MMMM – Monday April 26, 2010

Every Sunday, I do at least two things.  Edit my show, the Colorado Sound, for our affiliate stations, and put together the MMMM (Monday Morning Music Meeting).  And every week I am still amazed at the quality of music and recordings that cross my desk, or come in via email.  This week is pretty much no exception, with releases that cover the gamut from funk-rock, to soft-pop, americana-c0untry-folk, and nu-grass-jazz.  Lots of flavors in the basket this week…  so do enjoy — and thanks for supporting Colorado music.

Also, congratulations to all the winners at this year’s FoCoMA Peer Awards.  Another excellent year and another excellent presentation.  🙂

Bop Skizzum – Push
Format – EP CD
Genre/Style: funk, r&b, rock
Bop Skizzum is the band that Flobots guitarist Andy “Rok” Guerrero started before joining the Flobots.  It’s nice to have him back doing some Bop Skizzum stuff.

Andy Hackbarth – {the last love song}
Format – LP CD
Genre/Style: pop, adult contemporary
Notes: Andy grew up in Colorado.  Like others before him, namely folks like Celeste Krenz and Rebecca Folsom, he went to Nashville (2006) to learn songwriting and performance skills.  He loves pop.  He’s got an excellent voice and the kind of looks that young girls swoon over (do they still swoon?).  Hackbarth emerged as one of the brightest young stars on the touring circuit in 2009, playing over 150 shows from, quite literally, coast to coast. It included stops such as the legendary Bitter End in New York, the historic Fox Theater in Colorado, the Hotel Café in California, as well as Venice Beach and Nokia Plaza as part of the Los Angeles Triathlon.  Andy has opened for Jimmy Wayne, Lonestar, Katie Armiger, Buddy Jewell, Due West, Blue County, and many others. He was named to the “Top 10 New Artists” list by Soundsugar, and is the winner of several major competitions, including that of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA). Andy was also recently selected as a finalist and Honorable Mention Awardee in the International Songwriting Competition (from a pool of over 15,000 applicants).  Hackbarth’s song, “We Ain’t Done Yet”, was featured by Major League Baseball during the World Series and aired on over 40 major radio stations. He is also the co-founder of the Nashville-based non-profit, Songs for the Cure (

Matt Campbell – How Can I Love You/Gunfighters
Format – 7″ single
Genre/Style: Americana, country-folk
Matt Campbell – guitars, vocals
Mike Wolf – Electric guitar
Dennis Bigelow – upright bass
Chris Kennison – pedal steel
Ben Brown – drums
Produced by Mike Wolf
Recorded by Chris Kennison at Seldom Fed Studios, Fort Collins CO
Mastered by Jim Wilson, Airshow Mastering
Notes: Matt Campbell no longer lives in Colorado.  He moved to Chicago a couple of years ago.  However, he’s still a Coloradoan and the personnel are all from Colorado – mostly NoCo… and he has a brother living in Telluride – so hopefully KOTO will pick up on this release.

Grant Gordy – Grant Gordy
Format: LP CD
Genre/Style: Neo-acoustic, bluegrass, newgrass, jazz, “dawg”
Produced by: Grant Gordy & Jayme Stone
Alex Hargreaves (fiddle)
Paul Kowert (bass)
Dominick Leslie (mandolin)
Jayme Stone (banjo)
David Grisman (mandolin) – special guest
Recorded by Mario Casillio at Notably Fine Audio Denver
Mixed and Mastered at Airshow Mastering Boulder
Notes: Grant is now the David Grisman Quintet guitarist.  That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?  World class acoustic music all the way around, impeccably produced and recorded.

The Colorado Sound (KRFC Fund Drive)

There are two different playlists for this week’s episode.  KRFC’s spring fund drive show and then the one that went out for syndication… and if you don’t mind, I’m going to rant a bit here.  Two times a year, KRFC does a fund drive.  The goals are extremely modest – raise $40,000.  The Colorado Sound has a ridiculously modest goal of $200.

