The Colorado Sound S8|EP34

IMG_20140901_182522_349I’m always amazed when people say to me, “I didn’t know THEY’re from Colorado!”  LOL.  It happens regularly to be honest.  I think that really has been the guiding idea in presenting “The Colorado Sound” as well as “Offstage …Beyond the Music,” that I can share Colorado music, and the lives of musicians and music industry personalities who have called Colorado their home with folks who might not know who’s who and what they do.

I’ve had an absolutely amazing summer.  I got to present Coloradan and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield, Poco, South-Hillman-Furay) as a headliner on a show I produce annually (Carbon Valley Music & Spirits Festival), and as well at one of the acts at this year’s incredible Bohemian Nights at New West Fest.  He and I communicated this weekend, and he’ll be appearing as my guest on the next episode of Offstage …Beyond the Music.  #superstoked!

This weekend I was gifted tickets to see Aspen resident and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee John Oates (Hall & Oates) with his long running (15 yrs) Aspen trio.  What a treat to see this Colorado band in a state of the art intimate 200 cap room … WOW!  Check out his latest album when you get a chance … he killed the cut “Stone Cold Love” that he and fellow Coloradan Ryan Tedder co-wrote and co-produced, despite not having the specific beats that Ryan used to underpin the song.

He also did “Lose It In Louisiana” from the same album release, and, of course, a few classic Hall & Oates hits including “She’s Gone,” which he says has been played at every show, solo or with Daryl since 1972.  I also thought it interesting that he pointed out a couple of times that he did not bring cds to sell, and that people should purchase it on iTunes or elsewhere.  The trio format was a blast, and you could tell they were good friends out having a good time.

Leaving you with a video of John at Aspen’s KSPN from last April, doing a song he did Friday night that he wrote with esteemed songwriter Jim Lauderdale.. Enjoy.

New Offstage …Beyond The Music episode starts this week .. check it out below.



Acoustic Junction “Build A Road” from Love It For What It Is (1993)
Liz Barnez “Laughing Yellow” from Liz Barnez Band (1993)
(D) Drew Schofield “Break It Down” from 150 Million (-1) (2014)
Whiskey Blanket “Blatto Nox” from From the Dead of Dark (2014)
Leash of Foxes “It Sounds Like This” from It Sounds Like This (2014)
(D) Montropo “Follow Me” from Follow Me (2014)
Pete Kartsounes “Believer” from The Only Way I Know (2011)
Ivory Circle “Drown” from Equilateral (2014)
Rob Drabkin “For You I Would Die” from Little Steps EP (2013)
Honkytonk Homeslice “Love Is Like A Train” from Just Passin’ Thru (2012)
Drew Emmitt “Up Where We Are” from Across The Bridge (2005)
Polarity “To Be Determined” from King of Hearts (2012)


Philip Bailey “Easy Lover” from Chinese Wall (1985)
Dianne Reeves “Sky Islands” from Dianne Reeves (1987)
Pandas & People “Howling Moon” from Pandas & People (2014)
The Lumineers “Ho Hey” from The Lumineers (2012)
You Me and Apollo “Don’t Sleep for Free” from Sweet Honey (2014)
(D) Tennis “Never Work for Free” from Ritual In Repeat (2014) Navy “Something Good” from Spirit Groove (2013)
Zephyr “Don’t Come Back” from Heartbeat (1982)
Eddie Turner “Privileged Life” from Rise (2005) WhiteWater Ramble “Dear Mr. Bankman” from Roots & Groove (2013)
Hickman-Dalton Gang “Wildcard” from Hickman-Dalton Gang Vol. II (2011)
Analog Son “Not a Care in the World” from Analog Son (2014)

News, Notes & Spins – September 1, 2014

IMG_20140901_182522_349Happy September.  August is just about the craziest month of the year for me.  Well… I guess really June, July, Aug and Sept – as those are the main months for festival work, and I do a lot of that it seems.  The following video playlist tells the story of my August + added attractions from the String Cheese Incident, Something Underground, and the Congress.

Lots of folks have commented on my new hair cut … LOL.  Who knew it would be such a hit 🙂

The blog set a record for page views for a July, and set the monthly views record for the year to date.  I can’t help but attribute that to all the new listeners via KUNC – since that’s when the traffic really began to grow.

