Happy Birthday Desktop BackgroundMarch marked the 5th birthday of this blog (March 2010).  April marks the 9th birthday for The Colorado Sound (April 2006 / KRFC) and the 3rd birthday for The Colorado Sound Live365 (April 2012).

March, like Feb and Jan, hit historical highs for page views for the month.  March also hit historic lows for the number of spins statewide for Colorado music, and the lowest number of stations spinning 10 or more titles since I began keeping track, nearly seven years ago now.  I really struggled with  that.  March also registered the lowest number of hours listened to The Colorado Sound Live365, and the fewest number of people streaming the station.

Tracking spins is always challenging.  Several of the smallest stations have no way of measuring or determining what titles they play.  Most of the time there’s no central accounting system in place and there can be over 100 individuals on the air in any given month.  Even some influential stations in the state have no effective means of tracking spins.  That alone presents some interesting challenges, especially if those stations stream online, but that’s an entirely different set of problems best left undiscussed here.

Only seven of the fifteen stations surveyed managed to air ten “currents”  (titles up to 18 months old).  And the difference in the number of over- the-air “exposures” (spins per station x number of station frequencies x number of stations) between the top of the charts and the rest was significant enough for me to tell you about it.

That we had what I think is at or near an historic number of debuts (13) this month is due also, I believe, to the low number of titles being played per station in March.  The number of titles tracked also fell to 187, the first time that number has fallen beneath 200 in over 3 years – although the total number of titles aired is about normal for the month at 108.

bill frisell_guitar in the space ageBill Frisell‘s wonderful “Guitar In the Space Age” rocked the top spot for the 3rd consecutive month, out blasting the stellar new albums by heavyweights like Chris Daniels & the Kings who continued their assault on  the top position for a second month, and the new Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield, Poco) release, “Hand in Hand,” that debuts at #6 this month.  Jeff Austin manages to jump to #3 with “The Simple Truth,” remaining in the TOP 5 for the second month since his January release.  Hot Rize also holds onto TOP 5 status since being released last September, a tremendous accomplishment to be fair.

Cracker made  the cut for  VIDEO PICKS OF THE MONTH with California Country Boy (sung by Johnny Hickman) shot as part of the Gondola Sessions at Aspen/Snowmass.  Cracker is David Lowry and Johnny Hickman.  Johnny Hickman lives in Northern Colorado.  He also plays in the Hickman-Dalton Gang with Colorado native picker Jim Dalton, and has maintained a solo project with musicians here in the area.  He has also been very involved with working with and supporting other Colorado acts, such as the Yawpers for whom he produced  the single “Faith and Good Judgement” (SpokesBUZZ Vol. V). And fortunately for all of us here, we’re seeing the band play more here in Colorado.  They just played the Moxi in Greeley recently, and will be appearing at the Mishawaka on June 6 as well as other dates regionally later in the summer.  In the least, Cracker is considered to have a Colorado Connection (CC).

Please visit my friends’ sites.  They keep this thing going.  

colorado case logoColorado Case Company a Fort Collins based, Colorado family owned business specializing in insulated soft cases, gig bags, case covers and rigid cases for most instruments, including hard to fit instruments.

SpokesBuzz Fort Collins logoSpokesBUZZ, a Colorado non-profit with a mission to develop the professionalism of artists, promote and connect progressive cultural destinations, amplify music scenes, and grow local economies.  See event calendar for Spokesbuzz band shows.

mishawakaThe historic Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Northern Colorado’s Musical Playground, and seriously one of the most badass music venues in the state.  I’m very happy to be on board co-presenting LOCALS x LOCALS featuring Cracker with Post Paradise, Winchester Holiday, and The Colorado Sound Saturday June 6th, 2015 4:00 PM (Doors at 3:00) AND Hazel Miller | Chris Daniels & the Kings with Goatz! (my band) and William’s Reserve (my son’s band) on Sunday Aug 9, 2015 4:30PM (Doors at 3:30)  TICKETS ON SALE NOW for both events.


New cuts from Richie Furay, Cracker, and SHEL lead the picks this month that also includes music from Rocky Mountain Celts, along with new hip-hop from Glimmer Twins spin-off Grim & Darling, new electro-pop from  Ronitt, and new country-folk from John Statz, who’s latest album “Tulsa” picked up a few stations in March.  Enjoy.

