Happy Holidaze!  Every year, I put up the Fan Favorite Poll.  It’s a race to see which band can get the most votes, from their fans and others who discover them via this poll.  This year’s “race” was no exception.  The LP/EP poll got over 1100 votes.  The “single release” poll over 900 votes.  The Video Pick of the Year poll garnered nearly 200 votes.  And the results?

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The Fan Favorite LP/EP TOP 5 features two NEW artists/bands on the scene; Denver hip-hop/blues artist Avery J and the BA, and Boulder Americana-country artist Jackie & the Racket.  This is the second time that Southern Colorado husband and wife folk duo Pint & a Half has graced the Best of the year list, the first in the Fan Favorite poll.

Merry funksters Float Like A Buffalo, one of the hottest up and coming bands in 2019, rounded out their fifth year with a Red Rocks appearance and CP fan favorites in LP/EP of the Year, and Single Release of the Year. Folk-rock outfit South to Cedars, from the Longmont area, makes their debut as a Fan Favorite in the CP Best of the Year.

    1. Pint & A Half – Not to Forget
    2. Float Like a Buffalo – Back from Nowhere
    3. South to Cedars – Tell Everyone
    4. Avery J & the BA – See U at the Crossroads
    5. Jackie & The Racket – Goal Digger EP


Float Like A Buffalo fans voted both their LP Back from Nowhere, and their single release Gone By Morning as BEST OF for 2019.  WTG fans!  Southern fried country rock Williams Brothers Band is from Grand Junction, where the show is broadcast on KAFM.  Glad to see GJ steppin’ up and voting for one of their own.

The Barrelors, Lola Rising and the Born Readies all make their debut as Fan Favorites for 2019. Alternative southern country blues rock to reggae infused sunshine pop and garage rock lead the way from 1-3.

    1. The Barrelors – Ticket to Ride
    2. Lola Rising – Gravity
    3. The Born Readies – Mean Genes
    4. Float Like A Buffalo – Gone By Morning
    5. The William Brothers Band – Outlaw Country


Durango/Nashville artist Caitlin Cannon‘s modern honky-tonkin’ rocker “Toolbag” leads the way with the sunshine psychedelic-punk rock of Boulder’s The Beeves rounding out this set.  The Beeves have a new album in the works, produced by Nate Cook of the Yawpers, who has been championing the band.

WhiteWater Ramble released a video trilogy this year entitled “A Widow’s Lament.”  The short film won the Best Music Video category at the International Indie Short Fest in Los Angeles.  Part 2 (Hollow) and 3 (Kentucky Windage) are dark stories, relating to gun control issues and domestic violence. Patrick Sites and company turn up the southern rock vibe to fit the dark Southern motif of the stories.

The Copper Children are not a new band in the scene.  Their 2014 debut, Drugs and Liquor, has been played over 1.7 MILLION times on Spotify. A strong regional following came out to get them a CP Fan Favorite Video Pick of 2019.

    1. Caitlin Cannon – Toolbag
    2. WhiteWater Ramble – Kentucky Windage
    3. WhiteWater Ramble – Hollow (feat. Chris Pandolfi)
    4. The Copper Children – Don’t Be So Shy
    5. The Beeves – Jamie’s Revenge

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