CP S14 EP45 2020

Monday Nov 30, 2020 – I cannot recall the last time a jazz record landed at #1 in the weekly or monthly Colorado radio spins chart, yet there Ron Miles sits with his latest called Rainbow Sign. Is it among your TOP 10 favorites of 2020?  Make sure you vote by December 20 at CP 2020 BEST OF LISTENER POLL and CP VIDEO LISTENER POLL.  Enjoy.

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220 titles  / 13 stations tracked

1. RON MILES – Rainbow Sign LP (Oct-20)
2. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT Crucible LP (Oct-20)
3. NATHANIEL RATELIFF – And It’s Still Alright LP (Feb-20)
4. BLAKK MANTRAWelcome to El Rey Blvd EP (Sep-20)
5.  CARY MORIN – Dockside Saints LP (Jul-20)


The Mishawakais a legendary music venue, restaurant and bar located 13.7 miles up the Poudre Canyon Highway (CO 14) in the stunning Poudre Canyon in Bellvue, CO.

A REMINDER:  Please listen to ALL of the songs and rate them.  Thanks🙂

(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist premier / not available online


The AstronautsThe Hearse (1964)
Boenzee Cryque – I’ve Never Known A Girl (1969) 
(P) Andy Eppler – Much Less Under – Broke Down Deluxe (2021)
Safe Boating is No Accident – Dye My Love – Bonus Features (2014) 
WhiteWater Ramble – Hollow (feat. Chris Pandolfi) – Hollow (2018)
(D) Jenny ShawhanLike A Charm (2021)

Boot Gun – Still Life – Take What You Got (2020)
Melissa Axel, Modern Tuba & FriendsSleigh Ride In Bora Bora
Jinx Jones – Bopalena – License To Twang (2001)
Cate DowneyBoulder (2020)
(P) Antonio Lopez – The New Warrior – Roots and Wings (2021) 
The Yawpers – Reason to Believe – Human Question (2019)
GRiZ, Big GiganticGood Times Roll (2015)
(D) Adam Bodine – Swamp Stomp – Scenes of Changery (2020) 


Beast – Spaceman – Beast (1969)
Zephyr – The Radio Song – Going Back To Colorado (1971)
(D) Chandler Holt & Lauren StovallWinter’s Night Waltz (2021)

Daniel Rodriguez – Brother John – Sojurn of a Burning Sun (2020)
Plum – Love Is In the Air – Light Years Dark Years EP (2016)
Jayme Stone – Future Promise – Awake, Awake (2020)
The Still Tide – Keep It – Between Skies (2020)
Alex Rhodes – Break My Heart – Hometown Rootage (2020)
(D) Everybody Loves An OutlawBlood On A Rose (2021)

Hello Dollface – Say – Warrior Of Light (2015)
The Wood Brothers – Happiness Jones – One Drop of Truth (2018)
Jon Wirtz – Watching The World Wake Up – Tourist (2013)




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