TOP 40 Spins MARCH 2015

183 titles tracked
Titles tracked = released between Oct 1 2013 and March 27 2015
108 (59%) titles identified as played at least once in the reporting period
Stations/shows surveyed: 15
(CC) = Colorado Connection
(D) = album/ep/single debut on chart
(R) = re-enter
[date] = Date added to reporting list

bill frisell_guitar in the space age(1) 1. Bill Frisell Guitar In the Space Age (Okeh Records) Jazz/Instrumental [Nov 18, 2014] (CC)
(3) 2. Chris Daniels & the Kings Funky To the Bone (Moon Voyage) Blues/funk [Jan 15, 2015]
(5) 3. Jeff Austin The Simple Truth (Yep Roc) Rock/AAA, bluegrass [Jan 2, 2015]
(2) 4. Hot RizeWhen I’m Free (Thirty Tigers) Bluegrass [Sept 15, 2014]
(27) 5. The RailsplittersThe Railsplitters (self) Bluegrass [Oct 1, 2013]
(D) 6. Richie FurayHand In Hand (ENT ONE Music) Americana/country-rock [March 1, 2015]
(8) 7. Various SpokesBUZZ Compilation V (SpokesBUZZ) Various [Dec 20, 2014]
(9) 8. Ark LifeThe Dream of You & Me (Greater Than Collective) Rock/AAA [June 28, 2014]
(7) 9. Leftover Salmon High Country (LoS) Rock/bluegrass [Nov 8, 2014]
(4) 10. Brothers Keeper Todd Meadows (8150 Records) Rock/AAA [Dec 20, 2014]
(12) 11. 12. You, Me and Apollo – Sweet Honey (self) Indie/New Alternative [April 26, 2014]
(31) 12. Snake Rattle Rattle SnakeTotem  (self) Indie/New Alternative [Nov 8, 2014]
(D) 13. John StatzTulsa (self) Americana/country-folk [March 1, 2015]
(21) 14. Rose Quartz Axis of Love [EP] (self) Pop/EDM [Feb 1, 2015]
(18) 15. TennisRitual in Repeat (Communion Records) Indie/New Alternative [Aug 14, 2014]
(11) 16. The String Cheese Incident – Song in My Head (SCI Fidelity) Rock/AAA [April 14, 2014]
(31) 17. John OatesGood Road to Follow (PS Records) Pop/Adult Contemporary [March 18, 2014]
(30) 18. Todd Adelman Highways & Lowways (Porch Lantern Music) Americana/alt-country-rock [Jan 8, 2015]
(24) 19. Blake Brown & American Dust Choir“3” (self) Rock/AAA [Aug 13, 2014]
(R) 20. Cary MorinTiny Town (self) Blues/folk [Jan 1, 2015]
(D) 21. Jayme StoneJayme Stone’s Lomax Project (Borealis Recording) Folk [March 27. 2015]
(D) 22. TaarkaMaking Tracks Home (self) Folk [March 9, 2015]
(29) 23. Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore Love Runner (Remington Road Records) Americana/folk [Dec 21, 2013]
(D) 24. Dana Landry QuartetStandard Elevation (self) Jazz/Instrumental [March 7. 2015]
(D) 25. Moors and McCumberPandemonium (self) Americana/country-folk [Feb 24 2015]
(R) 26. Esme PattersonWoman to Woman (Greater Than Collective) Indie/New Alternative [Feb 22, 2014]
(19) 27. Young Ancients Y/A (self) Americana [Feb 11, 2014]
(22) 28. Big Head Todd & the MonstersBlack Beehive (Shout! Factory) Rock/blues-rock [Jan 25, 2014]
(R) 28. Rob DrabkinLittle Steps EP (self) Rock/AAA [Jan 1, 2014]
(25) 29. Danielle Ate the SandwichThe Drawing Back of Curtains (Youngest Daughter Records) Folk [Jan 13, 2015]
(R) 29. Safe Boating Is No AccidentBonus Features (self) Indie/New Alternative [Feb 20, 2014]
(D) 30. Trout Steak RevivalBrighter Every Day (self) Bluegrass [March 20. 2015]
(D) 31. Analog SonStomp and Shout! (self) Jazz/Funk [March 7, 2015]
(D) 32. Richard DeanAccidental Human (Coastal Bend) Folk/folk-rock [March 14, 2015]
(D) 33. SHELThe Lab Sessions (Moraine) Folk [March 20, 2015]
(D) 33. Toad In the HoleWallflower (self) Rock/AAA [March 21, 2015]
(6) 34. Land LinesThe Natural World (self) Indie/New Alternative [Jan 31, 2015]
(R) 35. Grant Farm Plowin’ Time (self) Rock/country-rock [May 14, 2014]
(D) 35. In The WhaleNate & Eric (self) Rock [March 9, 2015]
(D) 36. H2 Big BandIt Could Happen (Capri) Jazz/Instrumental [Feb 1, 2015]