This is a great story I came across about how the newest John Oates single, Stone Cold Love, came about – featuring two guys a lot of folks don’t associate with Colorado, despite both of them living here – and both of them performing here.  John Oates will be appearing in Fort Collins on Sept 5.   … PS the show is SOLD OUT.


Offstage …Beyond the Music EP2|PT1 & 2 featuring David Glasser … click on the link on the right sidebar.  Coming next week, a conversation with guitarist Eddie Turner (Zephyr).


Funding for the Colorado Sound has been provided by several fans, and by my friends Chuck and Bill Grewe at Colorado Case Company, and Dani Grant at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, and SpokesBUZZ.   It would mean a lot if you would visit their websites and look at what they’re doing for Colorado music and musicians.

Colorado Case Company brand makes insulated soft cases, gig bags, case covers and rigid cases for most instruments.  This premium, professional grade, brand is designed, engineered and tested to provide incredible thermal protection for your valuable musical instrument.  This is the case cover of choice for most professional, traveling musicians around the world. Most of this brand is custom made from your tracing, but some stock items are available.  We specialize in unusual and hard to fit instruments.

The Mishawaka is hosting the Motet on September 5 & 6, For Locals x Locals with Fox Street, Rob Drabkin and more on Sept 19 & 20, and Paper Bird and You, Me & Apollo on September 26th … make plans to enjoy the end of the summer at one of the most historic mountain venues in the state.

Join me in person on September 19th and 20th at Fortober Fest, with Van Halen Tribute Band Romeo Delight, Soul School, The Young Ancients, Sofie Reed, the Burroughs, Whiskey Blanket, Blue Canyon Boys, Eef and the Blues Express, and more… a great weekend of music to end the summer.  It’s free .. all ages .. rain or shine in and around Old Town Fort Collins.

TOP 40 Spins August 2014

  • 259 titles tracked
  • 130 (50%) titles reported as played at least once in the reporting period
  • Stations/shows surveyed: 15
  • (CC) = Colorado Connection
  • (D) = album/ep/single debut on chart
  • (R) = re-enter
  • [date] = Date added to reporting list
  • X number = number of stations playing

