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MONDAY OCT 11, 2021 – GONE FISHING. No TOP 5 this week … enjoy the new music and rate it .. do you like it?? Or, not?


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The Colorado Playlist & 105.5 the Colorado Sound Present

The Great Salmon Famine – Aggie Theater – Saturday Oct 30
Dragondeer – Globe Hall – Sunday Oct 31 – featuring 1 set of Dragondeer originals and 1 set of Velvet Underground classics
The Gasoline Lollipops – Aggie Theater – Friday Nov 26

“Locally Grown” – Family Owned

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Doobie BrothersOne Step Closer – One Step Closer (1980)
(D) Greg SchochetFool Such As I (feat. Halden Wofford) – Amblin’ Man (2021)

Kyle EmersonAre You Lonely – Only Coming Down (2020)
The Still Tide High Wire – Run Out (2017)
Andy Frasco & the U.N. – Dancin’ Around My Grave (2021)
Teddie CollinZCinnamon Eyes (2021)
Big Head Todd & The MonstersRunaway Train – Riviera (2002)
Dressy Bessy All the Right Reasons – Little Music (2003)
Jayme Stone Future Promise – Awake, Awake (2020)
(N) The VelveteersFather of Lies – Nightmare Daydream (2021)

The Blue RiderLightning – Year of the Horse (2016)
Eldren Still Friends (2020)
Keith OxmanThe Midgets – A Little Taste (1995)


Chuck Berry Sweet Little Sixteen (1957)
Beast Spaceman – Beast (1969)
(D) Little TripsFuture Nostalgia (2021)

Dafna Valentine – I Love You (2020)
Wendy WooUnwind – Austerity (2011)
Many MountainsWhat Used to Be – Endless Time (2021)
Hunter James and the TitanicAdeline – La Liberte (2021)
Yo, Flaco!Goin’ at it – Goin’ at it (2002)
Otis TaylorWorking For The Pullman Company (f. Casey Taylor) – Below The Fold (2005)
(D) Big DopesLovers on the Weekdays (2021)

Drag The RiverNot That Kind – Drag The River (2013)
Caitlin Cannon Drink Enough – The TrashCannon Album (2020)
Lynn Baker Quartet Troubled Penn – Lectrocoustic (2013)


The Colorado Sound – V4 EP41 2012 + Pepper Tree (review) + Alchemy (video)

I guess it was a week or so ago when I mentioned to my wife I had not heard anything in years from John William Davis, and I wondered how he’d been since I last saw him round about 2005 or maybe 06.  His debut album, Dreams of the Lost Tribe, has remained a vibrant part of my music consciousness for fully a decade now, a wonderful still frame of deep Southern mysticism and mythology …of swamp moss, diamond backs, hurricanes, bull gators, floods and deep spiritualism.  So, it was with considerable joy that I caught a post by John on Facebook this week – announcing a new recording; this one a stripped down guitar and vocal release, no less a work in lyrical imagery or in his incredibly adroit guitar style.  On the first single, Pepper Tree, he begins by telling us he’s been staring at a crack in the wall indeterminately, waiting for it to blink, before enjoining us to be aware of the chimpanzee in the tree who he imagines looks a “whole lot like you and me.”  In the telling, a baboon wants to kick the chimp’s ass and a crocodile wants to “gobble you up with that pepper seasonin’.”  Cocaine contrails and perfume bombshells, an angel with bent wings and a tail on fire…. and in all of it a lesson for living … “if you ever get stuck up in the pepper tree, you’d better hang on tight if you happen to sneeze.”

We’re blessed here in Colorado to have a couple of fellas who know how to use words to paint stories with details that lesser songwriters can only imagine and then attempt to conjure with vapid cliches.   As John William Davis is just releasing his new work, Jeff Finlin is preparing one – a kickstarter project in place, and a new video accomplished with the help once again of award winning steel guitarist and up and coming filmmaker Sally Van Meter.  Enjoy.


(D) = debut of new album, ep or single release.  (N) = a new track from previously debuted album or ep.  (D) and (N) => linked to artist/band.

The Samples “Tom Joad” from Return to Earth (2001)
Acoustic Junction “Strange Days” from Strange Days (2000)
(D) Ten Pound Elephant “Talk to Me” from Ten Pound Elephant (2012)
Petals of Spain “Working 9 to 5” from Late Night Visitor (2011)
FaceMan “Feeding Time” from Feeding Time (2012)
(N) I’m With Her “Hang Among the Stars” from I’m With Her (2011)
Firefall “Cinderella” from Firefall (1976)
Chris Thompson & the Coral Creek String Band “Catfish John” from Forty Years (2012)
Ash Ganley and Lyons Rock Council “Elysian Fields” from Dark Fuel (2006)
(D) John William Davis “Pepper Tree” from Dead Simple, Vol. 1: You Talk Funny (2013)
Cary Morin “Sing It Louder” from Sing It Louder (2011)
(D) Jill Brzezicki “The Horizon” from The Horizon (2012)
After Midnight Jazz Band “A Smooth One” from Midnight in Madison (2010)
Dan Fogelberg “Part of the Plan” from Souvenirs (1974)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Broken Hearted Savior” from Sister Sweetly (1993)
(N) Jeff Brinkman “Face” from Strange (2012)
(N) Bop Skizzum “Known It All Along” from Coloradical (2012)
Places “Honesty” from No More Wasted Days (2012)
(N) Beats Noir! “Going Nowhere (feat. Venus Cruz)” from Where the Sun Goes Down (2013)
The Blender Cats “Somethin’s Gotta Give” from Just Like This (2012)
Megan Burtt “Walls Come Down” from Megan Burtt (2008)
Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams “Hippie In My House” from Midnight Rodeo (2006)
Palmer Divide “Knockin’ At Your Door” from Shenandoah Train (2009)
Esme Patterson “My Young Man” from All Princes, I (2012)
Lumineers “Ho Hey” from The Lumineers (2012)
Strange Americans “Roses On Ice” from A Royal Battle (2012)
Shirley “4th of July” from From A Bright Clearing (2012)

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