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MONDAY SEPT 10, 2018 –Happy Monday.  As seems to be somewhat normal over the years, we’re in a bit of a lull for new releases right now.  And it’s a great time for a vacation.  So I’m taking one.  I don’t see it as likely that I’ll publish a post next Monday the 17th since I’ll be on the road somewhere between Denver and Zion in Utah.

The biggest news of the week broke on FB over the weekend when Andy Palmer announced an  “indefinite hiatus” from making music to focus on things closer to home – and heart – family and his children.   In the meantime, he’s set to release his newest video, produced by  John Grigsby, for “The Switch” – the lead single from his last album.  The video has already garnered an official invitation to the 2018  Westfield International Film Festival.  Watch for the video here in a couple of weeks.

In his post Andy let us know that “All that is to say that this fool is dialing down gigging in place of opening up to other pursuits. Seems fitting that I’ll wrap up this run on October 20, my wedding day 11 short years ago, at The Walnut Room, a Denver venue I’ve loved since day one and which has always warmly welcomed me in.”

At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.


Many folks today don’t know, or don’t remember, that acclaimed FOLK (yes, I said folk) artist Jill Sobule is originally from Denver, and that her mom still lives and works here.  I’m pretty stoked to have new music from Jill I’m sharing this week – from a video she released in June off her upcoming new album Nostalgia Kills.  The new single however is not “folky” at all, but leans with a snap-crackle-pop of the sort we would have expected following her 1995 self-titled sophomore release that produced her biggest hit, I Kissed A Girl.


What you’ll find below are new songs on the show this week … listen  and let me know which ones you think I should keep in the Colorado Playlist, and which I should delete.

NOTE:  In order to be included in the MMMM poll, the band/artist must have an embeddable file on Soundcloud, BandCamp, Reverbnation or YouTube.


(D) = debut of lp, ep or single
(N) = new cut from previously debuted lp or ep


Firefall “Wrong Side of Town” from Elan (1978)
(D) Magic Music “Eldorado Canyon” from The Magic Music Movie – 40 Years In the Making (2018)
Rusty Young “Down Home” from Waitin’ For the Sun (2017)
String Cheese Incident “Stay Through” from Song In My Head (2015)
(N) Selina Albright “Highest High” from Conversations (2017)

Rob Drabkin “Oh My (It’s A Good Life)” from Beautiful Day EP (2018)
John Oates “Stone Cold Love” from Good Road to Follow (2014)
The Fray “Love Don’t Die” from Helios (2014)
Dragondeer “When I See You” from If You Got the Blues (2018)
(D) Deep Pocket Thieves “Traveler” from Blu De (2018)
The Motet “Rich in People” from The Motet (2014)
Brent Cowles “Cold Times” from Cold Times (2017)
Ryan A. Fourt “Air Gun (Daisy’s Revenge)” from Big Slick (2016)


Poco “Call it love” from Legacy (1989)
(N) Devotchka “Let Me Sleep” from This Night Falls Forever (2018)

Paper Bird “Sunday” from Paper Bird (2016)
Cary Morin “Tulsa” from Streamline (2013)
(D) New Mexican “Two Hearted” from Take It On Our Shoulders (2018)

Edison “Take Me Home” from Lion’s Heart EP (2018)
Dressy Bessy “Who’d Stop the Rain” from Electrified (2005)
Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) “The Exit Parade” from Soft Civil War (2006)
The SIR Band “Wading” from So Cold (2018)
(D) Whitacre “On the Fence” from Within The Mountain’s Shadows (2018)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Under Your Wings” from New World Arisin’ (2017)
The Knew “Bang the Drum” from Man Monster (2012)
Jeff Jenkins Organization “Earth dance” from The Arrival (2015)

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