Colorado TOP 30 AUG 2021

SEPT 1, 2021 -Every week I track thirteen of the state’s twenty plus public, community and college radio stations; eleven thanks to Spinitron.

Tracking is not an exact science. Not every dj at every station publishes a playlist and not every station utilizes the automatic playlist generator provided by Spinitron.

I tracked nearly two hundred titles in August; ninety-five received at least one spin on one station in Colorado. All titles are current since August 2020.

Designed to benefit non-commercial public and college radio stations and featuring advanced search functions for artists and agents.

(11) 1. CHRIS DANIELS & HAZEL MILLER – What We Did! LP (Jul-21) **
(—) 2. THE GRAND ALLIANCE – The Grand Alliance EP (Jan-21)
(—) 2. YASI – Coexist with Chaos EP (Mar-21)
(7) 3. THE HIGH HAWKS – The High Hawks LP (Apr-21)
(9) 4. A.J. FULLERTON – The Forgiver and the Runaway LP (Mar-21) **
(D) 6. GLASS CASES Chemicals SINGLE (Jul-21)
(D) 7. BLUMER HAUS – Boy Meets Groove LP (Jul-21)
(–) 8. NATHANIEL RATELIFFLive at Red Rocks (2020) LP Jul-21
(12) 9. GASOLINE LOLLIPOPS – All the Misery Money Can Buy LP (Sep-20)
(—) 10. HEAVY DIAMOND RINGThe Brightest Light EP (Dec-20)
(D) 11. BLAKK MANTRA Dressed In Dynamite SINGLE (Jul-21)
(D) 11. NEOMA Fixxion SINGLE (Jul-21)
(12) 12. LEFTOVER SALMON – Brand New Good Old Days LP (Mar-21)
(D) 12. SLOW CAVESBefore I Leave SINGLE (Jun-21)
(21) 13. THE VELVETEERS – Charmer and the Snake SINGLE (Jul-21)
(1) 14. AMBAR LUCID – Get Lost In the Music EP (Jun-21)
(15) 15. EDDIE TURNER – Change In Me LP (Jun-21)
(8) 15. JOHN GRANT – Boy From Michigan LP (Mar-21)
(9) 15. REVEREND FREAKCHILD – Supramundane Blues LP (Apr-21)
(6) 15. WEST SIDE JOE & THE MEN OF SOUL –  Keep On Climbin’ LP (Apr-21)
(–) 16. ADAM BODINE – Scenes of Changery LP (Nov-20)
(–) 17. BLAKK MANTRAWelcome to El Rey Blvd EP (Sep-20)
(–) 17. DEL SHAMENDel Shamen EP (Oct-20) **
(D) 18. ANDY SYDOW Time Stands Between EP (Aug-21) **
(20) 18. LVDY – Gold LP (Apr-21)
(D) 18. TEDDIE COLLINZCinnamon Eyes SINGLE (Jun-21)
(–) 18. ZOE BERMANLilac Hour SINGLE (Feb-21)
(D) 19. ADIEL MITCHELLWant It Now SINGLE (Jan-21)
(D) 19. A-MAC & THE HEIGHTShelter SINGLE (May-21)


December 1, 2020 -EDIT DEC 02 2020 … Before I posted up yesterday, I forgot to link the releases to their respective YOUTUBE location.  That’s now done.  Enjoy.

By now it should come as no surprise the incredible success of Nathaniel Rateliff‘s solo LP And It’s Still Alright.  Not only did it bounce back to #1 this month, but I’m 100% positive it will be #1 for 2020.

New Artist to Watch For, Dafna, a student at CU Boulder, DEBUTS at #2 thanks mostly to it being the most played Colorado release at Indie 102.3 this past month. Colorado supergroup Del Shamen, featuring members of the Subdudes, Hot Rize/E-Town and Firefall debuts at #4 with their self-titled debut.  Debuting at #8, Ron Miles Rainbow Sign is the first JAZZ album to land at #1 in a WEEKLY TOP 5 (wk end 11/28)

Those of us in the arts are the epitome of “small business.” My hope is that you’ll support musicians, artists, and local community radio this holiday season. Your support is deeply appreciated.  The Colorado Playlist is provided to member stations at no cost.  Your support will help to keep the program on the air as we enter its 15th season in 2021.

There are over 20 FM and LPFM (low power FM) non-commercial public/community and college stations in Colorado.  I track spins at 11 of those stations thanks to Spinitron, developed to benefit non-commercial public and educational terrestrial radio stations in the US, and offering advanced search functions for artists and agents.


  • DATE OF RELEASE = Oct 2019-November 2020
  • (xxx) = OCTOBER 2020 position
  • 220 titles / 13 stations tracked

(7) 1. NATHANIEL RATELIFF – And It’s Still Alright LP (Feb-20)
(D) 2. DAFNA – I LOVE YOU LP (Sep-20)
(1) 3. CARY MORIN – Dockside Saints LP (Jul-20)
(2) 5. GASOLINE LOLLIPOPS – All the Misery Money Can Buy LP (Sep-20)
(3) 6. RODNEY RICE – Same Shirt, Different Day LP (Aug-20)
(D) 8. RON MILES – Rainbow Sign LP (Oct-20)
(31) 9. RON MILES – Rainbow Sign LP (Oct-20)
(D) 9. NAT TATESongs for the Trees LP (Oct-20)
(D) 10. ZEMBURecall EP (Mar-20)
(D) 11. FERN ROBERTSMeet Them At the Door LP (Oct-20)
(D) 12. JOHN LENSINGTalk to Me SINGLE (Sep-20)
(D) 13. SYDNEY CLAPGolden Air SINGLE (Aug-20)
(15) 13. VALDEZ – Saint Munchausen SINGLE (Sep-20)
(D) 14. ROSSINIParty People SINGLE (Sep-20)
(-) 15. WILDERMISSSupermagical SINGLE (May-20)
(13) 16. LAST CALL ROMANCE – Double Funeral, Vol. 1 EP (Dec-19)
(33) 16. MUSKETEER GRIPWEEDMore Than Ever LP (Oct-20)
(50) 16. JOHNNY & THE MONGRELSCreole Skies LP (Jul-20)
(D) 17. SARAH SLATONGet Up SINGLE (Nov-20)
(18) 18.ALRIGHT ALRIGHT –Crucible LP (Oct-20)
(-) 18. BRENT COWLESIt’s Coals. LP (Sep-20)
(38) 18. DANIEL RODRIGUEZSojurn of the Burning Sun LP (Jun-20)
(D) 18. DOUGLAS MANNBlack Roses on Dark Water LP (Nov-20)
(D) 18. SAINTJOEPenmanship LP (Feb-20)
(15) 18. WOOD BELLY – Man on the Radio LP Jan-20
(-) 18. ANDY FRASCO & THE U.N.Keep On Keepin’ On LP (Apr-20)
(55) 19. KING CARDINALBluebird Day SINGLE (Aug-20)
(-) 20. ESME PATTERSONThere Will Come Soft Rains LP (Mar-20)