Q1 2023 TOP 30 + TOP 10 FEBRUARY

March 01, 2023 – February was a spectacular month. More of you visited and checked out more pages and posts than in any February since 2015!

I decided to mix things up a bit this month.

Every Sunday I survey over a dozen community/public and college stations, which includes spins from the Colorado playlist.

The monthly survey period is from the first week ending with a Saturday through the last week ending with a Saturday.  Titles are linked to its respective YouTube page.

The annual new release year begins in November. Of course, there are titles released in October that make the cut, and I do track all titles for a full calendar year after date of release. My yearly spins are pulled and calculated from December through the next year’s November. So, DEC 2022 – NOV 2023

Spin data pulled from the Colorado Playlist105.5 The Colorado SoundIndie 102.388.9 KRFC  and ten other stations that use playlist generator Spinitron, offering search functions for artists and agents to track airplay.

So, what are the most popular titles so far in 2023?

TOP 10 – FEBRUARY 2023

(3) 1. EUFORQUESTRA – While We Still Got Time LP (Jun-22)
(D) 2. NAHKEEM – It Was All A Dream EP (Oct-22)
(D) 2. YONNAS – Feven LP (Nov-22)
(D) 3. JAIEL the Magical World Of Black Girlhood EP (Apr-22)
(D) 4. KNWLXDGEControl SINGLE (Dec-22)
(D) 5. WILLIAM DUSAN Everyday SINGLE (Jun-22)
(D) 6. DUKE JUSTICE Radio Silence SINGLE (Feb-23)
(7) 7. ALYSIA KRAFT – First Light LP (Jun-22)
(2) 8. JULIAN FULCO PERRON  In My Garden LP (Nov-22)
(D) 9. CHRIS CART3R Lost SINGLE (Mar-22)

TOP 30 Q1 2023 (DEC 22 – FEB 23)

  1. EUFORQUESTRA – While We Still Got Time LP (Jun-22)
  2. ALYSIA KRAFT – First Light LP (Jun-22)
  3. ELEKTRIC ANIMALS – Channels EP (May-22)
  4. JULIAN FULCO PERRON  In My Garden LP (Nov-22)
  5. TRAVIS MCNAMARA – Moon Calendar LP (Mar-23)
  6. THE LUMINEERSBrightside LP (Jan-22)
  7. MIKE CLARK & THE SUGAR SOUNDS – Moon Rock LP (Mar-22)
  8. VINCE HERMAN – Enjoy the Ride LP (Nov-22)
  9. TENNIS – Pollen LP (Jan-23)
  10. STILLHOUSE JUNKIES – Small Towns LP (Sep-22)
  11. MOJOMAMA – We Are One LP (Jun-22)
  12. IZCALLI Rebirth LP (Jul-22)
  13. BARBARAEscape Artist LP (Sep-22)
  15. BEVIN LUNA Madison and Angelus LP (Jun-22)
  16. GASOLINE LOLLIPOPSNightmares LP (Oct-22)
  17. HERO TALBOTButterscotch LP (Oct-22)
  18. TRASH. – Ghosts EP (Dec-22)
  19. ANTIBROTH Antibroth LP (Sep-22)
  20. CHLOE SOUTHERN – Last Man on Earth EP (Nov-22)
  21. GRIMMLY – Happiest  SINGLE (Dec-22)
  22. MUSKETEER GRIPWEED Long Past Time LP (Sep-22)
  23. NAHKEEM – It Was All A Dream EP (Oct-22)
  24. YONNAS – Feven LP (Nov-22)
  25. JAIEL – the Magical World Of Black Girlhood EP (Apr-22)
  26. THE INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS Toward the Fray LP (Jan-22)
  27. KNWLXDGEControl SINGLE (Dec-22)
  29. LETTUCEUnify LP (Jun-22)
  30. WILLIAM DUSAN Everyday SINGLE (Jun-22)


You cannot imagine how excited I was to get some kind of message – via the Innerwebs or some otherworldly means – that Jeff Finlin, “Fin” as he’s known locally in Fort Collins, put out a new album. I mean, I was so excited my heart jumped. I immediately dived into the entire album and haven’t stopped listening since.

You can’t find this album on SPOTIFY – yet. The published release date is June 24. HOWEVER – the album was released on May 19 via Continental Record Services out of the Netherlands on Bandcamp.

Produced by Jeff Finlin.
Recorded By Darren Raddach at Stout Studios, Fort Collins, CO.
Jeff Finlin – Drums, electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, percussion, piano
Taylor Tessler – Bass
Joe V. Mcmahan – Electric guitars
Eben Grace – Electric guitars
Eric Straumanis – Electric guitars
Brian Keller – Horns, accordion

Jeff Finlin’s legacy goes back decades. In my case it’s two decades since I first heard his music. Ever since then I have anxiously and quietly pleaded, cajoled and otherwise stamped my goat hoofs for something new.

After all, for as prolific as Jeff as been in his career –  13 critically acclaimed records – I honestly thought another album would never come my way. Silly me; Jeff has basically put out an album every few years. The last, The Guru in the Girl (2017), was a measly five years ago – an eternity it seems in Jeff’s catalogue.

