CP S14 EP30 2020

Monday AUG 03 2020 –  Cary Morin’s new album, Dockside Saints, isn’t yet officially available for mass consumption via Spotify or YouTube but that doesn’t mean it’s not getting some love from radio where it jumps to #1 this week in the statewide radio airplay chart.  Charlie Stevens new self titled release (serviced by Rocky Mountain Music Network LLC) makes its debut this week at #3, while Down Time extends its TOP five position another week.

The Video Pick of the Week I Can’t Breathe (Again) Feat. Wil Guice, Chy Reco, Ramond, A Meazy (at bottom of post) is a tribute to the BLM movement.  Created by some of Denver’s top hip-hop producers and emcees, in a state of mourning for black lives taken by police, the video is a stunning local reminder of what we’ve seen on the streets and in the news this summer.

Live music is alive and doing as reasonably well as we might expect during COVID.  A long interior drive this weekend took us into Walden, Winter Park, Grand Lake and Estes Park.  Grand Lake and Estes were of course jumpin.  We heard several acoustic acts singing hits from various small stages.

My friends at the Mishawaka have concerts on the calendar with the likes of the Yawpers (AUG 29) and Patti Fiasco (AUG 28).

Every night at 6pm, Denver’s Swallow Hill is streaming live shows of Colorado and national artists on their Facebook page!  This week’s schedule is: https://swallowhillmusic-eb.ticketfly.com/calendar/

  • Aug 3: Cate Downey
  • Aug 4: Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
  • Aug 5: Ross James
  • Aug 6: John McCutcheon
  • Aug 7: Justin Roberts
  • Aug 8: Bret Billings w Greg Schochet & Halden Wofford
  • Aug 9: Taarka

I am happy to support  FOCOMA (Fort Collins Musician Association)  Drive and Jive – a weekly series showcasing some of Northern Colorado’s popular acts.

Please help Rocky Mountain Music Relief feed musicians.  Donations of $15 or more receive a #COmusic COVID mask as a thank you. Proceeds will benefit food needy musicians and their families. Please make sure to provide your address so we can mail your mask.


Spinitron  Designed to benefit non-commercial public and college radio stations, record promoters are among those most likely to benefit from the detailed search function. Currently 12 Colorado radio stations use Spinitron.

COLORADO RADIO (14 stations / 112 titles tracked)

1. CARY MORIN – Dockside Saints LP (Jul-20)
2. NATHANIEL RATELIFF – And It’s Still Alright LP (Feb-20)
3. CHARLIE STEVENS Charlie Stevens LP (Jul-20)
4. DOWN TIMEHurts Being Alive LP (Mar-20)
5. WHITEWATER RAMBLEPseudonymous LP (Feb-20)

ROOTS MUSIC REPORT (inc international, national and Internet radio; irrespective of date / year of release)

1. REVEREND FREAKCHILD– The Bodhisattva Blues LP (Mar-20)
2. NATHANIEL RATELIFF – And It’s Still Alright LP (Feb-20)
3. CARY MORIN – Dockside Saints LP (Jul-20)
4. MOJOMAMA – Red White and Blues LP (May-18)
5. LEE SIMS A Few More Miles to Go LP (May-20)

The Mishawaka is a legendary music venue, restaurant and bar located 13.7 miles up the Poudre Canyon Highway (CO 14) in the stunning Poudre Canyon in Bellvue, CO. NOW OPEN for food, music and movies.


Every week I share some or all of the new music played on the show with you, here in the MMMM.  Your rating gets factored into my decision in what to maintain in the show’s “for airplay” library.

A REMINDER:  Please listen to ALL of the songs and rate them.  Thanks 🙂

(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist premier / not available online


Billy Joe Shaver – Fit to Kill and Going Out In Style – I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal…But I’m Gonna Be a Diamond Someday (1981)
Billy Joe Shaver – I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I’m Gonna Be a Diamond Someday) – I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal…But I’m Gonna Be a Diamond Someday (1981)
(D) John March – Sweet Lorraine – For Once In My Life, a Tribute to Ted Green (2020)

SUCH – The Real Thing – Wide Nose, Full Lips (2019)
Dream Feed – Push and Pull – Dream Feed (2018)
Two Faces West = Brand New Suit – Brand New Suit (2020)
Del Shamen – Come Back Mountain Jill – Singles 1 to 3 (2020)
Freddi HenchiMoonlightin’ (1974)
Rare Silk – American Eyes – American Eyes (1985)
(D) Jayme Stone – Future Promise – Awake (2020)
South to Cedars – Supernovacaine – Tell Everyone (2019)
Great American Taxi – Dr Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show – Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show (2016)
Space Orphan – Superphonic – Shut Up About the Sun (2017)


The Beach Boys – Good Timin’ – 15 Big Ones (1976)
The Beach Boys – It’s O.K. – 15 Big Ones (1976)
(N) Cary Morin – Blue Delta Home – Dockside Saints (2020)

Shovels & Rope – Carry Me Home – By Blood (2019)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Damaged One – New World Arisin’ (2017)
Jeremy Facknitz – Little Devils – From Those Sweet Ashes (2020)
Lord Of Word And The Disciples Of BassThe Open Door (1996)
The Fluid – On My Feet – Purplemetalflakemusic (1992)
(D) Tejon Street Corner Thieves – Demons – Demons EP (2020)

White Rose Motor Oil – Billings to Pueblo – One for the Ages EP (2019)
Mama Lenny and the Remedy – Lock and Key – Rain Fire (2016)
Paa Kow – Cookpot – Cookpot (2017)




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