#COMUSIC – TOP 30 JAN 2023

The last report was DEC 2022. There are 31 titles in this month’s TOP 30.  

Every Sunday I survey over a dozen community/public and college stations, which includes spins on respective stations via the Colorado Playlist. 

Survey period is from the first week ending with a Saturday through the last week ending with a Saturday.  Titles are linked to its respective YouTube page.

At the bottom of the JAN TOP 30 you’ll find TOP “5” charts for 88.9 KRFC Fort Collins, Indie 102.3105.5 The Colorado Sound and eleven other stations around the state that report to Spinitron.

TWENTY ONE debuts (D) for the month.
FIVE titles stayed from previous month
FIVE titles re-entered (R) the TOP 30.

Spin data pulled from the Colorado Playlist105.5 The Colorado SoundIndie 102.388.9 KRFC  and ten other stations that use playlist generator Spinitron, designed to benefit community/public and college radio stations and offering search functions for artists and agents to track airplay.

(21) 1. ELEKTRIC ANIMALS – Channels EP (May-22)
(D) 2. JULIAN FULCO PERRON In My Garden LP (Nov-22)
(3) 3. EUFORQUESTRA – While We Still Got Time LP (Jun-22)
(D) 4. TRAVIS MCNAMARA Moon Calendar LP (Mar-23)
(D) 5. TENNIS Pollen LP (Jan-23)
(D) 5. TRASH. – Ghosts EP (Dec-22)
(D) 6. CHLOE SOUTHERN Last Man on Earth EP (Nov-22)
(D) 6. GRIMMLY Happiest – SINGLE (Dec-22)
(2) 7. ALYSIA KRAFT – First Light LP (Jun-22)
(21) 7. MIKE CLARK & THE SUGAR SOUNDS – Moon Rock LP (Mar-22)
(D) 7. SREEJA CHAKRA Better Off SINGLE (Oct-22)
(R) 8. MOJOMAMA We Are One LP (Jun-22)
(D) 9. BABAH FLY Wisdom in the Framework SINGLE (Nov-22)
(14) 9. VINCE HERMAN – Enjoy the Ride LP (Nov-22)
(R) 9. YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BANDGet Yourself Outside LP (Feb-22)
(D) 10. LID DIXONParlor Trick EP (Dec-22)
(D) 10. SARA FLOWSThe Age of Aquarius EP (Apr-22)
(D) 11. CALEB MILLERHandsome SINGLE (Nov-22)
(D) 11. SAMI DAVIS Happy Pill SINGLE (May-22)
(D) 12. HOVERFLY Hate SINGLE (Oct-22)
(R) 12. KEITH OXMAN This One’s for Joey LP (May-22)
(D) 12. SARA FLOWS Subaru SINGLE (Nov-22)
(D) 13. BABAH FLY U Can Feel the Vibration SINGLE (Jul-22)
(D) 13. SAMI DAVIS Sick SINGLE (Dec-22)
(R) 13. THE INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERSToward the Fray LP (Feb-22)
(R) 14. GASOLINE LOLLIPOPSNightmares LP (Oct-22)
(D) 15. EMILY SCOTT ROBINSON Built On Bones EP (Oct-22)
(D) 15. JACOB LARSON BANDTotally Legal LP (Oct-22)
(D) 15. PLUTINOS Last to Know SINGLE (Nov-22)
(D) 15. VIOLET PILOT Glad We Found You LP (Oct-22)


88.9 KRFC (Fort Collins/Northern Front Range)
(1) 1. ALYSIA KRAFT – First Light LP (Jun-22)
(D) 2. BRIANNA HARRIS When We’re Found LP (Sep-22)
(D) 3. LID DIXON Parlor Trick EP (Dec-22)
(R) 4. BLUES CIRCUS Old Time Blues Revue LP (Jul-22)
(5) 4. EUFORQUESTRA – While We Still Got Time LP (Jun-22)

INDIE 102.3 (Denver/multiple markets)
(D) 1. ELEKTRIC ANIMALS – Channels EP (May-22)
(D) 1. TRASH. – Ghosts EP (Dec-22)
(D) 2. CHLOE SOUTHERNLast Man on Earth EP (Nov-22)
(D) 2. GRIMMLYHappiest SINGLE (Dec-22)
(D) 2. JULIAN FULCO PERRON In My Garden LP (Nov-22)
(D) 2. TENNIS Pollen LP (Jan-23)

105.5 THE COLORADO SOUND (Greeley/Northern Front Range)
(4) 1. EUFORQUESTRA – While We Still Got Time LP (Jun-22)
(4) 1. JYEMO CLUB EPocha EP (Aug-22)
(R) 1. RITMO CASCABELRitmo Cascabel EP (Apr-22)
(R) 2. CARY MORIN & GHOST DOGGoin’ Down South SINGLE (May-22)
(R) 2. GASOLINE LOLLIPOPSNightmares LP (Oct-22)
(1) 2. IZCALLI Rebirth LP (Jul-22)
(3) 2. MIKE CLARK & THE SUGAR SOUNDSMoon Rock LP (Mar-22)

KAFM (Grand Junction), KBUT (Crested Butte), KCSU (Fort Collins) KDNK (Carbondale), KDUR (Durango), KFFR (Winter Park), KOTO (Telluride), KRZA (Alamosa), KSJD (4 Corners), KSUT (Ignacio), KVNF (Paonia)
(2) 1. STILLHOUSE JUNKIES – Small Towns LP (Sep-22)
(1) 2. EUFORQUESTRA – While We Still Got Time LP (Jun-22)
(R) 2. THE INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERSToward the Fray LP (Feb-22)
(D) 3. BIG RICHARD Live from Telluride LP (Oct-22)
(4) 4. ANDY THORN – Songs of the Sunrise Fox LP (Sep-22)
(3) 4. LETTUCE – Unify LP (Jun-22)
(3) 4. VINCE HERMAN – Enjoy the Ride LP (Nov-22)


Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at coloradoplaylist@gmail.com

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