JULY 1, 2021 -I track thirteen of the state’s twenty plus public, community and college radio stations; eleven via Spinitron. Tracking is not an exact science. Not every dj at every station publishes a playlist and not every station utilizes the automatic playlist generator provided by Spinitron. I tracked nearly two hundred titles in June; eighty-seven received at least one spin on one station in Colorado.

TOP 5 and TOP 30 charts are pulled from published spins at 13 Colorado non-profit community/public and college radio stations.  Designed to benefit non-commercial public and college radio stations, record promoters and artists are among those most likely to benefit from the detailed search function.

Currently 11 Colorado radio stations utilize Spinitron.


  • (xx) = May 2021 position
  • 170 titles / 13 stations tracked

(3) 1. WEST SIDE JOE & THE MEN OF SOUL – Keep On Climbin’ LP (Apr-21)
(15) 2. JOHN GRANT – Boy From Michigan LP (Mar-21)
(1) 3.  LEFTOVER SALMON – Brand New Good Old Days LP (Mar-21)
(–) 4. A.J. FULLERTONThe Forgiver and the Runaway LP (Mar-21) **
(D) 5. LVDY Gold LP (Apr-21)
(D) 6. KITTY CRIMESHilux EP (May-21)
(D) 7. BLANKSLATE – {Thursday} EP (Nov-21)
(D) 8. DESTINO When the World Was Ending LP (Jan-21)
(14) 9. THE BURROUGHS – Zero Sum Game SINGLE (Apr-21)
(D) 9. THE HIGH HAWKSTalk About That LP (Apr-21)
(D) 10. GRACE DEVINEStargazing SINGLE (May-21)
(10) 11. REVEREND FREAKCHILD – Supramundane Blues LP (Apr-21)
(7) 12. FLOBOTS – Roshni SINGLE (Apr-21)
(D) 13. RENO DIVORCEOutsider! Escape from Berlin (Live) LP (Jun-21) **
(D) 14. NATHANIEL RATELIFF Live at Red Rocks 2020 LP (Jun-21)
(D) 15. EDDIE TURNERChange In Me LP (Jun-21)
(21) 16. CARY MORIN – Dockside Saints LP (Jul-20)
(D) 17. CLAIRE HEYWOOD I Won’t Resign My Love For That Old Dream SINGLE (Nov-20)
(D) 17. DRESSY BESSYI’m Still Here SINGLE (Jun-21)
(2) 17. PORLOLONo Praise, No Blame EP (Apr-21)
(13) 18. GASOLINE LOLLIPOPSAll the Misery Money Can Buy LP (Sep-20)
(26) 19. NICENESSRealize EP (Jan-21)
(15) 20. ANTONIO LOPEZ – Roots and Wings LP (Jan-21) **
(D) 21. ZEMBU Mixed SINGLE (Jan-21)
(D) 22. BLAKK MANTRA Choose Your High SINGLE (Jun-21)
(–) 22. THE BARLOWHorseshoe Lounge LP (Jan-21) **
(D) 23. BILLY SHADDOXHeartbeat Retreat LP (May-21)
(4) 23. ANTONIO LOPEZ – Roots and Wings LP (Jan-21) **
(–) 23. DANIEL RODRIGUEZSojurn of the Burning Sun LP (Jun-20) **
(22) 24. ADAM BODINE Scenes of Changery LP (Nov-20)

** serviced to Colorado media by Rocky Mountain Music Network LLC

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

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