The biggest hits from the biggest hitmakers in #coloradomusic#comusic to some of the freshest new music in 2022. SPOTIFY spin count as of June 02 2022. Make sure to like the playlist and share!

1. Ingrid Andress (f. Sam Hunt) – Wishful Drinking 50,705,885

2. The LumineersWhere We Are 20,014,095

3. ILLENIUM (f. Trippy Redd) – Story Of My Life 14,950,097

4. Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats Face Down In the Moment 4,443,624

5. GRIZ, CloZee Color Of Your Soul 3,802,592

6. Big Gigantic, GRIZ Open Your Mind 1,662,797

7. Greensky Bluegrass Grow Together 574,281

8. Neoma Tears at Bae 263,666

9. Judy CollinsWhen I Was A Girl In Colorado 206,678

10. Yonder Mountain String BandInto the Fire 170,432

11. Isabelle FriesJust A Dreamer 165,663

12. The Infamous Stringdusters I Didn’t Know 156,003

13. Dafna Always A Dream 114,125

14. Tejon Street Corner Thieves Whiskey 73,856

15. Neon the Bishop, Kendall James WingertThe Get Down 61,806

16. Fia NyzzStill Love You 58,799

17. The Copper ChildrenPushin’ On 55,328

18. Everybody Loves An OutlawStill Waiting 39,527

19. Mike Clark & the the Sugar SoundsJet Black Cadillac 35,015

20. N3ptune, Rusty SteveBlack Horse 34,616

CP S12 EP43 2018

 Monday Nov 12, 2018


As we approach the midway point of November, it seems that site traffic has hit a hard roadblock of sorts. I hope you’ll remember to stop by and check out the new music in the MMMM and vote to KEEP or DELETE.

As this is the time of the year to give thanks – I cannot give enough to the stations and listeners who make this show possible.  I would love to meet you … and with that I’ll be appearing with my long time musical partner Chris Jackowski and local teenage fiddle phenom Jackson Earles at Red Truck Beer Company in Fort Collins on NOV 17, and with my full electric band lineup at Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids in Longmont on NOV 24.  I hope you can come by so I can thank you in person for your support.

NEW this week YouTube Colorado Playlist of all the tracks from this week’s episode .. which includes new MMMM tracks from Foxfeather, AMZYKing Eddie, AMZY, Kid Reverie, Joe Johnson, and Tnertle.

Make sure you follow me on Spotify to find out what new artists I might be checking out.  This week’s Spotify playlist is short some fine tracks from SUCH, Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck, Zephyr and Alpha Centauri

I found all of this week’s tracks on YouTube – the first CP YouTube weekly playlists.  Pls let me know what you think.

At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community …by coming together to create and enjoy music.


Speaking of Zephyr — very very happy that they along with original lead guitarist Tommy Bolin will be inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame in 2019.

Also being inducted is the truly legendary Freddie-Henchi Band.  Both Zephyr and the Freddi-Henchi Band were signed early on their careers in the late 60s, but wound up being more regionally famous as time went on;   Zephyr until Candy’s death in 1984, and the FHB until the mid to late 80s when various life issues (drugs, booze, etc) decimated the band.

FHB would re-emerge in the mid 90s for a brief run.  Freddi “Love” Gowdy appears with Chris Daniels & the Kings featuring Freddi Gowdy today.

105.5 The Colorado Sound & the Colorado Playlist Present:

Brent Cowles w/ special guests Strange Americans at the Bluebird Theater (Denver) Fri, Dec 14

Gasoline Lollipops with The Grant Farm at The Fox Theatre (Boulder) New Years Eve, Monday, Dec 31

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – 3 nights! – Dec 28, 29, 31 – Globe Hall

Trout Steak Revival 2 shows…
Fri, Nov 30 at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (Denver)
Sat, Dec 1 at the Aggie Theatre (Fort Collins)

The Railbenders at The Bluebird Theater (Denver), Friday, Dec 21


What you’ll find below are new songs on the show this week … listen  and let me know which ones you think I should keep in the Colorado Playlist, and which I should delete.

NOTE:  In order to be included in the MMMM poll, the band/artist must have an embeddable file on Soundcloud, BandCamp, Reverbnation, Spotify or YouTube.


(D) = debut of lp, ep or single
(N) = new cut from previously debuted lp or ep


Dan Fogelberg “As the Raven Flies” from Souvenirs (1974)
(D) Foxfeather “Come and Get Me” (2019)

Pint & A Half “Drive Drive Drive” from Boomtown Ghosts (2017)
Otis Taylor “Huckleberry Blues” from My World Is Gone (2013)
(D) King Eddie “Enter the Man” from Holographic Universe (2018) 
Drunken Hearts “Broken Things” from The Prize (2018)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Imaginary Ships” from Crimes of Passion (2004)
Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore “Losers” from Saints & Sinners (2010)
(D) Tempa & Naor Project “Let Go” from Embers (2019)
Arthur Lee Land “Cracked Open” from Cracked Open (2013)
Pandas & People “Find you” from Out to Sea (2017)
Fred Hess “Norman’s Gold” from Single Moment (2008)


