CP S14 EP01 2020

Happy New Year.  Back in the office, and ready to grind.  I hope you had a super fantabulous holiday season.

I made a change to how we do the MMMM (Monday Morning Music Meeting).  Instead of voting to KEEP or DELETE the song from the CP library, I’m asking you to RATE THE MUSIC 1 (worst) to 5 (best).

Congratulations to the winners in the FoCOMA (Fort Collins Musicians Association) 2019 Peer Awards, held Sunday Jan 12 2020 at Washington’s Fort Collins (a CP supporter).

Along with all the other winners, the Fort Collins based Americana band Whippoorwill took home Album of the Year, Video of the Year, Performance of the Year and Americana/folk Band of the Year.  Whippoorwill’s Alysia Kraft took home Front-Person of the Year honors .. both for her efforts in Whippoorwill and in Pattie Fiasco. 

Among the evening’s highlights was a live appearance by the Beeves, one of the hottest up and coming rock bands in the region today. It’s pretty easy to see why they are, based on their brief two song set.

The Subdudes latest, Lickskillet, breaks the TOP 5 most reported Colorado titles in Roots Music Report this week (see below)


It’s pretty rare that I lead off with a video for a song I haven’t been able to play on the show yet, but the new single from Nathaniel Rateliff came out before it arrived in my in-box.

If you’re expecting a new roots R&B record, you’ll be sad.  If you were hoping for new direction, you’ll be disappointed.  This is a throwback record in Nathaniel’s diverse catalog of songs, and styles.  Before there was Nathaniel Rateliff the rhythm and blues artist, there was Nathaniel the folk artist.  Tossed in for good measure was Nathaniel the alternative rock artist (Born In the Flood) and indie folk-rock artist (the Wheel).

This won’t be an easy record to listen to. Nathaniel has suffered a divorce and the death of his friend and songwriting collaborator Richard Swift. We may love the Night Sweats swagger and swing, but Nathaniel has always been best when he has stripped away the layers and noise, and gotten quieter.

The Missouri born Denver transplant is destined for a Grammy Award nomination someday, and the kind of long career enjoyed by songwriters like John Prine (who he’s rumored to be doing an album with). Songs like this only add to the pedigree.

At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.


You make a big difference in what gets played on the show.  Every week I share some or all of the new music … (D) (N) … played on the show with you here.  You rating gets factored into my decision in what to maintain in the show’s “for airplay” library.

(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist premier / not available online

Let me know if there’s something you think I should play. Email coloradoplaylist@gmail.com


Zephyr – Sierra Cowgirl – Sunset Ride (1974)
(D) High Road Home – Running Kind – Outrun the Seasons (2020)

Leftover Salmon – Places – Something Higher (2018)
Strange Americans – Rocks / Rolls – That Kind of Luster (2014)
Lettuce – Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Elevate (2019)
Slow Caves – Falling Through the Clouds – Falling (2019)
MAMA – Poor Mama – Bayoutopia (2009)
Kan’nal – Wolves – Myth Magic (2008)
(N) Last Call Romance – If It’s the Last Thing That I Do – Double Funeral, Vol. 1 EP (2020)

Wounded Bird – Medication For My Heart – Fools & Clowns, Pt.1 (2018)
Kyle Emerson – Worth It – Dorothy Alice (2017)
Keith Oxman – Afreaka – Glimpses (2018)


Beast – Spaceman – Beast (1969)
(D) Rob Drabkin – Two Left Feet (The Way You Move) (2020)

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – Shoe Boot – Tearing At The Seams (2018)
Michael Trent – When I… – The Winner (2010)
The Still Tide – Keep It (2020)
Tyto Alba – Oh Pride – Sucker (2019)
Devotchka – Transliterator – A Mad & Faithful Telling (2008)
The Czars – Paint the Moon – Best Of (2004)
Wildermiss – Fallin’ – In My Mind (2020)
Instant Empire – I’m Alive – 12×12 (2018)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Wipeout Turn – New World Arisin’ (2017)
(D) Euforquestra – Some Things Are Not Known (single) (2020)


The obscure MAMA – Poor Mama – Bayoutopia (2009) is not on YouTube.  It is, however, on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Weekly Colorado Spins Music Report 

Roots Music Report is the only publication that allows djs from both internet and terrestrial radio stations around the WORLD to post up their weekly spins.  The chart is updated every Monday.

Week Ending Jan 11, 2020

  1. Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene – City of Love
  2. The Lumineers – III
  3. Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats – Tearing at the Seams
  4. The SubdudesLickskillet
  5. Cass Clayton – Play Nice

    105.5 The Colorado Sound & the Colorado Playlist Present:

  • The Copper Children at the Bluebird, March 12 2020
  • Kyle Emerson at Moxi Theater, Greeley Thurs, Feb 20 2020
  • Musketeer Gripweed at Hodi’s Half Note, Fort Collins, Jan 18 2020
  • WildermissSlow CavesThe Still Tide at Washington’s FoCo Sat, Jan 18, 2020


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