Colorado Playlist S10 EP16 2016

Good Monday morning … new music offerings in MMMM from Sound of Ceres, Adrienne O, CITRA, A.J. Fullerton and South of France – make sure you vote for the ones I should keep.   Also – a new video from Gregory Alan Isakov w/ the Colorado Symphony from his upcoming new album.

I have to admit to having a so-so week.  I spent some time working on my bedroom – got the walls done. Need to do floors, baseboards, decoration, put in new bed, etc … it’s time.  I can say that being a solo homeowner now, I’m learning there’s more to owning a house than simply living in it and turning on the lights … especially when you have a power issue that it turns out could have burnt down said house.  SHEESH!  Who knew??  #reallymissmywife

Goat and Delores Scott
Goat and Delores Scott

I did sound for Jack Hadley and Delores Scott on Friday night and for Gasoline Lollipops on Saturday night.  It’s always a joy to see and hear Delores come into the house and belt out some Chi-town style r&b and blues.

If there’s any doubt that Gasoline Lollipops is one of the best Americana / alternative country-f0lk-rock bands in the region – put it to rest – they’re one of the best.  And the packed house at Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids declared such with their enthusiastic applause and accolades – which were heard all night my myself and the staff.  The addition of Jeb Bows (Gregory Alan Isakov) on fiddle and the raw emotional energy that Clay Rose exudes raises this band to A-shelf status.

It’s always sad to announce the death of a member of our community and this week there were two … Rictus Corpum, aka Quentin Miller, from the Widow’s Bane passed away at his home in Paris, Texas this past week.

And while I do not know the circumstances, I saw where Laura Newman from AOA and Herb’s Bar posted that “Gig Daddy” Ron Henry has also transitioned.  Much love to both of these wonderful members of our community, RIP.

According to a just published article in the Times Call, “Local musicians gathered Sunday at Longmont’s Moose Lodge to pay tribute to Ward Harston, a renowned Longmont musician and music teacher who died in March.”

Chris K FOCOMX8 2cGOATZ! News and Shows

Acoustic GOATZ! will be appearing at the Tasty Weasel in Longmont this Friday May 20 during Happy Hour 5-7PM


As much as I would hope that support comes easily it does not – anymore so than for anyone else in music.  I am deeply thankful to the Mishawaka Amphitheater for sponsoring this program – and to you for dropping a few bucks in the tip jar on occasion.  Thank you.  FUND ME.


Support for Chris K’s Colorado Playlist comes courtesy of The Historic Mishawaka Amphitheatre — Celebrating 100 yrs of music and dancing in the Poudre Canyon.

Presenting:  The 10th Anniversary Party of the Colorado Playlist AUG 7 @4PM w/ GOATZ!, the Liz Barnez Band and more.

Check the website for 100th Birthday Special Events and Concerts …


Looking forward to adding the new track to the show.  Hopefully this week.  In the meantime here’s the official video.


What you’ll find below are new songs debuted on the show this week … listen to them again (or for the first time) and let me know which ones you think I should keep in the Colorado Playlist.

I conceived of this idea a way for you to discover some of the new music I played on the show, and to give you the chance to let me know which of the tracks you like, and think I should keep in rotation.

NOTE:  In order to be included in the MMMM poll, the band/artist must have an embeddable file available on SoundCloud, BandCamp (my favorite),Reverbnation, or YouTube.

Holly Lovell did not have files available this week to share.  Look for her new songs in future MMMM.

PLAYLIST S10 EP16 2016


Old Soul “Oldest Religion” from Old Soul (1996)
(N) Sound of Ceres “Kingfisher” from Nostalgia for Infinity (2016) 
Rachel & the Kings “Carry Me Home” from Tonic (2013)
Drag the River “Not That Kind” from Drag The River (2013)
(N) Adrienne O “Burn” from Elevation (2016) 
Soundrabbit “All I Need” from Dont Forget to Remember (2016)
Dr. Izzy Band “Old Black Crow” from Blind and Blues Bound (2012)
Rose Hill Drive “Birds Against the Glass” from Americana (2011)
(N) CITRA “Feelin’ Alive” from Ocean (2016) 
Poco “Regret” from All Fired Up (2013)
The Motet “Nemesis” from Dig Deep (2009)


Kenny Vaughan “The Things I Do” from Kenny Vaughan (2011)
Chuck Pyle “Step By Step” from Step By Step (1990)
(D) Holly Lovell “Get It Right” from Still Frames EP (2016)
Tennis “It All Feels the Same” from Young and Old (2012)
Rob Drabkin “She Comes and Goes” from She Comes and Goes (2016)
The Reejers “Coffee Grounds” from Erased (1995)
String Cheese Incident “25th of November” from One Step Closer (2005)
(N) A.J. Fullerton “Smoke & Mirrors” from She’s So Cold EP (2016) 
Todd Adelman & the Love Handles “Sorry” from Todd Adelman & the Love Handles (2009)
(D) South of France “Washed Up” from Washed Up (2016) 
Pan Astral “Gulf of Mexico” from Suburban Blues (2016)
Esme Patterson “Oh Let’s Dance” from What Do You Call A Woman (2015)
Ryan A. Fourt “Air Gun (Daisy’s Revenge)” from Big Slick (2016)

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