Friday night we attended the Whippoorwill album release show at Washington’s in Fort Collins.  The show featured recent North Carolina transplant, Courtney Hartman.  

Saturday night I emcee’d Strings and Stories featuring members of the Elephant Collective in Longmont, presented by the Future Arts Foundation.

After that show ended at a very reasonable 9:30PM, we drifted over to Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids for a late night dinner and to catch up with good friends, Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene. 

 We didn’t stay long at Oskar Blues.  As usual, the Crime Scene brought a full house, and a rockin’ band to the stage.  Despite a replacement drummer, the band continues to show why they’re one of the best blues based roots rock and roll bands in our scene. The driving energy that comes off the stage is palpable.

The Strings & Stories concert series features national and local musicians in a very intimate and stripped down atmosphere. Musicians will play songs from their catalog and tell their stories. Proceeds from each concert will provide an instrument to a local school in need.”

The Elephant Collective is a production house, artist development agency and music media platform founded by Dango Rose (Elephant Revival). They offer production, collaborative songwriting, and personalized coaching services focused on career growth for musicians. 

The Elephant Collective set featured former founding Elephant Revival members Dango Rose, Sage Cook and Bridget Law, along with two friends, newcomer Bob Berrick aka Kingdom Jasmine and Jonny Miller aka J Robert Miller from the Lonesome Days.

Dango, Sage and Bridget performed songs from the Elephant Revival catalog as well as songs from their own personal collections.  Each told stories behind their songs.  Sage’s often humorous off-tangent stories proved to be a hit with the sold out audience in the small Firehouse Arts Center performance room.

On the other side of the stage, the very pregnant (35 weeks) Bridget law owned the audience with an angelic (albeit breathy) voice, and stunning violin work.  Bridget also recently released an album with her husband’s Tierro Band.

Strings and Stories is one of the region’s rare actual listening events, and it’s all for a great cause.  Future Arts Foundation is also producing the Bluebird Music Festival next April.  The final S&S show is December 14th, and it’s SOLD OUT… sorry.

Album release shows are very often the most exciting shows a band from our region performs.  Typically, and the case here, it’s when the greatest number of local fans come out in celebration.  Whippoorwill’s crowd and a strong contingent of Courtney Hartman supporters nearly filled the nine hundred seat Washington’s FoCO (a Colorado Playlist sponsor).

Courtney did an adequate job as the opening act, her quiet presence on the stage and intricate compositions perhaps better suited for smaller, quieter, more attentive audiences.  She showed her admirable guitar skills also during Whippoorwill’s set.

Whippoorwill is essentially a trio, featuring Patti Fiasco leader Alysia Kraft (guitar, vocals), Staci Foster (guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals), and Tobias Bank (drums, vocals).   The band was rounded out on stage with the album’s producer, J.Tom Hnatow from Kentucky on keyboards and pedal steel, along with the session bass player.

A seasoned leader of the high energy alternative country-rock band Patti Fiasco, that has opened for the likes of Bon Jovi at the Pepsi Center, Kraft’s presence dominates.  She prowls and stalks the stage with externalized emotional energy, throwing ball buster level kicks and holding her shimmering silver electric guitar like she’ll seriously mess you up if you try to take it from her.  Everything about Alysia screams “big stage persona.”

Her partner in music and life, Staci Foster, is the internalized muse – and the perfect quiet complement to Alysia’s highly kinetic stage presence.  Staci’s demurely reserved presence is amplified by an equally timid and delicate voice, contrasting suitably against Alysia’s upfront rock and roll attitude.

Drummer and vocalist Tobias Bank fills in all the required spaces, vocally and rhythmically.  Together with Kraft, the three core members of Whippoorwill presented themselves as one of the best country inspired vocal trios on the Front Range today.

There’s little doubt Whippoorwill will be one of the better drawing bands in Northern Colorado in 2020, with Alysia Kraft further cementing her legacy as one of the top female entertainers in our state from over the past decade, regardless of the band she fronts or shares the spotlight with.