10. Reed Foehl – Lost in the West
13. Paul Mullikin – Time Is Now
14. Selasee & the Fafa Family – Time for Peace
15. Ben Markley-Clint Ashlock Quintet – The Return
16. Euforquestra – Fire
17. Nathaniel Rateliff – Closer EP
17. Strange Americans – That Kind of Luster
20. The Motet- The Motet
23. Dianne Reeves – Beautiful Life
25. Nathaniel Rateliff – Falling Faster Than You Can Run
26. Gerald Albright – Slam Dunk
26. Gipsy Moon – Autumn’s Retreat
28. Musketeer Gripweed – Floods and Fires
31. Katie Herzig – Walk Through Walls
32. AMZY – We Don’t Walk, We Dance
32. Calder’s Revolvers – Sunday Morning
32. The Seers – Deaf in June
33. Fierce Bad Rabbit – Living Asleep

Amy Kress – Secret Music
Analog Son – Stomp and Shout!
Anthony Ruptak – Between the Hangman and the Halo
Dana Landry Quartet – Standard Elevation
Fox St. – Something About You [single]
In The Whale – Nate & Eric
Jayme Stone – Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project
John Statz – Tulsa
Michael Kirkpatrick – Honey Rider
Modern Suspects – Told You So [single]
Moors and McCumber – Pandemonium
Otis Taylor – Hey Joe Opus Red Meat
Plume Varia – Vernor | Forge
Ragged Union – Hard Row to Hoe
Richard Dean – Accidental Human
Richie Furay – Hand In Hand
Sean Curtis Band – Kind of Like Wyoming
SHEL – The Lab Sessions
Stelth Ulvang – and as always the infinite cosmos
Stephen Melton – S/T
Taarka – Making Tracks Home
Toad In the Hole – Wallflower
Trout Steak Revival – Brighter Every Day


[XX] = number of reported current year (Oct 2013-March 2015) titles
Stations monitored for spins = KAFM, KBUT, KDUR, KGNU, KOTO, KRCC, KRFC, KRZA, KSJD, KSUT, KUNC, KVNF, OPENAIR 1340, Radio 94.9 Colorado,  The Colorado Sound radio show and The Colorado Sound LIVE365.  Stations with minimum 10 “currents” featured in breakout.

chrisdanielsthekings3KAFM (Grand Junction) [15]
1. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky to the Bone
2. Bill Frisell – Guitar In the Space Age
3. Richie Furay – Hand In Hand
4. Paa Kow – Ask
5. The Longest Day of the Year – Carapace

Kyle_Hollingsworth_Speed_Of_LifeKDUR (Durango) [12]
1. Kyle Hollingsworth – Speed of Life
2. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky to the Bone
2. Grant Farm – Plowin’ Time
2. Hot Rize – When I’m Free
2. Leftover Salmon – High Country

Hot Rize_When I'm FreeKGNU (Boulder) [15]
1. Hot Rize – When I’m Free
2. Gipsy Moon – Autumn’s Retreat
3. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky to the Bone
3. Jayme Stone – Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project
3. The Railsplitters – The Railsplitters

pandas and people cd coverKRFC (Fort Collins) [>100]
1. Pandas & People – S/T
2. Cary Morin – Tiny Town
3. Taarka – Making Tracks Home
4. John Statz – Tulsa
5. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky to the Bone+

chrisdanielsthekings3KUNC (Greeley) [15]
1. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky to the Bone
1. Jeff Austin – The Simple Truth
2. Ark Life – The Dream of You and Me
3. The Railsplitters – The Railsplitters
4. Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Black Beehive

plum imageOPEN AIR 102.3 (Denver) [30]
1. Plum – Behind Your Man (single)
2. In The Whale – Nate & Eric
3. Various – SpokesBUZZ Compilation V
4. Land Lines – The Natural World
4. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake – Totem


