The Colorado Sound S9 EP36 2015

Summer is officially over … I don’t know what to say about that.  No more outdoor shows means we’ll spend more time at our indoor venues enjoying great Colorado bands in intimate settings.  What’s your favorite SMALL room (under 500 capacity) to see a show at?

I have the pleasure of doing sound at Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids, and occasionally at the Original Oskar Blues Brew & Grill in Lyons … and I’m looking forward to presenting The Colorado Sound Presents with my band and one I’d like to introduce to you at Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins and at an unknown as yet Denver small room.

ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE shared some love with a couple of notable Colorado acts … STAX recording artists Nathaniel Rateliff & the Nightsweats picked up a 3 star (3/5) review of their debut … and the YAWPERS picked up an online story and music share of a cut from their upcoming new album that’ll be out late October.  The Yawpers will be my guests on OFFSTAGE BEYOND THE MUSIC in November.

The Associated Press reports that the Fray will join Aretha Franklin, Andrea Bocelli, the Philadelphia Orchestra and others to perform for Pope Francis during his visit to Philadelphia.

Colorado bands Slow Caves and Red Fox Run will join Edison at the 35th Annual CMJ Marathon in NYC taking place OCT 13-17

mishawakaIt may be the end of the summer season (RIP) but that doesn’t mean the concert season is over … The Colorado Sound is supported by The Mishawaka Amphitheatre … and yes, the SpokesBUZZ Lounge is open for business over the winter.  See website for OCT shows .. oh, and PARKING IS FREE!


Congratulations to Colorado native Nina Storey.  The LA Music Critic Awards just named “Waiting For Love” the Best Music Video for 2015.  Way big props to our homegirl … who now calls L.A. her home.



Acoustic Junction “Build a Road” from Love It For What It Is (1993)
The Samples “We All Move On” from Here and Somewhere Else (1998)
Michal Menert “Sweet Remorse” from Space Jazz (2015)
Lion Drome “The Nite Is On (feat. Chris Heckman)” from Curve of the Earth (2014)
Love 45 “Release Me” from Into The Ether (2009)
(D) Ben Marshal “City Lights” from Songs About Living Songs About Dying (2015) Treehouse Sanctum “Pilot & Crew” from Pilot & Crew (2015)
Jeff Finlin “American Dream #109” from Epinonymous (2004)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Resignation Superman” from Beautiful World (1997)
(D) Amberly Chalberg “Chicago” from There Will Come A Day (2015)
Pandas & People “On My Way” from Pandas & People (2014)
The Motet “Afro Disco Beat” from Instrumental Dissent (2007)


(N) Kenny Knight “Does He Hide” from Crossroads (2015)

Zephyr “We Got the Love” from Heartbeat (1982)
(N) Eldren “Everybody Went Crazy” from Welcome to Deathville (2015)
The Apples in Stereo “Seems So” from Tone Soul Evolution (1997)
The Knew “Old and Young” from Man Monster (2012)
Tennis “I’m Callin’” from Ritual In Repeat (2014)
Medic “If I Could Stay” from If I Could Stay (2015)
(N) Augustus “Born of Men” from Into Frames (2015) 
Dragondeer “Don’t That Feel Good” from Don’t That Feel Good (2014)
Finnders & Youngberg “After Tonight” from Eat The Moon (2015)
Dan Fogelberg “Face the Fire” from Phoenix (1979)
Poco “Call it Love” from Legacy (1989)
Ben Haugland “A Weaver of Dreams” from A Million Dreams (2015)

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