CP S12 EP28 2018

Just a short note this week.  It’s summer.  We have family in town from New Jersey for ten days.  Gonna make sure we treat them to as much as we can of what CO is all about – including bands, beers, bud and booze.  And grand views, Grand Lake, South Park and Red Rocks of course.

This week’s MMMM (Monday Morning Music Meeting) below has new music for you to vote on from Darren Garvey (Elephant of Revival), Devotchka, the Lumineers, John Grant (the Czars) and Westword Music Showcase Award Winner RL Cole & the Hell You Say.

Next week’s show is already in the can.  It’s a mid-summer review of some of the best of the Colorado Playlist for 2018.  Enjoy.  Hopefully I’ll be back in time for next week’s post.


Jen Korte with her band “the Loss” just won the Westword Music Showcase Award for best folk artist for 2018.  In the meantime Jen is also establishing herself as FAR MORE than folk, pop, rock, hip-hop, indie or any other style outside of metal, punk, country or blues with her latest offering called Lady Gang.

From the website:  ABOUT: ​Lady Gang was given a small loop pedal in 2014 and found herself quickly  falling down the rabbit hole of live looping and beat creation. Empowered by her electric guitar, her voice, a beat machine, and her loop pedal, LADY GANG fuses elements of hip hop and indie rock to create  a sound rich with originality and skill.

…she has been seen in and around Denver as a solo artist as well as a collaborator in Denver’s hip hop scene both as a vocalist and guitarist for Def Knock and through her partnership with Denver’s best MC of 2017, Kitty Crimes, as Nasty Twin.  She has been seen opening the stage for Too Short, The Pharcyde, Mac Lethal and Wax.

At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.


What you’ll find below are new songs on the show this week … listen  and let me know which ones you think I should keep in the Colorado Playlist, and which I should delete.

NOTE:  In order to be included in the MMMM poll, the band/artist must have an embeddable file on Soundcloud, BandCamp, Reverbnation or YouTube.


(D) = debut of lp, ep or single
(N) = new cut from previously debuted lp or ep


Gerard McMahon “Hello Operator” from Gerard (1976)
Sugarloaf “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” from The Best of (1974)
(N) Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene “Fever” from I Make My Own Luck (2018)
Dan Treanor’s Afrosippi Band featuring Erica Brown “Tell Me Daddy” from Tangled Road Again (2013)
David Starr “Love and Sabotage” from Love and Sabotage (2016)
(N) Darren Garvey “First of the Year” from Heart Attack Sleeves ep (2018)  

Strangebyrds “Star Crossed Lovers” from Star Crossed Lovers (2018)
Drag the River “Wichita Skyline” from Drag The River (2013)
Great American Taxi “A.M. Radio” from Paradise Lost (2011)
Mojomama “Lazy river” from Red White and Blues (2018)
(D) John Grant “Love Is Magic” from Love Is Magic (2018)

piKziL “Can’t Get Started” from Songs from My 3rd Life (2016)
Wildermiss “Keep it Simple” (2017)
Jon Wirtz “Watching the World Wake Up” from Tourist (2013)


Alpha Centauri “Hard Life” from Alpha Centauri (1977)
(D) Devotchka “Straight Shot” from This Night Falls Forever (2018)

The Motet “the Truth” from Totem (2016)
(D) The Lumineers “Scotland” from C-Sides (2018)

Brent Cowles “How to Be Okay Alone” from How To Be OK Alone (2018)
Dressy Bessy “Call if Even” from Electrified (2005)
Michael Trent “Tell The Truth” from The Winner (2010)
Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats “Coolin’ Out (f Lucius)” from Tearing At The Seams (2018)
(D) RL Cole & the Hell You Say “Mary” from Mary (2018)

The Patti Fiasco “Days Gone By” from Saved By Rock and Roll (2016)
Oxeye Daisy “Where Your Mind Goes” from Oxeye Daisy (2018)
Keith Oxman “Breeze (Blow My Baby Back)” from East of the Village (2017)

What are YOUR Favorites of 2014 So Far?

