CP S15 EP07 2021

FEB 15 2021 – I added a new feature to the show a couple of weeks ago.  Every week I’ll feature one of the incredible stations that air the Colorado Playlist.  This week’s featured station is 88.7FM KRZA Alamosa, “connecting cultures along the Upper Rio Grande.”    Please take a minute to visit their website or drop a note thanking them for supporting Colorado music on their Facebook page.

Andy Frasco & the U.N. held on to the top spot in this week’s spins with Antonio Lopez flashing in at #2 on the heels of all the spins it got statewide this week as a result of being on Middle Class Rockstar with Andy Sydow.

Indie 102.3 hit the debut from Grand Alliance nice and hard this past week, and Wellington Bullings is still a favorite there.  And yes, Colorado stations love jazz – hence the stellar Scenes of Changery from Adam Bodine closing out this week’s TOP 5.

Are you a working musician in Colorado, or a soundperson, stage hand, etc employed pre-COVID but seriously struggling to pay for rent, utilities or food?

Rocky Mountain Music Relief can’t meet all your needs, but we can offer some help. There’s an application at the bottom of the page.

The Colorado Playlist is provided to member stations at no cost.  Your support is deeply appreciated.  Your support will help to keep the program on the air.

Middle Class Rock Star is a podcast hosted by  Andy Sydow.  Every week or so I feature a 7 to 8 minute segment featuring  a conversation Andy has with some of our scene’s top music makers and industry personalities.  This week’s guest is Andy Eppler.


Spinitron  Designed to benefit non-commercial public and college radio stations. Record promoters and artists are among those most likely to benefit from the detailed search function. Currently 11 Colorado radio stations utilize Spinitron.

TOP 5 and TOP 30 charts are culled from published spins at 13 Colorado non-profit community/public and college radio stations.

1. ANDY FRASCO & THE U.N. – Keep On Keepin’ On LP (Apr-20)
2. ANTONIO LOPEZRoots and Wings LP (Jan-21)
2. THE GRAND ALLIANCEThe Grand Alliance LP (Jan-21)
4. WELLINGTON BULLINGS – Because I Want To LP (Jul-20)
5. ADAM BODINEScenes of Changery LP (Nov-20)


The Mishawaka is a legendary music venue, restaurant and bar located 13.7 miles up the Poudre Canyon Highway (CO 14) in the stunning Poudre Canyon in Bellvue, CO.  CURRENTLY OPEN FOR DINING.

A REMINDER:  Please listen to ALL of the songs and rate them.  Thanks🙂

(D) = debut LP/EP or single
(N) = new track from previously debuted LP/EP
(P) = Colorado Playlist premier / not available online


CellsUh Oh (1979)
CellsDon’t Change Your Mind (1979)
(D) King CardinalDamn This Old Machine – (2021)

Nathaniel Rateliff – What A Drag – And It’s Still Alright (2020)
Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene – Goin’ for Broke – City of Love (2019)
Heavy Diamond RingAlready Gone (2021)
Johnny & The Mongrels – Louisiana Girl – Creole Skies (2020)
Zuba – Imagine Freedom – The New Cruelty (1996)
Sweet Water Well – Zoeology – Watermelon (1996)
(D) Kid Astronaut – Cosmos – Cosmos (2021)

The Motet – The Truth – Totem (2016)
Post Truth Serum – The Picnic – Modern Victims (2020)
Eric Lilley Trio – Twirler – Joie De Vivre (2019)


Jonny III – Hey Baby – Rocky Mountain Low: The Colorado Musical Underground Of The Late 1970s (2009)
Kenny Vaughan – Country Music Got A Hold On Me – V (2011)
(D) Mia Stegner – Scribbles – Scribbled Pleas On Yellowed Keys (2021)

Monocle Band – As Fast as I Can – Monocle Band (2013)
The Wood Brothers – Snake Eyes – Paradise (2015)
Bison Bone – Pack It Up – Find Your Way Out (2020)
Andy Eppler – Much Less Under – Broke Down Deluxe (2021)
Andy Eppler – Nothin’ but the Rain – Broke Down Deluxe (2021)
(D) PorloloAre We There Yet (2021)

Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Glow – New World Arisin’ (2017)
Dream Feed – Hey Now – Dream Feed (2018)
Peter Sommer – Looks Like This – Tremolo Canteen (2010)


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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at coloradoplaylist@gmail.com

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