Now we made our goal – but I was saddened and disappointed that not a single contributor was a musician from a band in this area.  We got contributions from Vermont to Hot Sulfur Springs – but none from any musicians… how sad is that, right? 😦

Deni LaRue was my co-host yesterday.  She’s an old friend in radio, who is also on the board of directors for KRFC.  We spoke candidly about our needs and our desire to be the place where local music can be featured on a regular basis.  In fact, KRFC airs more Colorado music than any station in the state — and Fort Collins is a leading market for local music in the state … yet no calls from any local bands?  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Better luck next time, I suppose.  If you wanted to contribute and couldn’t for some reason, that’s understandable.  It’s not too late.  Call the station at 970-221-5065 and let the operator know your contribution should be attributable to the Colorado Sound — and thanks for allowing me this space to rant and a radio station to broadcast Colorado music from.  I’m blessed that I have that much to offer.

Apples in Stereo “Dance Floor” from Travellers in Space and Time (2010)
NEW – Bop Skizzum “Prove It To You” from Push (2010)
Matt Morris “Money” from When Everything Breaks Open (2010)
The Foot. “High Design” from Primary Colors (2010)
Great American Taxi “Reckless Habits” from Reckless Habits (2010)
Todd Adelman & the Love Handles “Baby’s Gonna Be A Country Girl” from Todd Adelman & the Love Handles (2009)
Romano Paoletti “Can You Run” from Story of a Lifetime (2009)
The Jurassicasters “People Get Ready” from The Jurassicasters (2010)
Lelah Simon “Green” from Third Week of April (2009)
Chain Gang of 1974 “Devil Is a Lady” from White Guts (2010)
Tommy Metz “Dreams Will Collide” from The Blossom Frontier (2010)
NEW – Andy Hackbarth “The Last Love Song” from The Last Love Song (2010)
Kyle Hollingsworth “The Way It Goes” from Then There’s Now (2009)
NEW – Grant Gordy “Blues to Dawg” from Grant Gordy (2010)
Head for The Hills “One Foot in the Grave” from Head for the Hills (2009)
Lindsey O’Brien Band “Broke My Heart” from As Long As It Matters (2008)
The Informants “Salvation” from Crime Scene Queen (2009)
Keith Oxman “All Dudes” from Doing All Right (2009)

AFFILIATE PLAYLIST – Vol. 2, Episode 15
The Apples In Stereo – Dance Floor – Travellers In Space And Time (2010)
NEW – Bop Skizzum – Prove it to you – PUSH ep (2010)
Matt Morris – Money – When Everything Breaks Open (2010)
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light – Love Is A Shark – Beautiful Empty (2010)
The Foot. – High Design – Primary Colors (2010)
Great American Taxi – Reckless Habits – Reckless Habits (2010)
Todd Adelman & the Love Handles – Baby’s Gonna Be a Country Girl – S/T (2009)
Romano Paoletti – Can You Run – Story of a Lifetime (2010)
Megan Burtt – Other Side of Lonely – It Ain’t Love (2010)
The Big Motif – Bad Cat (radio edit) – Big Motif (2010)
The Jurassicasters – People Get Ready – The Jurassicasters (2010)
Lelah Simon – Green – Lelah Simon’s Third Week of April (2009)
Chain Gang Of 1974 – Devil Is A Lady – White Guts (2010)
Tommy Metz – Dreams Will Collide – The Blossom Frontier (2010)
NEW – Andy Hackbarth – The Last Love Song – {the last love song} (2010)
Kyle Hollingsworth – The Way It Goes – Then There’s Now (2009)
Everything Absent Or Distorted (A Love Story) – Houses – The Great Collapse (2008)
NEW – Grant Gordy – Blues To Dawg – Grant Gordy (2010)
Head for the Hills – One Foot in the Grave – Head for the Hills (2010)
Emmitt-Nerschi Band – New Country Blues – New Country Blues (2009)
Moonspeed – Water’s Edge – Flowers Of The Moon (2009)
Reed Foehl – Wolves – Once An Ocean (2009)
Lindsey O’Brien Band – Broke My Heart – As Long As It Matters (2008)
The Informants – Salvation – Crime Scene Queen (2009)
Keith Oxman – All Dudes – Doing Alright (2009)

Pls don’t forget …

Please don’t forget to show your support this evening on the Colorado Sound from 5PM to 7PM … you can call in your support or pledge on the website … we’ve made it uber-easy by putting a big red donate button on the site that links to PayPal where you can contribute one time or be a monthly subscriber … pls support our efforts in supporting Colorado musicians.

