Bohemian Nights @ New West Fest Day 2

Chris K w short hair post BoNi 2014It’s Tuesday.  The weekend is done.  I’m slowly recovering.  Takes longer to recover now it seems.

Yes, I cut my hair.  Sorry to say the drugs I took to cure the hepatitis pretty much destroyed my hair.  I also took the advice of a friend (hey Rob) … LOL … my wife hates it … my kids and many of my friends on FB love it.  It feels healthy to me.  I’m all good.

Love this shot captured by the Coloradoan …. long live the hair.

Goat Introducing Big Head Todd & the Monsters

Here’s the video recap of day two … sorry I was unable to capture useable video of the ReMinders .. .:(

July Video Picks

Normally on the 1st I put up the Video Picks of the Month with the TOP 40 … no TOP 40 for Aug 1 … but here are the videos I added in July.  Enjoy.  There are 7 this month.