The Colorado Sound – V4 EP18 2012

Video – it’s the way things are done.  In a CNBC special on The Future of TV we learn that the lines between traditional television and internet television have blurred – and that changes in the next ten years will greatly overshadow changes made over the previous 25 years.  At a local level, video and radio will merge — more and more radio will ustream video along with audio content.

Talent advisers, agencies, and buyers will increasingly rely on video instead of audio demos as a way to vet acts for festivals, muni-events, private events, and other gigs – and as a means of promoting the event itself.  People want to SEE what they’re getting as well as HEAR what they’re getting.  TASTE, TOUCH, and SMELL come next… but that’s really in the future.  3-D hologram tv and video is not too far off however.

I launched a video channel under The Colorado Sound banner over at YouTube –  I attempted to embed the entire thing here, but no go …. so here’s a couple of featured videos from this week’s youtube channel rotation …

Zach Heckendorf has fast become one of our rising stars in Colorado, since he graduated high school in 2011 (?) and had his debut produced by Brett Dennen.  He’s on his way to “all the right places,” according to Ricardo Baca at the Denver Post.  “All The Right Places” was shot at various locations around Denver and Colorado, including Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Mile High Stadium, Caribou Ranch Recording Studio, and Union Station.  Zach is the first artist to record at Caribou Ranch since it burned down in 1985.  Zach opens for Michael Franti & Spearhead at Red Rocks on June 8.  

I started off the show this week, as I have every week the past couple of months, with a nod to a Colorado legend, who many people don’t know lived here from the 70s until his passing in 2007 … Dan Fogelberg originally came to Colorado along with some pals like Glen Frye and Don Henley – who were working out the Eagles in Aspen in the early 70s.  Dan didn’t care for Aspen – too busy and too much partying apparently.  He wound up buying Chris Hillman’s (The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Bros., Manassas, The Desert Rose Band) place in Nederland.  In 1980, he bought land in Pagosa Springs.  He built a ranch and recording studio and moved there permanently in 1982.

Dan Fogelberg “As The Raven Flies” from Souvenirs (1974)

Nathen Maxwell & the Original Bunny Gang “Stick To My Guns” from White Rabbit (2010)
(N) Rob Drabkin “Graceland” from Rob Drabkin Live {1-19-12 Bluebird Theater} (2012)
Megan Burtt “It Ain’t Love” from It Ain’t Love (2010)
(N) In The Whale “Heels” from Cake (2012)
(N) Megan Redmond “Crazy Daisies” from Dreamland (2012)
John Denver “Paradise” from Rocky Mountain High (1972)
Finnders and Youngberg “Driftwood” from FY5 (2011)
Rob Roper “Me” from Misfit (2011)
Coles Whalen “Beautiful Without Me” from I Wrote This for You (2012)
Monroe Monroe “Adore” from Hello Moon (2011)
Dressy Bessy “Who’d Stop The Rain” from Electrified (2005)
(N) Tennis “Robin” from Young and Old (2012)
Keith Oxman “All Dudes” from Doing All Right (2009)

In the second hour of this week’s show, I began with 2 original Colorado legendary acts – Leftover Salmon, formed in 1990 by merging Vince Herman and Drew Emmitt’s respective projects at the time …and Otis Taylor, who’s history runs deep and includes time spent with Zephyr.  Otis is today considered one of the most original and unique bluesmen in the country – a unique approach that is just now beginning to influence a new generation of blues artists here and around the world.

(N) Leftover Salmon “Bayou Town” from Aquatic Hitchhiker (2012)
Otis Taylor “Hands On Your Stomach” from Respect The Dead (2001)

The Lovely & Talented “Angelitos” from The New American Fable (2010)
The Congress “Distance” from Whatever You Want (2012)
Mama Lenny & the Remedy “Not A Girl To Keep” from Punches & Hugs (2012)
Robert Marcey & Familyman Barrett “Love Grows” from Wailin for Justice (2010)
Zach Heckendorf “Tye Dye March” from The Cool Down (2011)
Rose Hill Drive “Telepathic” from Americana (2011)
(N) Danielle Ate the Sandwich “Pet Store” from Things People Do (2009)
Houses “Me & Mr. Kelly” from Summer (2009)
(D) Joe Sampson “Moon Up Above” from Kill Our Friends (2012)
Bare Bones “Come In/Stay Out” from Bare Bones (2011)
H2 Big Band “Blue Brews” from You’re It! (2011)

Tell Them Why

Last week I presented a few videos in my weekly playlist post.  One of them was a preview of the new Rebel Tongue cut “Tell Them Why.”  Here’s the entire video.  It is easily among the best so far in 2012, and could stand up to be among the best of 2012 by year’s end.  Enjoy 🙂  I have been.

Kissing Party – The Game

Directed by J Logan Corcoran and Kelsey Harris.

I have to get better at sharing not on the great music I play on the, but the great videos being done nowadays …. here’s one that just broke … enjoy 🙂


Directed by J Logan Corcoran and Kelsey Harris.