VoD – Friday April 23, 2010

Okay, this is just damned funny.  I’ve seen a lot of band promo videos before, but these guys win the goat award for artismatic excellence!  (that’s goat speak for oh-hell-yeah-it’s cool!)  Oh, I would not have even known about these guys if Jeff Koepke at KRFC had not played them on his show, House Rent Party on Wednesday nights at 8PM, and he hadn’t logged his playlist here.

What we’re tracking this month

Every month I send out a spread sheet to stations throughout Colorado.  This is the current list.  It contains 194 titles from March 2009 thru April 18, 2010.

Mar-09 Honey Gitters, the Barrel-Sniffer’s Holiday
Mar-09 Redline Rockets RPM Thousands
Mar-09 Adam Stern Twang Shui
Mar-09 Danielle Ate The Sandwich Things People Do
Mar-09 Glove Trucker Tengo Sueno
Mar-09 Hollyfelds, the Black Heart Blue e.p.
Mar-09 Nancy Thorwardson Something In the Air
Mar-09 Taarka Seed Gathering for a Winter Garden
Apr-09 Bad Weather California Young Punks
Apr-09 Blue Canyon Boys House Full of Sorrow
Apr-09 Cowtown No End of Love
Apr-09 Gritch Sunday Morning Train EP
Apr-09 Keith Oxman Doing All Right
Apr-09 King For A Day Ghost In the Mainstream
Apr-09 Weekend Weather Heat Lightning
May-09 20XIII Take Two and Call in the Morning
May-09 After Midnight Autumn Leaves
May-09 Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck Queen of This Mess
May-09 Arliss Nancy Dance to Forget
May-09 Eileen Simon The Visit
May-09 Ethyl & the Regulars Fill ‘er Up With…
May-09 Gregory Alan Isakov This Empty Northern Hemisphere
May-09 Houses Spring EP
May-09 Jasco Ain’t Just Blues
May-09 Kort McCumber Ain’t the Same As Before
May-09 Mighty Eighteen Wheeler Stimuls Package
May-09 Motorhome Almost Vegas
May-09 Neil Bridge 7+ “Yes, I Am Still Here”
May-09 North 17th Street Band, the Dirt On the Tires
May-09 Other Side of Clearview Sweet Release
May-09 Piggies, the Rusted Bullets
May-09 Reed Foehl Once An Ocean
May-09 Spring Creek Way Up On a Mountain
May-09 Stanleytones Women Make Me Act Like A Fool
May-09 Wentworth Kersey EP Two
May-09 Stella Luce Zugenruhe
Jun-09 Fierce Bad Rabbit Everything Is Alright
Jun-09 Honey Don’t Honey Don’t
Jun-09 Love.45 Into the Ether
Jun-09 Michaela Ray Blues With A Backbone
Jun-09 Mojomama My Heart for You
Jun-09 Otis Taylor Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs
Jun-09 Palmer Divide Shenandoah Train
Jun-09 Paper Bird A Sky Underground ep
Jun-09 Paul Soderman This House is Blue!
Jun-09 Saints Saints
Jun-09 Wendy & Robin Saving Grace
Jul-09 Erik Lunde Another Country
Jul-09 Fafi aka 3Percent Groove or Die
Jul-09 Handpicked Holler! Road to Gemini
Jul-09 Lelah Simon Third Week of April
Jul-09 Motet, the Dig Deep
Jul-09 Ode to the Marionette Uncomfortable Situation
Jul-09 Ricky Sweum Pulling Your Own Strings
Jul-09 Trampolines, the Between the Lines
Jul-09 Yvonne Meek Mosaic
Aug-09 Aloft in the Sundry Fore (ep)
Aug-09 Andy Irvine Soul Clap
Aug-09 Boulder Acoustic Society Punchline
Aug-09 Churchill Churchill
Aug-09 Dwarf Planets Far and Away Sessions
Aug-09 Flying Dragon Orchestra Flying Dragon Orchestra
Aug-09 Fred Hess Hold On
Aug-09 GT and the Sidewinders Across America
Aug-09 Hard Pressed In A Different Time
Aug-09 Houses Summer EP
Aug-09 Informants, the Crime Scene Queen
Aug-09 Juno What?! Late Night
Aug-09 Kyle Hollingsworth Then There’s Now
Aug-09 Maree McRae Urgency
Aug-09 Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns Drink & Song