Elephant Revival_these changing skies(7) 1. Elephant Revival – These Changing Skies (Its Evolving Records) Folk [August 1, 2013]
(1) 2.  String Cheese IncidentSong in My Head (SCI Fidelity) Rock/jamband [April 12, 2014]
(2) 3. Nathaniel Ratefliff  – Falling Faster Than You Can Run (Mod y Vi Records) Folk [September 1, 2013]
(D) 4. Ark LifeThe Dream of You & Me (Greater Than Collective) Rock [June 28, 2014]  (6) 5. Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Black Beehive (Shout! Factory) Rock [January 25, 2014]
(5) 6. You, Me and Apollo – Sweet Honey (CAM Records) Indie/alternative [April 26, 2014]
(3) 7. Eurforquestra – Fire (self) Rock/jamband [February 22, 2014]
(23) 8. Calder’s Revolvers – Sunday Morning (self) Rock [ June 13, 2014]
(15) 9. Gregory Alan IsakovThe Weatherman (Suitcase Town Music) Folk [June 22, 2013]
(D) 10. Fierce Bad Rabbit – Living Asleep (self) Rock/pop [July 19, 2014]
(R) 11. John Oates – Pushing A Rock Uphill (PS Records) Pop/adult contemporary [April 24, 2014]
(17) 12. The Patti FiascoSmall TownLights (self) Rock [July 23, 2013]
(4) 13. The MotetThe Motet (self) Urban Contemporary/funk [January 4, 2014]
(D) 14. Pandas & PeopleS/T (self) Rock/AAA [July 5, 2014] (18) 15. Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams – Rocky Mountain Honky Tonk (self) Americana/alt-country-rock [July 7, 2013]
(31) 16. Grant Sabin – Anthromusicology (Blank Tape) Rock/blues-rock [January 10, 2013]
(R) 17. Pretty LightsA Color Map of the World (8 Minutes 20 Seconds) Urban Contemporary/EDM [July 2, 2013]
(R) 18. Mike Clark & the Sugar SoundsRound and Round (Blank Tape) Indie/New Alternative [January 19, 2013]
(R) 19. Aakash Mittal QuartetOcean (self) Jazz/Instrumental [July 13, 2013]
(8) 20. Mollie O’Brien & Rich MooreLove Runner (Remington Road Records) Folk [December 21, 2013]
(D) 21. SuCHTrial and Error (Edclectic Ent.) Urban Contemporary/soul [August 23, 2014]
(R) 22. Joe JohnsonNew West Sound (Blank Tape) Americana/country-folk [August 1, 2013]
(R) 23. My Body Sings Electric – Pt I The Night Ends (self) Rock/alternative [February 8, 2014]
(16) 24. Cassie Taylor – Out of My Mind (Yellow Dog) Blues/rhythm and blues [May 18, 2013]
(32) 25. Young Ancients – Y/A (self) Americana/roots [February 22, 2014]
(9) 26. The Railsplitters – The Railsplitters (self) Americana/bluegrass [October 1, 2013]
(20) 27. Katie Herzig – Walk Through Walls (Marion-Lorraine) Pop/adult contemporary [April 26, 2014]
(R) 28. AdrienneOLines EP (self) Rock/alternative [May 10, 2014]
(D) 28. Felonious SmithBefore the Rooster Crows (self) Blues/roots [August 2, 2014]
(32) 29. Paper BirdRooms (self) Folk/rock [February 16, 2013]
(R) 30. Blue Canyon BoysNext Go Round (self) Americana/bluegrass [January 16, 2013]
(R) 31. Mama Lenny & the RemedyTime (You’re Doing Fine) (self) Blues/rhythm and blues [December 7, 2013]
(33) 32. Head for the Hills – Blue Ruin (self) Americana/bluegrass [June 1, 2013]
(11) 33. Chimney Choir – (compass) (self) Folk [ June 1, 2013]
(20) 34. Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone (Telarc) Blues [January 20, 2013]
(24) 35. Drag The RiverDrag the River (Xtra Mile Records) Rock [October 1, 2013]
(R) 36. TallgrassBetter Than Medicine (self) Americana/roots [March 1, 2014]
(13) 37. Finnders & YoungbergI Don’t Want Love You Won’t Give Until I Cry (Swingfingers Records) Americana/bluegrass [August 1, 2013]
(12) 38. Esme Patterson – Woman to Woman (Greater Than Collective) Indie/New Alternative [April 5, 2014]
(14) 39. Grant Farm – Plowin’ Time (self) Rock/country-rock [May 10, 2014]


Musketeer Gripweed –Floods and Fires
3 Twins – De Nada
Monocle Band – Monocle Band
Katie Glassman & Snapshot – Dream A Little Dream
Honey Don’t – Heart Like A Wheel
Dragondeer – Don’t That Feel Good EP
Mosey West – Bermuda
Josh DillardThe Bright Light of Shipwreck
Gipsy Moon – Eventide
OneRepublic Native
Katey Laurel Periscope
Sofie Reed Red Hen
Various – SpokesBUZZ Vol. IV Band Together
Toad In the HoleApt 203


Analog Son – S/T
Barbarosa – Barbarosa
Blake Brown & American Dust Choir – Get Out [single]
Felonious Smith – Before the Rooster Crows
Fierce Bad Rabbit – Living Asleep
Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene – The Other Side
Leash of Foxes – It Sounds Like This [single]
Molina Speaks – Everyday Denver
Paa Kow – Ask
Pandas & People – S/T
Richie Furay – Hand in Hand
Silent Bear – The Green Lion
Slopeside – One Land Town
Strange Americans – That Kind of Luster
SuCh – Trial and Error
Taylor Mesple – Elusive
Tennis – Ritual in Repeat
The Outfit – Station Wagon Apocalypse


[X] = number of titles reported
Stations reporting / showing under 10 current titles not shown.