Alpha Centauri “One Night at a Time” from Alpha Centauri (1977)
(D) AMZY “Feet On the Ground” (2018)

Brent Cowles “Lift Me Up (Leave Me Here)” from Cold Times (2017)
Such “You (Icytat Vocal Mix)” from You (2016)
(N) Kid Reverie “News” from Kid Reverie (2018)

Wood Brothers “Laughin’ or Cryin’” from One Drop of Truth (2018)
Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck “Queen of This Mess” from Queen of This Mess (2009)
Subdudes “Morning Glory” from Miracle Mule (2007)
Oxeye Daisy “Where Your Mind Goes” from Oxeye Daisy (2018)
(N) Joe Johnson “Interstate Lovesick Song” from Morgantown (2018)

Andy Palmer “The Switch” from The Switch (2017)
My Body Sings Electric “Oceancrest” from Part 1: the Night Ends (2014)
(D) Tnertle “Apollo’s Outpost” from Burning Down the Sun (2019)

When An Industry Ends What Happens Next?

In March, iTunes reported a negative growth in new music submitted for the first time in history.  Apple Admits That Fewer Artists Are Releasing Music on iTunes…

In June, elitedaily.com reported “How One Generation Was Single-Handedly Able To Kill The Music Industry.

In 2000, no one I knew could have imagined smartphones, or iPads, or nearly ubiquitous wi-fi and broadband technologies, sufficiently powerful and cheap enough to allow for unfettered streaming of audio and video content.  NO ONE could have imagined YouTube, or the impact it would have on how we discover new music.

We used to talk a lot about bringing down the industry.  We used to talk a lot about how everyone who wanted to should be able to do music.  Today, you can make a recording for almost nothing.  Today, you can buy an instrument for the cost of the software to power it.  Today all you need is an iPhone.


Today the industry as we knew it has become something else – and it feels weird for a lot of us.

How many cds have you purchased this year?  How many singles or albums have you downloaded (and paid for)?  How many small local shows have you attended this year?  How many Colorado acts have you seen live, or purchased recordings from?

If music is free to consume, how do we cover the cost of getting it to the consumer?

That’s a hard question to answer.



MMMM – Monday Morning Music Meeting – April 14 2014

boninwf back stage nite 1 2012Monday morning.  MMMM .. Monday morning music meeting … traditionally, that’s the day we music directors used to sit down with the program director to discuss what new music we wanted to add to the playlist.  That also meant discussing what we wanted to drop from the currents – that just weren’t “working.”  There are sure some myths about radio programming floating around the populace, including among many of my musician friends.

We’re in a new era now – pads, tablets, streaming, smartphones, cloud services, and increasingly a fractured listener base.   Yet in all of this, traditional broadcast radio listenership remains strong.  Want the Facts & Figures?

Radio Facts and Figures
Here are the Facts:

  • Radio today reaches more than 90 percent of people in the U.S. on a weekly basis; 
  • Radio reaches more than 68% of U.S. consumers ages 12 and older on an average day;
  • 242 million people listen to the radio each week;
  • There are more than 16,000 radio stations across the United States, covering 50 different formats;
  • Audio consumers are listening for more than 2 ½ hours every day; and
  • More than two-thirds of the weekly radio audience works full-time, tuning in during the working day, away from home.

One of the most interesting debates taking place today is the one concerning non-physical / non-owned music, and how it’s distributed and monetized.  Many of my peers over 50 think of anything internet related, other than iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby direct downloads, as piracy intended to steal whatever direct commission revenue the band/artist/songwriter may be entitled to.  So let me set the record straight.

No, streaming is not piracy.  No, streaming is NOT a one-to-one sale.  Sales of single units (or eps, or albums) are fast becoming something we boomers are holding onto.  Streaming via your smartphone is the future.  AT&T signed onto Beats.  Spotify signed on with Sprint.  Rumors abound that Verizon will sign on with iTunes.  Rumors also abound that iTunes will be offering 24bit hi-res audio.

 Following a report that Apple is considering a major overhaul of iTunes, an overlooked rumor from March suggests the company may also be planning an entry into the high-definition music industry with 24-bit tracks.”


bonnie and the clydes - Music for the People Pt 1

Bonnie & the ClydesMusic for the People Part I EP
 … a marked improvement from the band’s debut, in songwriting, arranging, and vocal performances shared by husband/wife team Bonnie & Taylor Sims, with Taylor displaying an eerie similarity to Gordon Lightfoot’s vocal performance on the wonderful classic The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on Evening Turns to Ashes.  Bonnie sounds perfectly and splendidly classic in her lower-mid range tones on Open Road.  Colorado country is different than country music in most parts of the US – with touches of West Texas permeating our own unique flavors and textures, which makes sense considering that Bonnie & Taylor are both from that region, along with other transplants like Andy & Jessica Eppler, aka Prairie Scholars .. or Austin transplants like Matt Skinner or Beth Williams — we sure do share a lot with our sisterly state to the south.   Music for the People indeed – this one scores an OTB ADD (out of the box add) – straight to The Colorado Sound Live365 mornings and afternoons (until it breaks TOP 40 statewide).



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