Saturday Night – May 06 2022 – Roots Music Project, Black Fret Colorado, Graham Good & The Painters, and Banshee Tree were the four main reasons for going out to this event. All four proved to be the right reasons.

Roots Music Project non-profit venue is more like an oversized living room used to hosting listening room style house concerts, than what we’d consider as a normally functioning music venue.

Housed in the industrial area just east of Foothills Parkway in Boulder, in between Valmont Rd and Pearl St, there are breweries and distilleries set up on either side and a softball toss from Swedish Motors (Volvo repair shop I’m intimately familiar with).

BUYER BEWARE — wear hearing protection: Even with mine in, it was loud (the brightness subdued by my earbuds). Overall, a very pleasant place to see a live show. Dave Kennedy and Rick Gabler have done a great job with this place.

Black Fret Colorado is very well worth looking into if you’re not familiar. Since 2013, Black Fret has distributed over $4M into local music communities, including $2.5M directly to musicians in Colorado, Austin, & Seattle.

Graham Good & the Painters

Booking a beach party, or want a lively dance band that has more energy than any one man should reasonably possess? That’s Graham Good & The Painters – full stop. I found out first hand what the street buzz is. My g/f loves to dance. She could barely sit in her seat. I don’t dance (well, with my hands and arms, but my hips are frozen and my feet are lead weights). Graham’s hyperkinetic energy wore my old ass out, sitting – ROFL.

Banshee Tree

Want your face melted and brain tossed into the outer space of virtuosity and lightning fast shredding with elements of Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli along with touches of Frank Zappa, Atomic Fireballs and Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks? All I can say about that is WOW Banshee Tree! …these cats blow hard and FAST! …A little superspeed shredding is more than enough for the average person …but seriously, wow!

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