Which of the following titles do you own one or more cuts from in your collection?  That’s a better indication of what your favorites are to me than any other consideration.  Cuz if you don’t have it, how can it be your favorite, right?  So, only pick from those you actually have in your collection please.  And do share.

Colorado TOP 20 Titles Jan, Feb, March 2014

About this time of year I begin pulling together all the spins data, so I don’t get too far behind by year’s end.  I also publish a mid-year report every July.  Here are the TOP 20 from Jan-March / Q1 2014

1. Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Black Beehive
2. Elephant Revival – These Changing Skies
3. Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore – Love Runner
4. Gregory Alan Isakov – The Weatherman
5. Pretty Lights – A Color Map of the Sun
6. Eurforquestra – Fire
7. The Railsplitters – The Railsplitters
8. Honey Don’t – Heart Like A Wheel
9. DeVotchKa – Live with the Colorado Symphony
10. The Motet – The Motet
11. Tennis – Small Sound
12. Mosey West – Bermuda
13. Paper Bird – Rooms
14. Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds – Round and Round
14. Tallgrass – Better Than Medicine
15. 3 Twins – De Nada
16. Rob Drabkin – Little Steps EP
17. Dianne Reeves – Beautiful Life
18. Changing Colors – Joan & the King
19. Various – SpokesBUZZ Vol. IV Band Together

The Colorado Sound Live365 – TOP 10 Mid-FEB 2014

Doing some backend work on the station … added new cut from Dianne Reeve’s new album today to the morning 6A-11A schedule.  Pulled the spins list .. these are the most heard titles right now.

(_____) = date added to rotation.

1. Otis Taylor – Blue Rain In Africa (Oct 03, 13)
2. Jeff Brinkman – Island (Oct 04, 13)
3. Trout Steak Revival – Bell (Dec 29, 13)
4. The Fray – Love Don’t Die (Oct 25, 13)
5. Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Josephina (Jan 23, 14)
6. Elephant Revival – Birds And Stars (Dec 29, 13)
7. The Changing Colors – True Love Knows (Jul 30, 13)
8. 3 Twins – Station On Down The Line (Dec 29, 13)
9. Mosey West – Old Stone (Jan 23, 14)
10. Matt Skinner Band – Ashes To Ashes (Dec 30, 13)

News Notes & Spins – September 1, 2011


This column is intended to a kind of regional tip sheet, much like what we in radio used to get monthly from different sources .. it identifies what we in the state are airing as djs, and what the individual stations are representing musically here in the state.  

In Colorado we’re blessed beyond measure by the sheer number of public/community and college stations in our communities.  There are about twenty radio stations of this type in the state today, the most of any state that I can find.  Our charts this month represent spins data from over fifteen stations and specialty shows (commercial and non-comm) around the state.

KRFC Fort Collins is, and has been, the undisputed KING of Colorado spins among all radio stations in the state.  Today, approximately 13% (1/7) of all titles aired 6A-12A on KRFC are Colorado-based, up from an average of 6% per month prior to August 8th, when new program director John Hayes installed a new / more Colorado-focused format.

Add to the list those commercial stations that air Colorado-based specialty programming (KBCO, KTCL, KQMT) or that include new and breaking artists in their general programming … and you’ve got one of the healthiest states in the union where it comes to how much regionally produced music is heard on terrestrial radio, and subsequently via the Internet. I also need to pay some serious props to KGNU (Boulder).  In an email exchange while gathering spins data for this month’s column, KGNU music director  John Schaefer informed me that ” KGNU is, and has been, committed to the local music scene for 33 years.

Every programmer I’ve spoken to around the state says they’re willing to air more Colorado-based music… with one caveat – they have to receive it in the mail first.  As they tell me all the time – they cannot air what they do not have in their libraries.  Seems we’re doing a great job of getting music to KRFC (nearly 500 titles from 2010-2011 in their database), but too many of the other stations are going without.  My advice — if Colorado-based artists were to flood the stations with releases, the stations would have little choice but to air more of what they get.  😉


Lynette O’Kane,  Assistant Music Director – “Late summer at KDNK.:   News reporter Mat Katz left our fair valley to work in the Big Apple and is currently slogging around in the wet of Irene.  We are currently in the middle of our fall membership drive and holding steady.  Check out the www.kdnk.org Music Page for lists of new releases, live broadcasts and music reviews.”

