CP S17 EP12 2023

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Monday, March 27, 2023 – I almost never lead off with a new video before it airs on the show. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I did.

I got back to the office last Wednesday from a week in Death Valley and Las Vegas to find a submission from the industrial-psych duo, the Drood, made up of Nathan Jamiel and Daniel Watts. Every once in a while something just pops up and demands that I engage. This is one of those times. I’ll let the video speak for itself. Thumbs up for one of the best (so far) for 2023. Let me know what you think.


Spin data pulled from the Colorado Playlist105.5 The Colorado SoundIndie 102.388.9 KRFC  and ten other stations that use playlist generator Spinitron, offering search functions for artists and agents to track airplay.

(1) 1. THE WOOD BROTHERSHeart Is the Hero LP (Apr-23)
(D) 2. EVA ROSE KINGOver Chicago SINGLE (Feb-23)
(2) 3. DANI JAY – Nice 2 Meet Me EP (Dec-22)
(R) 3. JULIAN FULCO PERRON  In My Garden LP (Nov-22)
(3) 4. DEVA YODER – Be Well LP (Feb-23)


I designed the Monday Morning Music Meeting (MMMM) as a way for you to let me know what you think of new music emerging from around the state. Results enter into which cuts stay in rotation, and which cuts make the final “best of” list.

Steely DanBodhisattva – Countdown To Ecstasy (1973)
Chicago Old Days – Chicago VIII (1975)
(D) Eva Rose King – Over Chicago (2023)

Heavy Diamond RingAlready Gone – The Brightest Light EP (2021)
Everybody Loves An Outlaw – Play Down & Dirty – Takin’ You Down EP (2023)
The String Cheese IncidentRosie – Song In My Head (2014)
Drag The River Wichita Skyline – Drag The River (2013)
Julian Fulco PerronNot So Fast – In My Garden (2023)
(D) White Rose Motor Oil Trouble or Nothing (2023)

Dressy BessyAutomatic – Holler and Stomp (2008)
Violet Pilot The Eyes Don’t Lie – Glad We Found You (2022)
Jeff Jenkins OrganizationBraking Bad – The Arrival (2015)

Chuck PyleOver the San Luis – Higher Ground…songs of colorado (2007)
(D) Buffalo CommonsPatterns – Patterns (2022)

The Patti FiascoSaved By Rock And Roll – Saved By Rock And Roll (2016)
Mad RadioSuper Girl – Mad Radio EP (2022)
Oko Tygra Better Without You (2023)
The Czars Killjoy – The Ugly People Vs The Beautiful People (2001)
FlobotsThe Rose And The Thistle – The Circle In The Square (2012)
Jacob Larson BandTotally Legal – Totally Legal (2023)
(D) Teresa SuydamMonsters Buried Deep (2023)
The Still TideHigh Wire – Run Out (2017)
Ryan DartThese Days – Edge of the Wild (2022)
Brad Goode Tight Like This – Tight Like This (2010)

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