energy they are know for onstage.


What you’ll find below are new songs on the show this week … listen  and let me know which ones you think I should keep in the Colorado Playlist, and which I should delete.

NOTE:  In order to be included in the MMMM poll, the band/artist must have an embeddable file available on SoundCloudBandCampReverbnation or YouTube.


(D) = debut of lp, ep or single
(N) = new cut from previously debuted lp or ep

Rick Roberts “Two Lovely Women” from Windmills / She is a Song (2010)
(D) The Burroughs “Touch the Sky” from Got To Feel (2017)

Hello Dollface “Face it” from Warrior of Light (2016)
Churchill “Lock Your Heart Down” from War Within EP (2013)
(D) Pandas & People “Bourbon” from Out to Sea EP (2017)
A.J. Fullerton “Oh, Frustration” from Kalamath (2017)
Big Gigantic “The Night Is Young (feat. Cherub)” from The Night Is Young (2014)
Andy Palmer “the Monk” from Hazard of the Die (2013)
(D) Patrick Dune “Pleasure Row” (2017)

Gabrielle Louise “If the Static Clears” from If The Static Clears (2016)
Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams “Fire & Brimstone” from Missing Link (2017)
(N) Paa Kow “Cookpot” from Cookpot (2017)

Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids “Brown Water (Apocalypse Blues)” from Best of Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids (2010)
(D) Strawberry Runners “Garden Hose” from In the Garden, In the Night (2017) 

Darryl Purpose “The Meaning Of My Love” from Still The Birds (2016)
Safe Boating is No Accident “Dye My Love” from Bonus Features (2014)
(D) Tennis “No Exit” from We Can Die Happy (2017)

Na’an Stop “Lazy Susan” from Na’an Stop (2017)
Juno What?! “Take Control of Your Body” from Shameless (2011)
OneRepublic “Counting Stars” from Native (2013)
(D) Katie Herzig “Strangers” (2017)

Paper Bird “To the Light” from Paper Bird (2016)
Brent Cowles “Cold Times” from Cold Times (2017)
Tia Fuller “Ode To Be ~ So In Love W/ All Of You” from Angelic Warrior (2012)

NOV 25 = GOATZ + the Grant Farm at Avogadro’s Number(Fort Collins)

The Colorado Sound – MONDAY AUG 17 2015

Monday morning … usually my weekly playlist update etc.  Today is the day AFTER the biggest weekend of the summer for me, and what really is the culmination of my “year.”  There are no more festival events for me this year, as there has been in years past.

There was bittersweet news that came out of this year’s event. The Aggie was sold, and long time Aggie sound engineer Dean Curtis wound up in the hospital dealing with unannounced medical issues.

In a FB post Friday night, Adam Stroul  posted: “It’s a historic day for Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, my partners and I can finally announce to the public that we have purchased the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins. A ton of respect goes out to my good friend Scoo Leary who kept the Fort Collins music scene alive for years and years, from the Starlight to the Aggie, and has now passed the torch on to us. Fort Collins, we’re going to bring more of that Cervantes flavor to this great city than ever before.”  

Reviews on the street from musicians I spoke with were mixed, as with any major change.  I’ve known Scoo for as long as I can recall now … his history in the FoCo music scene goes back at least to the late 80s.  He’s always been an ardent supporter of our scene, and whatever he moves onto, I wish him well.  Sources close to the deal say that there’s new sound equipment moving in, and an interior upgrade.  That’ll be very good as the house p.a. currently in play is pretty well worn out and out of date.

What’s not known today is the direction that Adam and Scott and the team will move Fort Collins, and if they’ll continue the high level of support for Fort Collins bands that we’ve enjoyed the past 13 years.

Also on Friday night the 14th, I received word that Dubskin would not be able to perform this year because their bass player, Dean Curtis, had been hospitalized.  Dubskin posted “We regretfully announce that due to an unforeseen medical emergency we will be canceling our next 2 shows at New West Fest on Sunday Aug 16th & at Hideaway Park in Winter Park on Thursday Aug 20th. Send prayers up for a speedy recovery to bassist Dean Curtis while he deals with a private medical condition and DubSkin will see you soon. Respectfully- DubSkin”   Dean is very well known around Fort Collins.  I most recently saw him when he did monitors for our show at the Mishawaka last week.  Nothin’ but love from goat and the family.

News broke on Monday that Megan Burtt signed with Sweetwine who also reps Euforquestra and Trout Steak Revival among other Colorado and non-Colorado acts …


Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene turned in a blistering set — literally — on the Mountain Ave stage at Bohemian Nights this weekend.  It had to have hit 105 on the stage under a typically intense blast of late afternoon sun since the stage faces west.  Looking forward to doing a show with them in Fort Collins at Avogadro’s Number September 13.










