MAY 01, 2023 – WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! You blew the roof off this sucker! You set an ALL TIME thirteen year high for views and visits for APRIL, by a HUGE margin. Thank you. Much love.

Every Sunday I survey over a dozen community/public and college stations, which includes spins on the Colorado playlist.

The monthly survey period is from the first week ending with a Sunday, through the last week ending with a Sunday.  Yearly spins are pulled and calculated from December through the next November.

The annual new release year begins in November, although there are some released in October that make the cut. I track all titles for a full calendar year from the official date of release.

Titles are linked to its respective YouTube page.

Spin data pulled from the Colorado Playlist105.5 The Colorado SoundIndie 102.388.9 KRFC  and ten other stations that use playlist generator Spinitron, offering search functions for artists and agents to track airplay.

You can almost always expect a nationally known band to place high up on the charts.

*The Wood Brothers are not, specifically speaking, a locally based band. The Boulder raised Chris and Oliver Wood, aka *The Wood Brothers, are in the #COMUSIC conversation in much the same way as *Shovels and Rope, one-half of which is Denver raised Michael Trent. Chris, Oliver and Michael all grew up here, but moved after high school to pursue music full time elsewhere. Hence the * in front of their names.

I also include Colorado expats living elsewhere in my tracking, as long as they were born and/or raised here, or got their career started here or there is some other reason to include them. So the new *The Wood Brothers get counted in my tracking along with Leftover Salmon cofounder and Colorado Music Hall of Fame inductee, *Vince Herman, who now lives in Nashville. His solo debut, Enjoy the Ride, gets counted as part of #COMUSIC.


(D) – debuts in the TOP 20
(R) – reentered TOP 20

(1) 1. *THE WOOD BROTHERS – Heart Is the Hero LP (Apr-23)
(D) 2. SUGAR NOVA – Halogen LP (May-23)
(D) 3. WHITE ROSE MOTOR OIL – The Gift of Poison EP (Mar-23)
(D) 4. THE SAVAGE BLUSH – Ether Dome LP (Mar-23)
(D) 5. SAUCE.K Ease the Pain SINGLE (Nov-22)
(R) 6. ALYSIA KRAFT – First Light LP (Jun-22)
(10) 7. DANIEL RODRIGUEZ – Vast Nothing LP (Mar-23)**
(2) 8. DEVA YODER – Be Well LP (Feb-23)
(6) 8. VOLORES – Ages LP (Mar-23)
(R) 9. EUFORQUESTRA – While We Still Got Time LP (Jun-22)**
(R) 9. MUSKETEER GRIPWEED – Long Past Time LP (Sep-22)
(14) 10. REBECCA FOLSOM – Sanctuary LP (Mar-23)
(D) 11. KIND HEARTED STRANGERS – Now.Here LP (Mar-23) **
(D) 12. TAYLOR SHAESmall Town America SINGLE (Mar-23)
(D) 12. THE BURROUGHS – Found My Groove SINGLE (Apr-23)
(D) 13. SPLIFF TANK Got Snakes SINGLE (Mar-23)
(D) 13. SPLIFF TANKLie SINGLE (May-22)
(D) 14. THE LOSERS CLUBGoing Nowhere SINGLE (Feb-23)
(D) 15. MYSTEEHard Candy SINGLE (Feb-23)
(D) 15. THE LOSERS CLUBKevin? SINGLE (Mar-23)


(1) 1. EUFORQUESTRA – While We Still Got Time LP (Jun-22)**
(2) 2. ALYSIA KRAFT – First Light LP (Jun-22)
(14) 3. *THE WOOD BROTHERS – Heart Is the Hero LP (Apr-23)
(3) 4. JULIAN FULCO PERRON  In My Garden LP (Nov-22)
(4) 5. ELEKTRIC ANIMALS – Channels EP (May-22)
(6) 6. *VINCE HERMAN – Enjoy the Ride LP (Nov-22)
(17) 7.  DANIEL RODRIGUEZ – Vast Nothing LP (Mar-23)**
(5) 7. TRAVIS MCNAMARA – Moon Calendar LP (Mar-23)
(15) 7. VOLORES – Ages LP (Mar-23)
(7) 8. BRIANA HARRIS – When We’re Found LP (Sep-22)
(16) 9. MUSKETEER GRIPWEED – Long Past Time LP (Sep-22)
(7) 10. BEVIN LUNA – Madison and Angelus LP (Jun-22)
(D) 11. SUGAR NOVA – Halogen LP (May-23)
(15) 12. IZCALLI – Rebirth LP (Jul-22)
(12) 13. TENNIS – Pollen LP (Jan-23)
(10) 14. STILLHOUSE JUNKIES – Small Towns LP (Sep-22)
(D) 15. DEVA YODER – Be Well LP (Feb-23)
(8) 16. THE LUMINEERS – Brightside LP (Jan-22)
(9) 17. MIKE CLARK & THE SUGAR SOUNDS – Moon Rock LP (Mar-22)
(11) 18. WILDERMISS W.I.F.I. SINGLE (Aug-22)

** serviced to media by Rocky Mountain Music Network LLC


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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at coloradoplaylist@gmail.com

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