String Cheese Incident_Song In My HeadKAFM (Grand Junction) [21]
1. String Cheese Incident – Song in My Head
2. Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Black Beehive
2. Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore – Love Runner
3. You, Me and Apollo – Sweet Honey
4. Gipsy Moon – Eventide

BHTM Black BeehiveKDNK (Carbondale/Glenwood) [25]
1. Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Black Beehive
1. Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams – Rocky Mountain Honky Tonk
1. String Cheese Incident – Song in My Head
1. You, Me and Apollo – Sweet Honey
2. Aakash Mittal Quartet – Ocean

euforquestra, fireKDUR (Durango) [12]
1. Eurforquestra – Fire
1. The Motet – The Motet
2. Ark Life – The Dream of You
2. Chain Station – Dancin’ With the Law
3. String Cheese Incident – Song in My Head

esme 2KGNU (Boulder) [15]
1. Esme Patterson – Woman to Woman
1. Grant Farm – Plowin’ Time
2. The Railsplitters – The Railsplitters
3. Ark Life – The Dream of You & Me
3. Eurforquestra – Fire

String Cheese Incident_Song In My HeadKRCC (Colorado Springs) [10]
1. String Cheese Incident – Song in My Head
2. Grant Sabin – Anthromusicology
3. Ark Life – The Dream of You
3. Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds – Round and Round
4. Joe Johnson – New West Sound

ark lifeKRFC (Fort Collins) [62]
1. Ark Life – The Dream of You and Me
2. The Patti Fiasco – Small Town Lights
3. Pandas & People – Pandas & People
4. Euforquestra – Fire
5. Elephant Revival – These Changing Skies

Nathaniel Rateliff - Falling Faster Than You Can RunKUNC (Greeley) [13]
1. Nathaniel Ratefliff – Falling Faster Than You Can Run
2. Elephant Revival – These Changing Skies
2. Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone
3. Young Ancients – Y/A
5. 3 Twins – De Nada

ark lifeOPEN AIR 1340 (Denver) [40]
1. Ark Life – The Dream of You & Me
2. You, Me and Apollo – Sweet Honey
3. Calder’s Revolvers – Sunday Morning
4. Ivory Circle – Equilateral
5. Blake Brown & American Dust Choir – Get Out [single]

1. Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Black Beehive
1. John Oates – Pushing A Rock Uphill
1. SuCh – Trial and Error
1. The Patti Fiasco – Small Town Lights
2. Calder’s Revolvers – Sunday Morning

The Colorado Sound S8|EP33 2014

HAPPY LABOR DAY.  Here’s the playlist for this week’s show.  I’ll publish the SPT NEWS NOTES & SPINS on SPT 2.

The VIDEO PICK OF THE WEEK and the NEW MUSIC SHARE of the week come courtesy of THE CONGRESS.  Enjoy.

Hour 1

The Apples in Stereo “Strawberryfire” from Her Wallpaper Reverie (1999)
Born in The Flood “I Am the Walrus” from Mountain Homegrown Vol IV (2005)
The Scones “Wishing Well” from Like Ripples Across the Pond (2014)
The Swayback “Lost Lake Woods Club” from Double Four Time (2012)
Mosey West “Hurricane Eyes” from Bermuda (2014)
Isa and JoeAlan “Slumlord” from Lifelines (2014)
Spoke In Wordz “Sugar Pills” from Sugar Pills (2012)
String Cheese Incident “Stay Through” from Song In My Head (2014)
Jeff Finlin “Jesus Was A Motorcycle Man” from Ballad Of A Plain Man (2008)
Gabrielle Louise “Oh Caroline” from Cigarettes & Sentiments (2008)
Monocle Band “Falling” from Monocle Band (2013)
Jim Stranahan Little BIG BAND “Blues and a Half” from MIGRATION TO HIGHER GROUND (2014)

Hour 2 

Gary Stites “Lonely for You” from Lonely for You (1960)
Dan Fogelberg “Part of the Plan” from Souvenirs (1974)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Everything About You” from Black Beehive (2014)
(N) John Oates “Don’t Cross Me Wrong” from Good Road to Follow (2014)
The Congress “Distance” from Whatever You Want (2012)
(N) Such (Su Charles) “Open Book” from Trial and Error (2014)
Pandas & People “On My Way” from Pandas & People (2014)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Crystal Ball” from Living Asleep (2014)
Nina Storey “Think Twice” from Think Twice (2013)
Patti Fiasco “Small Town Lights” from Small Town Lights (2013)
Aakash Mittal Quartet “Monsoon Blues” from Ocean (featuring Ron Miles) (2013)

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