#COMUSIC – TOP 30 JAN 2022

February 01, 2022 – Every week I pull spins from thirteen non-commercial radio stations in our state. The data for eleven of them are thanks to Spinitron. Please visit their site and explore.

The last time this chart was updated was for NOV 2021. As you can see, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats and the Lumineers have held onto their respective (1) and (2) at the top of the chart. Four other releases from West Side Joe & the Men of Soul, The Velveteers, Chris Daniels/Hazel Miller/Dana Marsh and Magic Beans are the only other holdovers since the last update.

I’m introducing something new this month. Roots Music Report (RMR) publishes a weekly TOP 50 Colorado Album Chart. I’ve included the most recent week ending chart position following the entry here. It will look like #1 RMR 1/29 …. #50 RMR 1/29.

The new album from Yonder Mountain String Band, Get Yourself Outside, isn’t due out until Feb 25, but the first single, Into the Fire, broke into TOP 30. It’s already doing well at RootsMusicReport.com where it landed at #8 the week of Jan 29, 2022. #8 RMR 1/29

(1) 1. NATHANIEL RATELIFF & THE NIGHTSWEATS – The Future LP (Nov-21) #1 RMR 1/29
(2) 2. THE LUMINEERS – Brightside LP (Oct-21) #2 RMR 1/29
(D) 3. FAST EDDY Take A Look LP (Jan-22)
(D) 4. BISON BONE The Lost Weekend EP (Nov-21)
(D) 5. PINK FUZZLive at Silo Sound LP (Mar-21)
(D) 6. ALLISON LORENZEN Tender LP (Nov-21)
(D) 7. LOST WALKSBlood Lantern LP (Dec-21)
(D) 8. CIVIL ENGINEER – Return LP (Oct-21)
(D) 8. ZOE BERMANFreezing Heat EP (Dec-21)
(D) 9. MERSIVPretty Dark Loud LP (Oct-21)
(15) 10. WEST SIDE JOE & THE MEN OF SOUL –  Keep On Climbin’ LP (Apr-21) #7 RMR 1/29
(16) 11. A.J. FULLERTON – The Forgiver and the Runaway LP (Mar-21) **
(–) 12. LEFTOVER SALMON Brand New Good Old Days LP (Mar-21) #4 RMR 1/29
(3) 13. THE VELVETEERS – Nightmare Daydream LP (Oct-21) #19 RMR 1/29
(D) 14. RUSTY STEVE & POLLY URETHANEAltruism EP (Dec-21)
(-) 15. JAGUAR STEVENS Jaguar Stevens LP (Sep-21)
(D) 16. ADIEL MITCHELLWant It Now SINGLE (Jan-21)
(11) 17. CHRIS DANIELS/HAZEL MILLER/DANA MARSH – What We Did! LP (Jul-21) **
(D) 17. ZOE BERMAN Age of the Sherbet Man SINGLE (Nov-21)
(D) 18. NICKI WALTERSSpinning Dream SINGLE (Dec-21)
(D) 19. ADIEL MITCHELLComfortable SINGLE (Jun-21)
(-) 20. DAVID STARRTouchstones LP (Sep-21)
(-) 21. THE BURROUGHSZero Sum Game SINGLE (Apr-21)
(-) 22. FOXFEATHER End of My Rope SINGLE (Sep-21)
(D) 23. TRASH CAT The Tide LP (Dec-21)
(16) 24. MAGIC BEANS – Slice of Life LP (Apr-21)
(D) 25. YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND Get Yourself Outside LP (Feb-22) #8 RMR 1/29
(D) 26. ANDY SYDOWTime Stands Between EP (Aug-21)
(–) 26. DIRTY SHRINES Digital Ego LP (Sep-21)
(D) 26. THE CROOKED RUGSThat! LP (Nov-21)

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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at coloradoplaylist@gmail.com

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