1. Rose Quartz – Axis of Love
2. Todd Adelmen – Highways and Lowways
2. Various – SpokesBUZZ Compilation V
3. Analog Son – Stomp and Shout!
3. Brothers Keeper – Todd Meadows

Nathaniel Rateliff – Nothing to Show For
Fierce Bad Rabbit – Crystal Ball
Calder’s Revolvers – I Gotta Know
Richie Furay – We Were the Dreamers
Drew Schofield – Break It Down

Brothers Keeper – Why Do You Fall
Cary Morin – Tiny Town
Chris Daniels & The Kings – Something You Got
Fox St. – Somethin About You
Jeff Austin – What The Night Brings
John Statz – Any Town Will Do
Leftover Salmon – Two Highways
Modern Suspects – Told You So
The Motet – Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed
Rose Quartz – Medicine
SHEL – Please Come Home
Snake Rattle Rattle Snake – Evil Eye
Strange Americans – Rocks Rolls
Tennis – Needle and a Knife
Todd Adelman – Right Before You Said Hello



Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds, The Yawpers, SPELLS
and Residual Kid among performers

FORT COLLINS, Colo., February 24, 2015 — More than 120 bands will represent Colorado at the Colorado Music Party in Austin next month, this time with five consecutive days and nights of live performances on Sixth Street.

Organizers announced the initial lineup for the multi-day event today, with Colorado-based bands such as The Yawpers and SPELLS taking the stage alongside bands with Colorado industry connections – such as Austin’s Residual Kid and New York City’s Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds.

From Tuesday, March 17Saturday, March 21, the Colorado Music Party will take place at The 512 on Sixth St. and be presented by Colorado Creative Industries, the Colorado Tourism Office and SpokesBUZZ, along with media and music industry partners from throughout the state.

The week’s festivities will kick off on Tuesday, March 17 with a celebration of Colorado’s commitment to creativity and innovation, presented by Colorado Innovation Network (COIN).

“The Colorado Music Party gives us an unparalleled opportunity to show off the incredible musical talent found across the state — especially this year, with five days and nights of highly visible performances,” said Dani Grant, executive director of SpokesBUZZ. “But what it also allows us to showcase is the experienced, well-connected creative professionals that represent the Colorado music industry. Our partners include venues, management and marketing agencies, festival organizers, event producers and other industry experts that support national and international talent. The expertise on display at the Colorado Music Party isn’t just limited to the musicians onstage.”

To demonstrate, Grant points to artists such as Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds — a national festival favorite booked at Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat — and to Residual Kid — an Austin-based youth rock band exploding on the national scene, thanks in part to Denver manager Bart Dahl. Bands connected through other Colorado music industry contacts such as 7s Management and AEG-Live will also perform throughout the week.

“While the overall lineup remains heavily centered on Colorado bands, that’s only part of the story when it comes to Colorado music,” Grant said. “The infrastructure for the industry is evident as well. Some of the smartest, hardest-working people in the business are here — but you’re going to find them behind the scenes most of the time, not standing in the spotlight.”

Performance dates and times and schedules are still being solidified, but bands currently confirmed to play the Colorado Music Party 2015 include: Dave Arcari, In The Whale, Inner Oceans, Kitty Crimes, Publicist UK, Residual Kid, Robert Cline Jr., Rubedo, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, SPELLS, The Yawpers, and Wheelchair Sports Camp. Also announced:

3Two, Albny, Altas, AMZY, Andy Sydow, Aspen Hourglass, Babah Fly, Ben Marshal, Better Than Bacon, Birch Street, Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir, Bonnie and the Beard, Branded Bandits, Brett Jarnagin, Bud Bronson & The Good Timers, Calder’s Revolvers, Candy Claws – Sound of Ceres, Caramel Carmela, Carson Block, Chris Dismuke, Cobary Jam, Cold River City, Cōvergeist, CRL CRRLL, Dirty Few, Disguise the Silence, DOUBLEWIDE, Dr. Death + Mr. Vile, Dragondeer, Edison, Eldren, Elise Wunder, Facing West, From Thin Air, Grim&Darling, High Five Hip Hop, Indigenous Robot, iZCALLi, Jack+Jill,, JiM ChieF, Jordan Igoe, Kind Dub, Lisa Bell Band, Lissa Hanner, Matt Mahern and Constitution, Matt Skinner Band, Maxwell Hughes (formerly of The Lumineers), Montoneros, No Fair Fights, OKO TYGRA, Open Space, Palace Brands, Poor Me, Post Paradise, Professor Fox’s One Man Band, Qbala, Red Fox Run, RipRats, Rob Drabkin, Robby Wicks Band (Acoustic Duo), Rocktin Grove, Rootbeer & Mermentau, Rumours Follow, Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts, Sarah & the Meanies, SarCa$t*, Sexy Ester, Shaley Scott Band, Shatterproof, Shelby Britton, Slow Caves, Steele & Colfax, Stella Luce, Stephen Langstaff, Strawberry Runners, The 14ers, the B.A.B.E.S., The Covz, The Echo Chamber, The FAMM, The Left Ready, The Lindsey Saunders Band, The LoLos, The Patti Fiasco, The Railsplitters, The Rayo Brothers, The Royal, The Seers, The Sweet Lillies, Thunderthief, Tight Thump, Tommy Metz, Travellers Music, Von Stomper, Wandering Monks, Wasteland Hop, We Are Not a Glum Lot, Wild Wombat, Wiredogs, Write Minded.

More bands will be confirmed in upcoming weeks. To keep up on the most up-to-date details regarding events, bands and lineup, and to RSVP to the Colorado Music Party, please visit

SpokesBUZZ, Colorado Creative Industries and the Colorado Tourism Office are the presenting sponsors for the 2015 Colorado Music Party. Media partners include Westword, KUNC, KRFC, and Colorado Public Radio’s OpenAir.



120+ bands to represent Colorado at five-day/five-night music party in Austin March 17 – 21 

 FORT COLLINS, Colo., February 17, 2015 — Event organizers announced today that The Colorado Music Party will return to Austin in March, this time with five consecutive days and nights of back-to-back performances highlighting the dynamic Colorado music industry. Featuring more than 120 bands on two stages from Tuesday, March 17 through Saturday, March 21, the Colorado Music Party will once again take place at The 512 on Sixth St. and be presented by Colorado Creative Industries, the Colorado Tourism Office and SpokesBUZZ, along with media and music industry partners from throughout the state.

The week’s festivities will kick off on Tuesday, March 17 with a celebration of Colorado’s commitment to creativity and innovation presented by Colorado Innovation Network (COIN). Featuring a small-scale trade show highlighting some of the state’s most inspired initiatives, the afternoon event will invite bands, brands and fans to join in the opening ceremonies of the Colorado Music Party — complete with a flag-raising set to a live soundtrack of some of the finest singer-songwriter talent the state has to offer. Colorado music of all varieties will continue into the evening, with the downstairs and rooftop stages in full swing after 6:00 p.m.

“This year’s Colorado presence in Austin — during one of largest music festivals in the world — is unprecedented, thanks to the continuing collaborative spirit of our partners in the Colorado music industry, and the commitment by the state of Colorado to our collective cultural and creative momentum,” said Dani Grant, executive director of SpokesBUZZ. “We’re not only giving Colorado bands a chance to share their talent with the world; they are also afforded an opportunity to further develop their business skills, forging connections within the industry that are only made possible at this event. Similarly, Grant said, Colorado companies can “connect with one another, attract the attention of the creative community that descends on Austin for the week, and demonstrate Colorado’s unique appeal as a place to visit, work and play.”

To further this kind of connectivity, Colorado Creative Industries and the Colorado Tourism Office will also be hosting shared meeting and work space for media and music industry at a nearby loft in downtown Austin. The Colorado Headquarters will provide an opportunity for media, sponsors, and invited guests to relax, recharge and rendezvous with their business contacts in a quiet space set apart from the industry convention and live concert commotion.