Grant McFarren, Music Director – “KBUT recently wrapped up yet another record breaking pledge drive, meeting our goal of $40,000 in just over 9 days! Big thanks to everyone in and out of the Gunnison Valley who made this drive wildly successful.”

Bummer news coming out of KUVO.  A posting on Hazel Miller’s facebook page indicated that assistant music director/air talent Susan Gatchet-Reese is gone from KUVO (Denver).  More news here as soon as I can get it.

Welcome KRZA Alamosa/Taos to the mix this month — and welcome to new Music Director Catie Moore.  Catie was doing front office work at KRZA from December 2010 until this past July when she was “promoted” to music director —- a hard and too often thankless task for sure, as she winds through mountains of releases each month.

Finally this month, welcome back KCSU – off since the summer break began in May.  Nic Turiciano is their new music director.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.  If this month’s station list below is any indication, it should be pretty adventurous.

A note on the spins chart.  I’ve added the date [month-yr] the release was added to the tracking spreadsheet – very often an indicator of when a station began reporting it to me.

TOP 40 ALBUM SPINS – August 2011
(160 titles reported / 359 titles tracked)
(D) = debut, first time on chart)
(R) = re-entered chart)

(3) 1. Devotchka – 100 Lovers (Anti) adult alternative [Dec-10]
(1) 2. Finnders & Youngberg – FY5 (self) bluegrass/americana [Apr-11]
(6) 3. Spring Creek – Hold On Me (self) bluegrass  [Jul-11]
(14) 4. John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light – Beautiful Empty [Free School] rock/adult alternative [re-added Apr-11]
(18) 4. Zach Heckendorf – The Cool Down (self) rock/pop [Jul-11]
(25) 5. Paper Bird – Carry On (Long Spoon) americana  [Jul-11]
(R) 6. Gabrielle Louise – Mirror the Branches (self) folk/americana [Aug-10]
(16) 7. Jami Lunde – Big Black Birds (self) americana/contemporary adult [Jun-11]
(D) 8. Cassie Taylor – Blue (Hypertension) blues/pop/contemporary adult  [Aug-11]
(7) 8. Elephant Revival – Break in the Clouds (Ruff Shod Records) folk/americana [Nov-10]
(11) 8. H2 Big Band – You’re It! (Jazzed Media) jazz  [Jul-11]
(D) 9. Kim Jones – Lucky Girl (self) folk/singer-songwriter  [Jul-11] *
(D) 10. The Holler! – Gratitude (self) americana/folk-rock  [May-11]
(D) 11. Pat Murphy – The Paul Howard Project (self) funk/r&b/soul  [Aug-11]
(D) 11. The Dirty Lookers – Audio Voyeur (self) rock  [Aug-11]
(R) 12. Dotsero – Storyhouse (Cinderblock Records)  jazz/contemporary  [Mar-11]
(2) 12. Wendy Woo Band – Austerity (Woomusic) rock/contemporary adult  [Jun-11]
(R) 13. Justin Roth – Now You Know  (Rothirric Music) folk/singer-songwriter  [Mar-11]
(R) 14. Carmen Sandim Sextet – Brand New (Dazzle Recordings) jazz  [Feb-11] *
(R) 15. Fox Street Allstars – Welcome to the Mighty Pleasin’ (self) rock/roots/r&b  [Jan-11]
(3) 16. Rose Hill Drive – Americana (Slowly and Shirley) rock/modern hard rock  [Jul-11]
(17) 16. The Haunted Windchimes – Live at the Western Jubilee (Blank Tape)  americana/folk  [May-11]
(D) 17. Fingers of the Sun – Fingers of the Sun (self)  indie/folk-rock  [May-11]
(R) 18. Danielle Ate the Sandwich – Two Bedroom Apartment (self) folk/modern/pop  [Jun-10]
(19) 18. Gary Bragg – High Plains Storm (Q&B Records) americana/country  [Apr-11] *
(R) 18. White Water Ramble – All Night Drive (self) bluegrass/jamgrass  [Jul-10] *
(R) 19. Big Head Todd and the Monsters – Rocksteady (BIG) rock/contemporary adult  [Jun-10]
(D) 19. Houses – Winter (self) rock/adult alternative  [Aug-11]
(12) 19. John Oates – Mississippi Mile (PS Records) blues/americana  [Apr-11]
(D) 19. the Still City – Brittle Bones (self)  indie/folk-rock  [Aug-11]
(R) 20. Grant Gordy – Grant Gordy (self)  instrumental/neo-acoustic  [Apr-10]
(6) 20. Jim Stranahan – Free For All (Capri Records)  jazz  [Apr-11]
(R) 21. The Chain Gang of 1974 – Wayward Fire (Modern Art Records) electronic/dance  [Jun-11]
(8) 21. The Patti Fiasco – The Patti Fiasco (self) rock/alternative country- rock  [Jul-11]
(24) 22. Big Head Todd and the Monsters – Big Head Blues Club: 100 Years of Robert Johnson (Ryko)  blues  [Jan-11]
(R) 22. Nathaniel Rateliff – In Memory of Loss (Rounder Records)  folk/modern   [Mar-10]
(R) 23. Stray Grass – Written in the Stars (self)  bluegrass/jamgrass  [Mar-11]
(R) 24. Fierce Bad Rabbit – Spools of Thread (self)  rock/alternative/indie  [Sep-10]
(R) 24. John-Alex Mason – Jook Joint Thunderclap (Naked Jaybird) blues  [Jan-11]
(D) 24. Jonny Barber & the Living Deads – Jonny Barber & the Living Deads (self)  rock  [Aug-11]
(D) 24. Lionel Young Band – On Our Way to Memphis (self) blues  [Aug-11]
(22) 24. Musketeer Gripweed – Dyin’ Day (self) rock/blues  [Sep-10]