The Colorado Sound Live365
ADDED AUG 15 2015

(M) – mornings
(P) – afternoons
(N) – nights

Dan Treanor’s Afrosippi BandMissing – Born To Love the Blues (M,P)
Finders and YoungbergShe Wants to Eat the Moon – Eat the Moon (M)
Ian CookeEpilogue – Antiquasauria (M,P)
Instant Empire Balloons – Lamplight Lost (N)
Instant EmpireZoo Lions – Lamplight Lost (N)
Kid AstronautElevate – single (P, N)
Megan BurttFast As I Go – The Bargain (M,P)
Megan BurttIn A Minute – The Bargain (M,P)
Megan BurttThe Bargain – The Bargain (M,P)
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night SweatsI Need Never Get Old – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (M,P)
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night SweatsS.O.B. – Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats (M,P,N)
Red Fox Run I Am A Fox (radio edit) – Red Fox Run (N)
Red Fox RunRoller Coaster – Red Fox Run (N)
Shaley ScottStyle – Rescue Me (M,P)
SymbolsAlone – Smile (M,P)
The Burroughs – Anna – Sweaty Greeley Soul (M,P)
The BurroughsMy Shining Star – Sweaty Greeley Soul (M,P)
Young AncientsGoing Back to Tulsa (Tulsa) – Fishstory (M,P)
Young Ancients – Nobody Loves You (the Way I Do) – Fishstory (M,P)

The Colorado Sound S9 EP26

RDP_1271BWCrushed.  Absolutely crushed.  I’ve never been so busy.  Truth: some days I feel it would be easier to have a “real job” with an expected number of hours, and time off to just do leisurely things.  I enjoy no such luxury as I attempt in my final decades to tell as much of the story as I am able about music and musicians in Colorado.  Well, that and doing sound and/or emceeing and/or producing shows and/or rehearsing with the new lineup of Goatz!, back after a nearly six year hiatus (new recordings and/or videos coming  in August).

Hmmm … seems I slipped into the “Chris abyss” (coined by Morris Beegle from Hapi Skratch Entertainment) on that first paragraph.

I completely and utterly screwed up this month’s edition of Offstage …Beyond the Music with Freddi Gowdy.  I got new equipment last month to solve a long standing production quality issue, and didn’t get it right.  So for July, as we celebrate the one year anniversary of the podcast series, I’ve decided to pull out segments from some of my favorites of the past year .. starting off with one from the very first episode with Chris Daniels last July … 

jill-sobuleJill Sobule is one of our native artists who has long gone unnoticed as such among local music fans.  She grew up in Denver, went to St. Mary’s, and to CU before heading off to Spain and other parts on her musical journey. So to lead things off this week I did an artist two-fer with one of her biggest hits, and something from her most recent album “Dottie’s Charms” from 2014 – that was largely influenced by a charm bracelet she found at the bottom of a drawer, “…hung with about 20 pewter charms, including an airplane, the Statue of Liberty and a disc bearing the name Dorothy.”   See playlist below to listen to the song via YouTube.



The Colorado Sound Presents:  the Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Brothers Keeper, the Burroughs, Dr Izzy Band, Our Generation at the 8th Annual  Carbon Valley Music & Spirits Festival – Sat Aug 1, 12PM-10PM .. ALL AGES & FREE with fireworks and more.  This is the only spirits tasting and competition event I know of regionally.  Sure would be great to see you .. hit the site.

Mish Logo JPGThe Colorado Sound Presents:  Hazel Miller Band, Chris Daniels & the Kings with Freddie Gowdy, William’s Reserve, and Goatz! at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre – Sunday August 9 – 4PM-9PM – $20 – ALL AGES.

This is my band’s first show back since 2009 .. my son’s band William’s Reserve is making their debut — AND so are Chris Daniels & the Kings and the Hazel Miller Band … WHAT!!?? you say?  Seriously?  Hazel and Chris & the Kings have never played the Mish???  Really?  Yep.  fo’reals … be there .. my band kicks it off at 4PM .. doors at 3:30PM.  Hope to see you.

SpokesBuzz Fort Collins logo

colorado case logoMish Logo JPG







Jill Sobule “Supermodel” from Jill Sobule (1995)
(D) Jill Sobule “I Swear I Saw Christopher Reeve (Mackinac Island Charm)” from Dottie’s Charms (2014)

Mojomama “Tell It Like It Is” from Mojomama (2015)
Fox St. “Somethin About You” from Authentic Western Dress (2015)
Matthew Moon “It’s Alright” from I Thought U Should Know (2002)
Analog Son “What It Is?!” from Stomp and Shout (2015)
String Cheese Incident “Let’s Go Outside” from Song In My Head (2014)
Jeff Finlin “East by West” from The Tao of Motor Oil (2010)
Selina Albright “Brighter” from Brighter (2013)
OneRepublic “I Lived” from Native (2013)
Pandas & People “Still Young” from Pandas & People (2014)
Gerald Albright “Slam Dunk” from Slam Dunk (2014)

Hour 2

The Astronauts “Money” from Everything Is A-ok (1964)
Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids “Summer Means Fun” from Best of Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids (2010)
(D) The Symbols “Alone” from Smile (2015)
You Me and Apollo “Don’t Sleep for Free” from Sweet Honey (2014)
Leftover Salmon “High Country” from High Country (2015)
Liz Barnez “Laughin’ Yellow” from Liz Barnez Band (1993)
Chris Daniels “Better Days” from Better Days (2012)
Chemistry Club “Miranda” from Miranda (2014)
Acoustic Junction “Oh Me Oh My” from Strange Days (2000)
Ben Haugland “Birds of A Feather” from A Million Dreams (2015)