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MMMM = Ryan Chrys & the Roughcuts, Caitlin Cannon, Zed, the Reminders PLUS This Week On YouTube and the Video Pick of the Week from Kaitlyn Williams.

MONDAY NOV 11, 2019 It’s Veterans’s Day – a day designed to honor those who served in the US Armed Forces.  Thank you for your incredible service.  #VietnamEraVeteran #USAF 

Yesterday, I posted Single Releases of 2019 and CP Album / EP Releases 2019It’s a great chance for you to review some of the singles, EPs and full length albums that were released this past year.  I also updated the Colorado Playlist on Spotify. 

Thanks to JamBase.com for debuting the new single from Leftover Salmon. “… entitled “Songs You’ve Left Unsung” as a tribute to the late Jeff Austin. “Songs You’ve Left Unsung” is available exclusively via Backline’s website and all proceeds for the “pay what you wish” download benefit Backline.Care, a hub for music industry professionals and their families to access mental health and wellness resources.”

As a lifelong musician, and music industry professional, I’ve seen more than my share of mental health issues.  Many (if not most) musicians carry little to no healthcare insurance, and often what they do have won’t cover mental health issues.  Having access to resources like Backline.Care is invaluable.  Losing a Colorado musician and friend to mental illness hits home in a very direct way.

Weekly Colorado Spins Music Report 

Roots Music Report is the only publication that allows djs and radio stations around the state to post up their weekly spins.  The chart is updated every Monday and normally has 15-30+ songs showing up the weekly updates.

Week Ending Nov 09, 2019

    1. The Lumineers – III
    2. Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene – City of Love
    3. Taylor Scott Band – All We Have
    4. Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats – Tearing at the Seams
    5. Cass ClaytonPlay Nice

At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.


You make a big difference in what gets played on the show.  Every week I share some or all of the new music … (D) (N) … played on the show with you here.  You vote to KEEP or DELETE gets factored into my decision in what to maintain in the show’s “for airplay” library.

(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist premier / not available online

Let me know if there’s something you think I should play. Email coloradoplaylist@gmail.com


Zephyr – Sierra Cowgirl – Sunset Ride (1974)
(D) Ryan Chrys & the Roughcuts – I Got Stripes – Sun Studio Cuts (2019)

Bobby Walker – My Mabellene – Came Out Swingin’ (2018)
piKziL – Brand New Soul – Songs From My 3rd Life (2016)
(N) Caitlin Cannon – Mama’s A Hairdresser – The TrashCannon Album (2019)

Scott Slay & the Rail – Remember Her – The Rail (2019)
Otis Taylor – Walk Right In – Recapturing The Banjo (2008)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Imaginary Ships – Crimes Of Passion (2004)
(P) Post Paradise – Take Flight – Lonely Worlds (2020)
Covenhoven – Ghost Of Kerouac – A Kind Of Revelation (2018)
Ariana Saraha – Dance of the Stars – Maiden of Midnight (2015)
(D) Zed – Confunksion (2020)


Freddi Henchi Band – I Want To Dance, Dance, Dance – Crown Princes Of Funk: The Last Set (2013/1973)
(P) Leftover Salmon – Songs You’ve Left Unsung (2020)
Kyle Hollingsworth – Stuff – 50 (2018)
Brent Cowles – Cold Times – Cold Times (2017)
The Shamen – Spellbound (2019)
Lucas Wolf – Mr. Reaper – Falling Into Place (2019)
Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore – Keep It Clean – Saints & Sinners (2010)
Arthur Lee Land – Cracked Open – Cracked Open (2013)
(N) The Reminders – Dust and Bones – Unstoppable (2019)

Boss Eagle – The Vine – The Firebird Album (2018)
Dubskin – That Day Will Come – Light The Dark (2017)
Dana Landry Trio – Transfusion – Memphis Skyline (2014)


Video Pick of the Week

Kaitlin Williams is no stranger to the Colorado Playlist.  Better Me is her first single entry into the Best of Sweepstakes for 2020 … her last single, Rain, is in the running for Best of 2019.

105.5 The Colorado Sound & the Colorado Playlist Present:


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