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Monday July 29, 2019 – OK – it’s not every day that you wake up to the Governor of the State of Colorado, Jared Polis, sharing an old Denver Post interview from 2016, and saying how much he loves the Colorado Playlist.  Seriously?  I was giddy like a 13 year old and got weak knees for a second (yes, I told him that… the weak knees part). #starstruck #fanboy

If you haven’t been, I highly encourage stepping over to Colorado Music Experience .  Since leaving the Colorado Music Hall of Fame as executive director a few years ago, G Brown has launched what I consider to be the official and quintessential online archive of Colorado music history.  His daily posts about events, birthdays and more are part of my everyday browsing experience.

We’re up to 30 followers to the Colorado Playlist on Spotify and 110 songs, including recent adds from SUCH, Selina Albright, Gerald Albright, Tia Fuller, Bill Frissell

Did you miss this week’s or LAST week’s show? You can now stream them on demand! 105.5 The Colorado Sound archives two weeks worth that you can stream at your leisure. They typically update their archives every Monday afternoon. You can also stream the show in real time wherever the show is aired around the state. See the stations and times page for that info.

105.5 The Colorado Sound & the Colorado Playlist Present:
Brent Cowles – Bluebird Theater, Denver – Oct 12
Gasoline Lollipops at Washington’s FoCo Fort Collins Friday, October 4
Gasoline Lollipops “Unleaded” (all acoustic) at Swallow Hill Music Denver Saturday, November 9


At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.


There are days when I’m amazed that people don’t know who this incredible artist is, or that he’s Colorado thru and thru.  Here’s his latest.


(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist exclusive premier

Let me know if there’s something you think I should play. Email coloradoplaylist@gmail.com


The Teardrops – Sweet Sweet Sadie (1966)
Trolls – I Don’t Recall – Psychedelic States: Colorado In The 60s (2007/1969)
(D) Bo DePena – Making My Way Back to You (2019)

Reverend Freakchild – Hippie Bluesman Blues – Dial It In (2018)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Rocksteady – Rocksteady (2010)
(D) Flyin’ Hot Saucers – Stargazer (2019)

Lucas Wolf – Horizon – Falling Into Place (2019)
Judy Collins – Wings of Angels – Bohemian (2013)
Euforquestra – Solutions – Fire (2014)
(D) The 14ers – Nashville – Mountaintop Folk-Pop (2019)

Selina Albright – Highest High – Conversations (2018)
Wildermiss – Keep It Simple – Lost With You EP (2017)
Brad Goode Quintet – Who Parked the Car? – That’s Right! (2018)


Earth Wind & Fire – I’ve Had Enough – Raise! (1981)
(D) 2MX2 feat Kid Astronaut – Live You Love You (2019)
Ivory Circle – See You Thru the Stars – Scalene EP (2018)
Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene – Let’s Do This Thing – Let’s Do This Thing (2015)
(N) Oxeye Daisy – Girls Are the New Boys – They Say You’re A Demon (2019)

Anthony Ruptak – Black Water – A Place That Never Changes (2019)
FY5 – Driftwood – FY5 (2011)
Leftover Salmon – Western Skies – High Country (2014)
(D) The Born Readies – Mean Genes (2019)
Love Stallion – Big Rock Radio – Unforgettable Ride (2018)
The Patti Fiasco – Small Town Lights – Small Town Lights (2013)
The Echo System – Out West – Color Red Sampler 2019 (2019)

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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at coloradoplaylist@gmail.com

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