While the full lineup for the Colorado Music Party has yet to be officially announced, musicians from across the state, as well as bands connected through Colorado music industry contacts such as 7s Management and AEG-Live will perform throughout the week. Demonstrating the diversity of musical talent and the wide range of genres that Colorado is becoming well known for is an important element to the Colorado Music Party, Grant said.

“For a long time there was a perception that Colorado music was all bluegrass and banjos,” Grant said. “This year’s Colorado Music Party will give people hundreds of opportunities to learn otherwise and to expand their understanding of Colorado music. Though we certainly will have some bluegrass and banjo scattered throughout the five days.”

Colorado Music Party highlights currently scheduled for the week include:

  • Tuesday, March 17: opening ceremonies and COIN kickoff event
  • Wednesday, March 18: a full day of Colorado hip-hop on the rooftop
  • Thursday, March 19: the sixth annual SpokesBUZZ showcase
  • Friday, March, 20: Play Fort Collins – featuring the music of Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Saturday, March 21: bands presented by the City of Boulder Office of Arts & Culture

For the most up-to-date details on events, bands and lineup, and to RSVP to the Colorado Music Party, visit SpokesBUZZ, Colorado Creative Industries and the Colorado Tourism Office are the presenting sponsors for the 2015 Colorado Music Party. Media partners include Westword, KUNC, KRFC, and Colorado Public Radio’s OpenAir.

Bands from Nine U.S Cities Perform in Colorado at the BandSwap 2014 Homecoming Events // OCT 1 – 5

September 15, 2014 – Fort Collins, CO – Colorado music nonprofit SpokesBUZZ is releasing a compilation of songs from bands participating in its BandSwap 2014 program to celebrate the upcoming Homecoming events taking place in early October in Colorado. BandSwap 2014 partner city events are happening in nine innovative cities across the country from September 11th – September 27th, closing out the third successful year of the program that Hypebot called “an excellent example of creative innovation in the music industry.” The sixteen bands selected for BandSwap 2014 will then return to Denver and Fort Collins in October to celebrate Homecoming with a final round of concerts, networking mixers, and panels.

Reflecting BandSwap’s expansion from a musical touring construct to a civic collaboration connecting diverse cultural and innovative ideas, the 2014 Homecoming performances are hosted by the City of Fort Collins and Create Denver, and will take place at traditional venues such as Hi-Dive, Mishawaka Amphitheatre, and Hodi’s Half Note, as well as nontraditional venues such as Fort Collins’ eclectic arts space Downtown Artery, the cutting edge learning center Galvanize in Denver, and the energy research complex The Powerhouse Energy Campus in Fort Collins.

Spanning five days and taking place at eight venues across Fort Collins and Denver, the BandSwap 2014 Homecoming events feature performances from the 16 participating BandSwap bands, a handful of additional Colorado bands performing, music video premieres and screenings, educational discussion panels, networking SynchroniCITY mixers, shedding light on each city’s unique characteristics via Cultural Spotlight, presentations on innovative startups via InnovationSwap, and more!

The 2014 Colorado bands are: Stella Luce (Fort Collins), The Yawpers (Denver), Gasoline Lollipops (Boulder), Eldren (Denver), Winchester Holiday (Fort Collins), The Deadwood Saints (Fort Collins), Shatterproof (Fort Collins), and Maxwell Hughes (Fort Collins).

The 2014 partner bands are: Lords of the Trident (Madison, Wis.), Jordan Igoe (Charleston, S.C.), Bonsoir, Catin (Lafayette, La.), k i d s (Athens, Ga.), Phin (Nashville, Tenn.), Amanda Broadway (Nashville, Tenn.), The LoLos (Chico, Calif.), and Lewi Longmire & the Left Coast Roasters (Portland, Ore.).

BandSwap is a musical and cultural alliance among like-minded cities combining the best of grassroots collaboration, cross-promotion, creative connectivity and most of all, the unrivaled experience of live music. For more info about the program, stay tuned to the website and SpokesBUZZ Facebook page for more updates.