Aug-09 Savage Henry Step Lively
Aug-09 Shel Try to Scream
Aug-09 Sonnenblume Sonnenblume
Aug-09 Speakeasy, Tiger The Public
Aug-09 Subdudes, the Flower Petals
Aug-09 Trucker’s Daughter Broken Down Love
Sep-09 Andy Ard What She Did
Sep-09 Apples In Stereo, the #1 Hits Explosion
Sep-09 Asia Jazz Project f/ Molina Soleil & Aju Sacred Paths
Sep-09 Candy Claws In the Dream of the Sea Life
Sep-09 Coles Whalen The Whistle Stop Road Record
Sep-09 Devil Got Five Devil Got Five
Sep-09 Dubskin No End In Time
Sep-09 Emmitt-Nershi Band New Country Blues
Sep-09 Erik Applegate Red Skies
Sep-09 Gadzukes! New & Used
Sep-09 In the Whale Songs About You
Sep-09 Inactivists, the Love Songs and Other Songs About Love
Sep-09 Jen Korte & the Loss Jen Korte & the Loss
Sep-09 Los Rojos Calientes Corazon
Sep-09 M. Pyres & New Past Tense Apart The Echo
Sep-09 Martin Gilmore Martin Gilmore
Sep-09 Mary Louise Buirgy & Pamela Robinson A Call To Prayer
Sep-09 Post Paradise Here to Anywhere
Sep-09 Todd Adelman & the Love Handles Todd Adelman & the Love Handles
Sep-09 Yonder Mountain String Band The Show
Oct-09 Adam Bodine Trio The Chauffer
Oct-09 Chad Price Smile Sweet Face
Oct-09 Changing Colors, the Ghost of Red Mountain
Oct-09 Death Hickey Blues Raleigh St.
Oct-09 Euforquestra Soup
Oct-09 Grippe, the The Grippe
Oct-09 Hello Kavita To A Loved One
Oct-09 Houses Fall EP
Oct-09 Mike Schikora This Cowboy’s In Love
Oct-09 Mitguards, the Lookin’ For Something True
Oct-09 Moors & McCumber Moors & McCumber
Oct-09 Papa Juke Junkin’ at Jack’s
Oct-09 P-Nuckle Stand Up and Bitch
Oct-09 Pretty Lights Passing By Behind Your Eyes
Oct-09 Reminders, the Recollect
Oct-09 Robin Davis Robin Davis
Oct-09 String Cheese Incident Trick or Treat
Oct-09 Tango Red Tapestry The Window EP
Nov-09 A Melodic Daydream A Little Weird
Nov-09 Aakash Mittal Quartet Videsh
Nov-09 Chris Daniels & Bmaster We’ll Meet Again
Nov-09 Everything Absent or Distorted The Lucky One
Nov-09 Flashbulb Fires Glory
Nov-09 Mary Stribling Litlting Little Heart
Nov-09 Scott Von The Age of Plenty
Nov-09 Six Months to Live This Is What Happens
Nov-09 Stone Project, the An Art to Life
Nov-09 Ukulele Loki’s Gadabout Orchestra Gadabout Orchestra
Nov-09 Weird Turn Prose Sundowner
Dec-09 Epilogues & the Photo Atlas Friendship EP
Dec-09 Head for the Hills Head for the Hills
Dec-09 Leftover Salmon Celebrating 20 Years of Leftover Salmon
Dec-09 Moonspeed Flowers of the Moon
Dec-09 Quillion To the Hilt
Dec-09 Railbenders Like A Wheel
Dec-09 Rosalie Metaphors for Hard Living
Dec-09 Various Artists Love, Everyday Joe’s | Vol. 3: Wake Up, O Sleeper
Dec-09 Vices I Admire The Politics of Apathy
Dec-09 Beautiful Loser Society, the The Long Slow Decline
Jan-10 Congress, the The Congress
Jan-10 Don’t and Be Carefuls Risk Assessment
Jan-10 Dovekins Dovekins
Jan-10 Ellyn Cornelison Rucker & Ross Cornelison Every Time We Say Goodbye
Jan-10 Joel Decatur Seeking the House-Builder
Jan-10 John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light Beautiful Empty
Jan-10 Kosmos Skeptics In Love
Jan-10 Loose Cannon Bluegrass Loose Cannon Bluegrass
Jan-10 Matt Morris When Everything Breaks Open
Jan-10 Megan Burtt It Ain’t Love
Jan-10 New Ben Franklins New Ben Franklins
Jan-10 Paean Songs For Us To Sing
Jan-10 Runaway Express Howlin At the Moon
Jan-10 Sour Boy, Bitter Girl Songs About the Landscape or Songs About Wolf Army
