The Colorado Sound S7 EP26 July 2013

chris at ob hmls sunday june 16 2013When you get to do what I do for my life and living everyday it stands to reason that I am very lucky goat.  Thursday night I got to host the Bohemian Nights Thursday Night Downtown Concert Series with Dave Beegle & the Jurrassicasters .. one of the region’s most popular classic rock cover bands the past couple of decades now… and it showed based on the overcapacity record setting crowd we had Thursday night.

Friday night I hosted the Fort Collins Downtown Business Association Summer Sessions – this week with the Matt Skinner Band opening for the Patti Fiasco… and let me say that band leader Alysia Kraft  is one of the most entertaining front persons I’ve ever seen .. locally or nationally.  The band will be up in front of Born in the Flood at Bohemian Nights at New West Fest on Aug 17 … they’ll also (hopefully) be releasing their new album in time for Bohemian Nights at New West Fest, Aug 16-18.  Dave Beegle is currently mixing and mastering … they have, they said, one more mixing session left to go… I heard one specific cut Friday night called “Black Magic” (at least that was the refrain) – that is sure to be a “hit” with Colorado djs.

This week’s headlines were not all included in the show itself. Churchill has broken up.  However, at the time of this writing I can find only one source for this information – and that source quoted a “band representative.”  I imagine this story will be more deeply researched and reported on this coming week by either Westword’s Dave Herrera or the folks at which is where the story broke.

In other news …

I got the new Escape Goats release “On the Lam” but not in time for this week’s show … so look for that next week.  No good news on any forthcoming Dave Beegle record however.  He and I talked on Thursday night when his band the Jurassicasters played Old Town Square … he said basically he’s got it going, but can’t determine when it will get done.. it’s been in the “it’s going stage” for over a year now and he’s so busy with other projects right now he can’t find time to work on his own.  He’s also working hard to get the new Lion Drome release done.

Other titles that came in this week – for next week’s show – new releases from Esther Sparks & the Whiskey RemedyTaylor Mesple, and Foxfield Four.

This week I look forward to hosting Selas​ee & Fafa Family on Thursday night  … and two of my BFGFs (can goats have BFGFs?) .. Liz Barnez and Hazel Miller on Friday night.  All shows are FREE, ALL AGES, and begin promptly at 7PM.  Thurs nights done by 9-ish, Friday nights done at 10:30PM.

VIDEO PICK of the WEEK:  Leftover Salmon has launched a promotional drive for each of the next four singles + Breckenridge Brewery … so about the only way you can get this killer new jam is by grabbing some BB ale … that’s all I know really … enjoy … 

PLAYLIST S7 EP26 July 2013

Acoustic Junction “Goodbye World” from Strange Days (2000)
Kip Winger “Sure Was A Wildflower” from Songs from the Ocean Floor (2000)
(D) AdrienneO “Innocence” from Superchromatic (2013)Monroe Monroe “Adore” from Hello Moon (2011)
Lion Drome “Curve of the Earth” from Curve of the Earth (2013)
(D) Gristle Gals Band “Jukie’s Ball” from Sweet Pea (2013)(N) Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams “Beaver Hat Boogie” from Rocky Mountain Honky Tonk (2013)
Cary Morin “Live A Little” from Streamline (2013)
(N) Whiskey Bottles “Baby, Your Bad Luck” from Grandville (2013)
(D) Rossonian “Garuda” from Rossonian (2013)Varlet “Eastern” from The Drifter (2012)
Rose Hill Drive “Baby Don’tcha Know Your Man” from Americana (2011)
Jon Wirtz “Watching The World Wake Up” from Tourist (2013)
String Cheese Incident “Sirens” from Untying the Not (2003)
Kyle Hollingsworth “The Way It Goes” from Then There’s Now (2009)
(D) Leftover Salmon “High Country” from High Country (2013)
Cassie Taylor “Again” from Out Of My Mind (2013)
(D) Joe Johnson “Who’s Gonna Go Your Bond” [advance single] (2013)
Achille Lauro “Hard Pressed” from Flight or Flight (2012)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Everything’s Alright” from Spools of Thread (2010)
(D) John Gunther’s Safari Trio “Sisters (featuring John Hadfield)” from Surrender (2013)

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