WED – OCT. 1
9:30 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.: The Yawpers (Denver), Eldren (Denver), k i d s (Athens), and Jordan Igoe (Charleston) perform
7 S. Broadway, Denver, CO
Doors: 8:30 p.m.
Show: 9:00 p.m.
TIX $10.00 {BUY TIX}

6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.: Maxwell Hughes of the Lumineers (Fort Collins), Winchester Holiday (Fort Collins), Amanda Broadway (Nashville), and Phin (Nashville) perform. There will be a talk by SpokesBUZZ founder Dani Grant, as well as InnovationSwap pitches and music videos featured throughout the evening, including a music video premiere from Maxwell Hughes. Also featuring a SynchroniCITY Panel on “The Creative Process – Discovering Ideas and Finding Inspiration.”
1062 Delaware St., Denver, CO
Doors: 5:30 p.m., Show: 6:00 p.m., SynchroniCITY Panel: 6:30-7:30 p.m.
All Ages

FRI – OCT. 3
8:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.: The Deadwood Saints (Fort Collins) and The Gasoline Lollipops (Boulder) perform with Bonsoir, Catin (Lafayette) and Lewi Longmire & the Left Coast Roasters (Portland)
The Walnut Room
3131 Walnut St., Denver, CO
Doors: 7:00 p.m., Show: 8:00 p.m.
TIX $7 ADV / $10 DOS {BUY TIX}

FRI – OCT. 3

5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.: InnovationSwap featuring performances by Jordan Igoe (Charleston) and Ambassador Wolf (Fort Collins), as well as presentations on innovative startups.
The Powerhouse Energy Campus
430 North College Ave., Fort Collins, CO
Doors: 4:30 p.m., Performances and presentations begin at 5:15 p.m.
All Ages

7:00 – 9:00 p.m.: BandSwap performances from k i d s (Athens) and Ginger Whale (Fort Collins)
Downtown Artery: 252 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO
Doors: 6:30 p.m., Show: 7:00 p.m.
All Ages

9:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.: BandSwap performances from Shatterproof (Fort Collins) and Winchester Holiday (Fort Collins) perform with Phin (Nashville) and the LoLos (Chico)
Hodi’s Half Note
167 N College Ave., Fort Collins, CO
Doors: 8:00 p.m., Show: 9:00 p.m.
$10 {BUY TIX}
All Ages

SAT – OCT. 4
2:00 – 4:00 p.m.: SynchroniCITY party featuring Industry Panel & Networking “Prototyping – Testing, Iteration, and the Concept of Failure as Success”
The Mishawaka Amphitheatre
13714 Poudre Canyon Hwy., Bellvue, CO

9 p.m. – 12 a.m.: BandSwap performances from Stella Luce (Fort Collins), Izcalli (Denver), Post Paradise (Fort Collins), and Lords of the Trident (Madison) perform
Hodi’s Halfnote
167 N College Ave., Fort Collins, CO
Doors: 8 p.m. Show: 9 p.m.

SUN – OCT. 5

2 p.m. – 6 p.m.: Lewi Longmire & the Left Coast Roasters (Portland), Bonsoir, Catin (Lafayette), The Deadwood Saints (Fort Collins), and Pandas & People (Fort Collins) perform. Includes open jam with Lewi Longmire
Avogrado’s Number
605 S. Mason St., Fort Collins, CO
FREE “Pass The Hat” Donation
All Ages

Colorado TOP 20 Titles Jan, Feb, March 2014

About this time of year I begin pulling together all the spins data, so I don’t get too far behind by year’s end.  I also publish a mid-year report every July.  Here are the TOP 20 from Jan-March / Q1 2014

1. Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Black Beehive
2. Elephant Revival – These Changing Skies
3. Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore – Love Runner
4. Gregory Alan Isakov – The Weatherman
5. Pretty Lights – A Color Map of the Sun
6. Eurforquestra – Fire
7. The Railsplitters – The Railsplitters
8. Honey Don’t – Heart Like A Wheel
9. DeVotchKa – Live with the Colorado Symphony
10. The Motet – The Motet
11. Tennis – Small Sound
12. Mosey West – Bermuda
13. Paper Bird – Rooms
14. Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds – Round and Round
14. Tallgrass – Better Than Medicine
15. 3 Twins – De Nada
16. Rob Drabkin – Little Steps EP
17. Dianne Reeves – Beautiful Life
18. Changing Colors – Joan & the King
19. Various – SpokesBUZZ Vol. IV Band Together

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