Jan-10 Tequila Mockingbird Luck & Trouble
Feb-10 Almost Legends Eyes
Feb-10 Chuck Pyle The Spaces In Between
Feb-10 Dale Bruning Quintet, the Classical Connections – Vol II
Feb-10 Dango Rose Banjo Poems
Feb-10 Sam!! Well, Hell It’s a Long Story, So It Goes
Mar-10 Andrea Ball Dial Tone
Mar-10 Autumn Film, the The Ship and the Sea
Mar-10 Barbara Ernst April Child: Mistura Bela (Beautiful Mix)
Mar-10 Big Head Todd & the Monsters Smokestack Lightening (single)
Mar-10 Big Motif, the Big Motif
Mar-10 Carbon Choir High Beams
Mar-10 Colcannon Three Days in May
Mar-10 Dave LeMieux & House of Soul Jazz Shaped
Mar-10 David Williams & the Wildgrass Band The Crazy Kind
Mar-10 Fierce Bad Rabbit All I Have is You (single)
Mar-10 Flobots Survival Story
Mar-10 George Christiansen Photosynthesis
Mar-10 Great American Taxi Reckless Habits
Mar-10 Haunted Windchimes Honey Moonshine
Mar-10 Intervention Band, the Homey
Mar-10 Jaden Midnight Sky
Mar-10 Jonathan Tierstan & Ten Tiers Ten Tiers
Mar-10 Jurassicasters, the The Jurassicasters
Mar-10 Knew, the The Knew’s Pulperia
Mar-10 Molina Soleil & Aju f/ DJ Icewater Soulaju
Mar-10 Rad Vibes Mind is the Maker
Mar-10 Romano Paoletti Story of a Lifetime
Mar-10 Tage Plantell Words and Music
Mar-10 Tommy Metz The Blossom Frontier
Apr-10 Andy Hackbarth The Last Love Song
Apr-10 Apples In Stereo, the Travellers in Space and Time
Apr-10 Bill McKay Bill McKay
Apr-10 Chain Gang of 1974 White Guts
Apr-10 Grant Gordy Grant Gordy
Apr-10 Johnny O. A Volta
Apr-10 Jon Ridnell Reliance
Apr-10 Nathaniel Rateliff In Memory of Loss
Apr-10 Patti Fiasco, the No Bridges
Apr-10 Sweet Sunny South Carried off by a Twister
Apr-10 The Foot. Primary Colors
Apr-10 Wentworth Kersey ((O))
May-10 The Hollyfelds Lo Bueno, Lo Malo, Lo Feo

Support …

What the radio industry should be doing is building local programs with local personalities featuring local bands and artists and originating from local stations. –  iTunes “Radio” Is Coming by  Jerry Del Colliano from Inside Music Media

This quote is worth repeating every day by all of us concerned with local music… and local radio, which is changing before our eyes and ears.

Since I track Colorado music spins at public radio stations around the state, I can state with near-absolute certainty that KRFC plays more Colorado based music than any other public radio station in Colorado today.  In the past month ending April 18 KRFC has aired 253 unique album titles by local Colorado artists and/or bands.  That is ON TOP OF the Live @ Lunch feature that airs approximately 21 times a month.

Become a member.  Support Colorado music.  Support locally produced local radio.  Without your continued support what we have today may be gone tomorrow and I’m not kidding.  We NEED your support (all public radio needs your continued support) in order to sustain, and to grow as technology around us advances relentlessly.

Please don’t wait, or expect that someone else will be the one who gives…. and as much as I’d love it if you called in during this Saturday’s Colorado Sound program, I’d be just as happy if I knew you became a member via any mechanism we have established for you to do that.

I hope to see your name on the list of those who became a member and showed your support of local programs with local personalities featuring local bands and artists, originating from a local station.

The KRFC Spring Fund Drive runs April 23 to May 1