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MONDAY SEPT 3, 2018 – Happy Labor Day.  We’re getting pretty close to the end of the 2018 release year, which runs November 2017 through Oct 2018.  So we have about three months until I begin tabulating your votes for the Best of show at the end of the year and the Fan Poll for the year.  By the time we get to the end of the “new model” year, I will have shared nearly 300 new tracks with you from here in Colorado.

Contenders for this year’s BEST OF include new and or upcoming new titles from mainstays and obvious contenders such as DeVotchka, Gregory Alan Isakov and Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats as well as up and comers  like Oxeye Daisey and Gingerbomb.  Your votes matter, so don’t forget to let me know whether to KEEP or DELETE in the MMMM below.

Debuts this week include new and/or upcoming new releases from alt-rockers Augustus and CITRA – and Americana/alt-country from Matt Rouch & the Noise Upstairs.  There’s also a new cut from the previously debuted David Starr albumSouth and West.”

At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.


NEW ARTIST ALERT:  well, she’s not exactly a new artist, but she is relatively new to Colorado.  Turns out award winning NYC vagabond musician/painter Elli Perry has at least temporarily settled down in Fort Collins.  The music video for her song “Burn The River Down” won the award for Best Sound at the New York Independent Film Festival in May.  She’s been in Fort Collins since February according to sources there, and it’s rumored she may be interested in staying a while… as in set down some roots in our Colorado music scene.


  • 88.9FM KRFC Fort Collins has moved the show from Saturday night at 8PM to Thursday mornings from 6-8AM.
  • KSUT Ignacio/Durango has added HR1 of the show and moved the time from 7PM Saturday nights to 10PM-12AM Saturday nights


What you’ll find below are new songs on the show this week … listen  and let me know which ones you think I should keep in the Colorado Playlist, and which I should delete.

NOTE:  In order to be included in the MMMM poll, the band/artist must have an embeddable file on Soundcloud, BandCamp, Reverbnation or YouTube.


(D) = debut of lp, ep or single
(N) = new cut from previously debuted lp or ep


Hillbilly Hellcats “Rockinest Cat In Town” from Our Brand (1998)
Electric Swingset “TV” from Inebriated Witchdoctor (1996)
(N) David Starr “Maybe You’re Not the One” from South and West (2018)

SHEL “Enter Sandman” from Just Crazy Enough (2016)
Chris Daniels & the Kings “What a Day” from Funky To the Bone (2015)
Bob Rea “The Law” from Southbound (2018)
RL Cole & the Hell You Say “Mary” (2018)
Churchill “War Within” from War Within EP (2013)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Time Machine” from Maestro & the Elephant (2013)
Oxeye Daisy “Where Your Mind Goes” from Oxeye Daisy (2018)
(D) Echoes In Reverie “Now, Cut the Hesitation” from Echoes in Reverie (2018)
Edison “Take Me Home” from Lion’s Heart EP (2018)
Garrett Sayers Trio “Diatribe” from Thinkbox (2017)


Acoustic Junction “Whereabouts Unknown” from Acoustic Junction (1996)
(D) Augustus “I Got Something for That” (2018)


Kyle Emerson “In My Mind” from Dorothy Alice (2017)
Blue Rider “Lightning” from Year Of The Horse (2016)
(D) Matt Rouch & the Noise Upstairs “Already Yours” from Half-Expected Hearbreak (2018)

The SIR Band “Wading” from So Cold (2018)
Paul Galaxy & the Galatix “Road Dog” from Slingshot (2004)
Sixteen Horsepower “Single Girl” from Folklore (2002)
Ivory Circle “See You Through the Stars” from Scalene EP (2018)
(N) CITRA “That’s What She Said” from Mr Copacetic EP (2018)  
Wildermiss “Keep It Simple” from Lost With You (2017)
Paul Kimbiris “Song of Summer” from May Day EP (2018)
Jeff Jenkins Organization “Happy Together” from The Arrival (2015)

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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at coloradoplaylist@gmail.com

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