CP S16 EP21 2022

June 20, 2022 – To the dads and grandpas and men who raised or co-raised a child – Happy Father’s Day. Yeah, it’s Sunday and I’m at the desk working as usual.

A very good friend of mine got married this past week. Congratulations to Andy & Allie Sydow. Andy has a new album coming out soon produced by Anders Osborne.

Speaking of new releases, I bumped into longtime Colorado blues artist, songwriter and producer Nic Clark at the wedding party (he actually officiated). He let me know he’s got a new album coming out this year also.


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  2. THE LUMINEERS – Brightside LP
  3. ALYSIA KRAFT – First Light LP
  5. MACHETE MOUTHMachete Mouth EP


I designed the Monday Morning Music Meeting (MMMM) as a way for you to let me know what you think of new music emerging from around the state. Results enter into which cuts stay in rotation, and which cuts make the final “best of” list.


Townes Van ZandtMy Proud Mountains – Our Mother The Mountain (1969)
The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandBuy For Me The Rain (1967)
(D) Cary Morin & Ghost Dog Goin’ Down South (2022)

Andy Frasco & the U.N. Dancin’ Around My Grave (2021)
Robert ShredfordQueen Elizabeth Corgis – Robert Shredford (2020)
MaryLynn Gillaspie Dolphin Dance – Secret Language (2022)
The Copper ChildrenPity Party – Strange Illusion (2022)
The Apples In StereoSeems So – Tone Soul Evolution (1997)
Big Head Todd & The MonstersRunaway Train – Riviera (2002)
(D) Dead On A SundayStay (2022)

Porlolo I QUIT (2019)
Giant ZeroGood Ol’ Days – Shakes Me (2021)
Keith Oxman, Jeff Jenkins, Todd Reid, Mark SimonKhalid – This One’s For Joey (2022)


Rick RobertsDeliver Me – Windmills (1972)
Stephen Stills It Doesn’t Matter – Manassas (1970)
(D) Jaiel – Sunshine Lovin’ (2022)

Sarah Slaton Get Up (2021)
The YawpersBeale Street – American Man (2015)
Julian Fulco PerronNot So Fast – In My Garden (2022)
Yonder Mountain String BandInto the Fire – Get Yourself Outside (2022)
Dianne Reeves One For My Baby – Good Night, and Good Luck (Soundtrack) (2005)
The Mercury ProjectFenced In – Soapbox Jive (2004)
(D) Fantasy League Blind (2022)

Lucy DaydreamDizzy – Awake & Dreaming (2019)
Kind Hearted StrangersRed & Blue – East-West (2021)
David Bernot No Problems – Neverending Cycle (2022)

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CP S15 EP11 2021

March 15 2021 –SNOW DAY! YAY!  Yeah no, LOL.  But it’s still a snow day.  Stay warm and safe.  It’s a great chance to hunker down and listen to a batch of new music that hit my desk this past week.

Starting off – Gasoline Lollipops reenters the TOP 5 this week, jumping up into the #3 position, with  Nathaniel Rateliff staying at #1 and award winner A.J. Fullerton maintaining his hold on #2.

One release coming out later this month is from Hunter James & the Titanic.  The band is releasing a series of 3 EPs, culminating in an album over the spring and summer.

The first ep release is called “Tight-Walkin’ Man.”  It is coming out March 26th and is a release ready for the band to tour behind as things open up this summer and fall.

Partially mixed and mastered by Danny Reisch and company at Good Danny’s in Texas, the sonic quality is as professional as it can be; meaning they’re serious enough to make that kind of investment to begin with.

In an era where the return on that investment comes from shows and we don’t know what this year’s show season looks like yet, going to one of the nation’s top production studios is huge.

Want to check out CP 2021, or the 50 “best” of 2020, the “The 60s to Today” or CP Women in honor of International Women’s Month?  Check out the Colorado Playlist on Spotify.

Are you a working musician in Colorado, or a soundperson, stage hand, etc employed pre-COVID but seriously struggling to pay for rent, utilities or food?  Rocky Mountain Music Relief can’t meet all your needs, but we can offer some help.


Middle Class Rock Star is a podcast hosted by  Andy Sydow.  Every week or so I feature a 7 to 8 minute segment featuring  a conversation Andy has with some of our scene’s top music makers and industry personalities.  This week’s guest is Specific Ocean.

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TOP 5 and TOP 30 charts are culled from published spins at 13 Colorado non-profit community/public and college radio stations.  Currently 11 Colorado radio stations utilize Spinitron.

1. NATHANIEL RATELIFF – Redemption SINGLE (Dec-20)
2. A.J. FULLERTON – The Forgiver and the Runaway LP (Mar-21)
3. GASOLINE LOLLIPOPSAll the Misery Money Can Buy LP (Sep-20)
4. LADY GANG – Full Throttle LP (Feb-21)
5. BEVIN LUNA – Buchanan EP (Jan-21)


The Mishawaka is a legendary music venue, restaurant and bar located 13.7 miles up the Poudre Canyon Highway (CO 14) in the stunning Poudre Canyon in Bellvue, CO.  THERE ARE SHOWS BOOKED! 

A REMINDER:  Please listen to ALL of the songs and rate them.  Thanks🙂

(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist premier / not available online


The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Mr. Bojangles – Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy (1970)
(D) John Paul Grigsby – Tides Were Low – Nothing Is New (2021)

Finn O’Sullivan – When The Power Comes Back On – When The Power Comes Back On (2020)
PorloloI QUIT (2019)
(N) The Barlow – Hard Lovin’ – Horseshoe Lounge (2021)

Kind Hearted Stranger – The Egoist – East-West (2021)
The Samples – Wild River – Return To Earth (2001)
The Apples In Stereo – Questions And Answers – Her Wallpaper Reverie (1999)
The Soul Thieves – Every Day – Microphone In The Sugar Bowl (2001)
(D) Niceness – What A Day – Realize (2021)

LVDYChange (2020)
Rob Drabkin – It’s A Beautiful Day – Beautiful Day (2018)
Garrett Sayers Trio – Diatribe – Thinkbox (2017)


Michael Stanley – Among My Friends – Friends and Legends (1973)
Michael Stanley – Just Keep Playing Your Radio – Friends and Legends (1973)
(D) Kingdome JasmineRules of Verse (2021)
Claire Heywood – Python – I Won’t Resign My Love For That Old Dream (2020)
Edison – Open Road – Familiar Spirit (2016)
Jayme Stone – Future Promise – Awake, Awake (2020)
Andy Sydow – Still My Girl – Wicked Dreams EP (2020)
(D) Specific OceanUnity Effect (2021)

DeVotchKa – Straight Shot – This Night Falls Forever (2018)
Tennis – Never Work for Free – Ritual in Repeat (2014)
Wildermiss – Hell or High Water – In My Mind (2020)
The Fred Hess Band – Norman’s Gold – Single Moment (2008)


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