*serviced to radio/press by Chris K. dba Rocky Mountain Music Network

Fell Out of TOP 40 – August
4.  Great American Taxi – Reckless Habits
9.  Rene Marie – Voice of My Beautiful Country
10. The Hickman-Dalton Gang – The Hickman-Dalton Gang Vol II
13. Rob Roper – Misfit
15. Brad Goode – Tight Like This
16. Adam Bodine Trio – Up ‘N Hear
18. Adam Stern – High Country Gentleman
18. Dave Sonner – the American Campus
20. Bonnie and The Clydes – Bonnie And The Clydes
20. Judy Wexler – Under A Painted Sky
21. Andy Hackbarth – The Last Love Song
21. Jeff Finlin – The Tao of Motor Oil
21. Megan Burtt – It Ain’t Love
21. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Unentitled
22. Bop Skizzum – Push
22. Hazel Miller Band – Coming to You Live… From KUVO
22. Otis Taylor – Clovis People, Vol. 3
22. Veronica – Emerging from Troubled Days
23. Broken Spoke – Before There Were Easy Riders
23. Mohammed Alidu and the Bizung Family – Land of Fire
23. Tennis – Cape Dory
25. My Body Sings Electric – Changing Color

ADDED – August
3 Twins Broadband – 3 Twins Broadband
a shoreline dream – Losing Them All To This Time
Beats Noir! – Beats Noir!
Cary Morin – Sing It Louder
Cassie Taylor – Blue
Chubby Lover – Puberty is for Wieners
Cougarpants – demos
Driftwood Fire – How To Untangle A Heartache
El Toro De La Muerte – Danger These Days
Elena Klaver – Promise of Spring
Fingerhook – Roostah
Force Publique – Force Publique
Georgann Low – Les Progres De L’Amour (Seasons Of Love)
Houses – Winter
Jayme Stone – Room of Wonders
Jonny Barber & the Living Deads – Jonny Barber & the Living Deads
Lionel Young Band – On Our Way to Memphis
Mancub – 8 Bit Crush
Pat Murphy – The Paul Howard Project
Pink Hawks – Shima
Post Paradise – The New Normal
School Knights – ALL DAWGZ GO 2 HEAVEN
The Dirty Lookers – Audio Voyeur
the Still City – Brittle Bones
Various artists – Hot Congress Records Sampler 2011
You Me and Apollo – Cards with Cheats