The Colorado Sound – V4 EP10 2012

Ok, so I like keep telling folks – if it ain’t from Colorado I don’t know jack — so how was I supposed to know that the new Big Head & the Monsters “Sexy and I Know It” is a cover of the LFMAO track?   Huh?  Well?  If it ain’t from Colorado I don’t know it … (with extremely few exceptions).    I had to go to youtube to check out the LFMAO version (also finding Todd’s solo version … see below).  Can’t say as I care much for LFMAO’s version, but then I’m not a Venus beach type anyway — give me some “303” – speaking of which, Broken Tongues is representin’ – check out their intro video below … … Todd’s version of the song is much better IMO LOL.

I had one very great nearly three hour hang over a couple pints of Irish ale with Katie Glassman this week … after doing sound for her trio last week I became enthralled with the uniqueness of her voice – vocally and musically.  Turns out that before Sir Paul McCartney did his swing album, Katie had envisioned doing one of her own, complete with five songs that ultimately appeared on Paul’s disc … so, she does the Beatles classic Honey Pie and would love to get it to Sir Paul.  Anyone got his number?  If so, please pass it along to Katie.

Katie’s Snapshot gets my nod for featured album of the month on the Colorado Sound.  John Macy at Silo along with friends like bassist Eric Thorin who arranged / co-arranged four of the tracks, and an all-star band that includes keyboardist Eric Moon and E-tones drummer Christian Teele as well as over a dozen other world class session players and award winners  make it one seriously fun record … especially if you’re into Texas country-swing-jazz with a dollup of airy indie-pop cuteness drizzled throughout Katie’s vocal stylization.

The Lumineers is counted as a debut this week – although I’ve had this particular track for several weeks now, Dualtone just sent the album out – and it’s picking up mad adds at stations around the state, including  KBCO (Boulder), KFMU (Steamboat), KSMT (Breckenridge), KSPN (Aspen), and KYSL (Breckenridge) – making it a sure shot for a #1 Out of the Box (OTB) DEBUT for the month.

And just because it’s too much fun, I included the newly released video from the Hickman-Dalton Gang in this week’s post … ’bout one of the best country videos I’ve seen come out of CO the past couple of years… it forces at least a big grin and some foot stompin. … lay that one in next to Gary Bragg’s hilarious Free Range video

Here’s what got played on this week’s show.

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “This Is How We Do It in the Country” from Blovdy Tenent Trvth Peace (2004)
(D) Chimney Choir “ace of spades” from (ladder) (2012)
Juno What?! “You Can’t Stop It” from Shameless (2011)
Tommy Metz “Dreams Will Collide” from The Blossom Frontier (2010)
Electric Swingset “Inebriated Witch Doctor” from Inebriated Witchdoctor (1996)
(D) Rebel Tongue “Lose Hope” from Movin’ On (2012)
Coles Whalen “Wrecking Ball” from I Wrote This for You (2012)
Kelly J “I Didn’t” from It’s A Jungle Out There (2007)
After Midnight Jazz Band “Hit That Jive, Jack” from Hit That Jive, Jack (2012)
(D) Overcasters “Moonshift” from Curses/Prayers (2012)
El Toro de la Muerte “Things In My Head” from Dancer These Days (2011)
Carmen Sandim Sextet “Sampa” from Brand New (2011)
The Apples in Stereo “Same Old Drag” from New Magnetic Wonder (2007)
Pretty Lights “Future Blind” from Making Up a Changing Mind (2010)
(D) The Lumineers “Ho Hey” from The Lumineers (2012)

(N) Broken Tongues “The Way” from Crooked Skyline (2012)

Selasee Atiase “Pray for Me” from African Gate (2010)
Railbenders “Sweet Caroline” from Segundo (2003)
(N) Hickman Dalton Gang “Construction Man” from Vol. II (2011)

Lionel Young Band “Blues & Boogie Woogie” from On Our Way to Memphis (2011)
(D) Big Head Todd & the Monsters  “Sexy and I Know It” [single] (2012) – The cut I played on the show is a full band version that BTHM keyboardist and local producer/engineer (Hickman Dalton Gang among others) sent to me .. that he described to me as having been worked on in many different places out on the road this winter.  The video is Todd rockin it solo.

(N) Katie Glassman “Honey Pie” from Snapshot (2012)
The Swayback “Lost Lake Woods Club” from Double Four Time (2012)
Soul Merchants “Crowns of Glory” from Soul Merchants (2007)
(N) Varlet “In My Pocket” from The Drifter (2012)
Jim Stranahan “Caliente” from Free For All (2010)

A good day for some videos.

Okay, it’s in the 80s … the sun is shining … the snow is melting … I’m feelin’ very Colorado! So I found a video or two to share today… from some Colorado legends 🙂

First Up — Chuck Pyle …

Oh yeah!!  Wonder how many of you remember this band?!

Okay, so Romano’s NOT a legend (YET)_ but there’s a series of videos up from shoots at Oskar Blues in Longmont — and Oskar Blues has become a legendary place for music and great ales … loving the new one they created in Longmont .. .Honky Tonk Bedonk… a hoppy lager.