Soul On the Line doesn’t move far from Jeff’s established Americana trad folk-rock style that travels nicely in the car with the likes of John Hiatt, Levon Helm or Bob Dylan. A literary mastermind, Jeff’s songs have taken us on an journey of life filled with vivid imagery. In the lead single, “…we walk the line, years repeating all our tears and time. Compromise our patron saint …hangin’ out with our Soul On the Line.”

Throughout the album, Jeff touches on issues that as he’s said are about “…these extreme and harrowing times we currently live in. Everything about our existence seems to be hanging in the balance.”

In What Went Wrong he ponders, “We all get tired of waiting, waiting on ourselves, so then we go and settle, set our feet in something else and then wonder why we can’t feel nothing here at all; and we’re stuck here on the telephone …wondering what went wrong.”

The songs on this album are not about the hope for the future. Jeff’s reflections and voice are those of an aged muse, tired and worn out from the battering waves of the very life that has inspired so many of his greatest stories in song and verse.

Jeff’s Northern Colorado friends and worldwide fans will love and adore and cherish this album as yet another intimate chapter in our friend’s collection. I’d suggest first timers visit earlier albums like Epinonymous, his highly acclaimed fourth album, before diving into this one.

CP S15:EP42 2021

Monday Oct 18, 2021 – The first task when I get up and pour coffee on Monday morning is to sit down and write out the Monday morning blog post. Typically, I scan headlines and my FB newsfeed.

Today’s feed was a sad reminder that a) COVID is still killing people, even those who have been vaccinated, and b) that despite COVID, “…we think this lasts forever … it doesn’t; forgive, love and be good to one another.”

That quote was the last line in a post by Colorado Music Hall of Fame musician and educator Chris Daniels, informing us that veteran Kings bassist Kevin “Bro” Lege is in the ICU at St. Anthony’s, “…getting amazing care …but the outlook is not great.”

Chris didn’t indicate the reason for “Bro’s” condition, but we do know that former Secretary of State Colin Powell passed away last night from complications related to COVID.

As Chris Daniels reminds us, “…we think this lasts forever …it doesn’t; forgive, love and be good to one another.”



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The Colorado Playlist & 105.5 The Colorado Sound Present

The Great Salmon Famine – Aggie Theater – Saturday Oct 30
Dragondeer – Globe Hall – Sunday Oct 31 – featuring 1 set of Dragondeer originals and 1 set of Velvet Underground classics
The Gasoline Lollipops Aggie Theater – Friday Nov 26

“Locally Grown” – Family Owned

“Locally Grown” 20/20 EyeVision offers a full range of services and they accept Medicaid at the Orchard Center in Westminster.


TOP 5 and TOP 30 charts are pulled from published spins of current releases (twelve months old) at 13 Colorado non-profit community/public and college radio stations. Eleven Colorado radio stations currently utilize Spinitron.

  2. THE VELVETEERS – Nightmare Daydream LP (Oct-21)
  3. THE LUMINEERS – Brightside SINGLE (Sep-21)
  4. LITTLE TRIPS Downhill to Paradise LP (Oct-21)
  5. ANDY FRASCO & THE U.N. – Dancin’ Around My Grave SINGLE (Jul-21)

Designed to benefit non-commercial public and college radio stations; featuring advanced search functions for artists and agents.

**serviced to Colorado media by Rocky Mountain Music Network, LLC


Serving Cedaredge, Colorado for 20 years


Chicago Darlin’ Dear – Chicago VI (1973)
Firefall You Are The Woman – Firefall (1976)
(N) Nathaniel Rateliff & the NightsweatsLove Don’t – The Future (2022)

Whippoorwill Cold Sound – The Nature of Storms (2020)
Leftover SalmonGulf of Mexico – Aquatic Hitchhiker (2012)
David William’s Trickster CarouselFreak – Snake Oil (2021)
Morsel Sandy Cheeks – Morsel (2021)
Yonder Mountain String BandAngel – Yonder Mountain String Band (2006)
The Samples Radio Song – Return To Earth (2001)
(N) Solohawk I Can’t Forget – Radio Waves and Your Movies (2021)

The RemindersDust and Bones – Unstoppable (2019)
High Road HomeRunning Kind – Outrun the Seasons (2020)
Blumer Haus Ode To Brubeck – Boy Meets Groove (2021)


Rick DerringerRock and Roll Hootchie Koo – All American Boy (1973)
Joe WalshMidnight Visitor – Barnstorm (1972)
(D) The Unindicted Co-ConspiratorsTo Catch A Thief – Colfax Confidential (2021)

Robert ShredfordQueen Elizabeth Corgis – Robert Shredford (2020)
SUCH The Real Thing – Wide Nose, Full Lips (2019)
Eddie TurnerDignify Me – Change In Me (2021)
A.J. FullertonI Cried – The Forgiver and the Runaway (2021)
Chuck PyleColorado – Camel Rock (1995)
Drew EmmittGypsy In My Soul – Long Road (2008)
(N) Jaguar StevensMagic House Drama – Jaguar Stevens (2021)

The Patti FiascoElvis – Small Town Lights (2013)
Sugar MoonGreat Divide – Special Shade of Blue (2020)
Keith OxmanRocktober Song – Caught Between the Lion and the Twins (2008)


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