KAFM (Grand Junction)
1. The Chain Gang of 1974 – Wayward Fire
2. Spring Creek – Hold On Me
3. Adam Stern –  High Country Gentleman
3. Chris Thompson – The Road Ahead
4. Dotsero – Storyhouse
4. Jack + Jill – Brightest Star in the Nightmare

KBUT (Crested Butte)
1. Spring Creek – Hold On Me
2. Elephant Revival – Break in the Clouds
2. Finnders & Youngberg – FY5
3. Devotchka – 100 Lovers
3. Fingers of the Sun – Fingers of the Sun

KCSU (Fort Collins)
1. You Me and Apollo – Cards with Cheats
1. Act So Big Forest – Compilation 2: Auriel
1. Force Publique – Force Publique
2. Mancub – 8 Bit Crush
2. Cougarpants – demos

KDNK (Carbondale)
1. Justin Roth – Now You Know
1. Spring Creek – Hold On Me
2. Beth Quist – New Moon
2. Carmen Sandim Sextet – Brand New
2. Elephant Revival – Break in the Clouds
2. John Oates – Mississippi Mile

KGNU (Boulder)
1. Pink Hawks – Shima
2. Git Some – Loose Control
3. Paper Bird – Carry On
4. Devotchka – 100 Lovers
5. Finnders and Youngberg – FY5

KOTO (Telluride)
1. Wendy Woo Band – Austerity
2. Jami Lunde – Big Black Birds
2. Zach Heckendorf – The Cool Down
3. Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Big Head Blues Club: 100 Years Of Robert Johnson

KRCC (Colorado Springs)
1. Burn the Maps – Terra Incognita
2. The Haunted Windchimes – Live at the Western Jubilee
3. Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen – Back in My Hometown
4. the Yes We Cans – Better Days
4. Joe Johnson – A Time to Dance
4. The Haunted Windchimes – Honey Moonshine

KRFC (Fort Collins)
1. Patti Fiasco – The Patti Fiasco
2. Holler! – Gratitude
3. Fierce Bad Rabbit – Spools of Thread
3. Finnders and Youngberg – FY5
3. John-Alex Mason – Jook Joint Thunderclap
3. Musketeer Gripweed – Dyin’ Day

KUNC (Greeley)
1. Devotchka – 100 Lovers
2. Justin Roth – Now You Know
2. Wendy Woo Band – Austerity
3. Andy Hackbarth – The Last Love Song
3. Cassie Taylor – Blue

KUVO (Denver)
1. Jim Stranahan – Free For All
2. Judy Wexler – Under A Painted Sky
3. H2 Big Band – You’re It!
4. Adam Bodine Trio – Up ‘N Hear
4. Brad Goode – Tight Like This
4. Dotsero – Storyhouse
4. Peter Sommer – Tremolo Canteen

KVNF (Paonia)
1. Paper Bird – Carry On
2. Spring Creek – Hold On Me
3. The Quiet American – Vol. II
4. The Haunted Windchimes – Live at the Western Jubilee
5. Big Head Todd and the Monsters – Rocksteady

The Colorado Sound … No real spins chart for the show this month.  It was a short month.  I took some of the month off to focus on producing and/or emceeing a couple of festivals.  Here’s what was “Hot” in August (other than the weather).  I do have to say I was particularly enamored of The Dirty Lookers album — a rough and tumble jouncy ride along the intersection of rock n roll, rhythm & blues, and punk.

  • The Dirty Lookers – Audio Voyeur
  • Gabrielle Louise – Mirror the Branches
  • Kim Jones – Lucky Girl*
  • Pat Murphy – The Paul Howard Project
  • Zach Heckendorf – The Cool Down

*serviced to radio/press by Chris K. dba Rocky Mountain Music Network